On Medifast Plan for Halloween?

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How are you guys doing around all the Halloween candy? What's your plan for staying OP today?.

Me, I have PMS. Halloween is a BAD day to have PMS! But I am hanging in there, eating the most filling meals possible, and telling myself I can have as much chocolate Medifast as I want..

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So far, so good. Our Trick or Treating is during the day and will begin in about 45 minutes. I opened up the bag of candy that DH bought, all chocolate by the way. I smelled the chocolate and believe it or not it didn't smell that good to me. I was so surprised and so happy. Not liking the way it smells makes it a lot easier to resist.

The boys brought home tons of treats from school on Friday. I didn't have any. I'm so proud of myself for staying OP.

I hope everyone else can find it somewhat easy to resist the candy temptation...

Comment #1

I'm going with BF to his DS and DDIL to hand out candy while they take his grandchildren Trick or Treating. I'm taking some crunch bars with me to munch on so I can avoid the candy and will be drinking lots of water...

Comment #2

I'm not too worried about Halloween. We didn't get any trick-or-treaters last year, probably because I live in an apartment. I did buy 1 bag of Hershey bars just in case, but those are not a weakness for me so I'm not even tempted.

My biggest concern is the Christmas season. Ugh! I absolutely LOVE to make lots of "goodies" for Christmas to share with family and friends. I wasn't able to last year due to business matters and it really bummed me out; didn't enjoy the holiday at all. Now this year I should have the time available but I just don't see it as a risk worth taking. I am thinking I may just make some bundt cakes for my employees as gifts. I wont be able to eat those and it will hopefully satisfy my desire to make goodies while saving me the task of trying to decide what to buy my employees for Christmas..

I wish you all great success today and during the upcoming holidays! It's likely going to be a real challenge for many of us, but I know we can get through the holidays as long as we continue to support each other!.

Happy Halloween!..

Comment #3

I am not worried about Halloween and candy this year... but the block party we attend is the place where the reall horrors for me can occur. But this is my plan.... We slept in today so I am about 2 hours off of my regular routine... I am going to pre cook my steak (my treat to me =) ) and zuchinni and bring it with me so I can eat with my friends. I should have atleast 1mf and 1 free snack left for afterward.

I avoided the chips and corndogs at the church carnival last night... this should be easy too. =) Best wishes to everyone tonight!..

Comment #4

Wear the tightest clothes I have to remind me WHY I should stay away from the candy :P..

Comment #5

I can't believe I am saying this, but I think all the chocolate Medifast meals have made it so chocolate candies don't tempt me anymore! I can pass the big bowl of candy at the door of my apartment complex without even thinking about it. This is so big because candy is a huge downfall for me I am so happy I chose to do MF!!! if I were on WW or JC I would have eaten the whole bowl, felt guilty, then ate more because I already "blew it" for the day" haha..

Comment #6

DH and I tried to find candy that neither of us liked, but all we discovered is that there was a reason we got fat! ;-).

We wound up buying three 50-count boxes of individually wrapped Kudo Bars (which I don't care for, and DH said I could hide until today and that wouldn't bother him if he didn't see them) at Costco. We usually get between 100 and 200 kids here, and if we run out we'll just turn off the light and be done. If we happen to have an unopened box after the dust settles I"ll return it to Costco next week..

Also I'm having an "all chocolate" Medifast meals day :-D I had hot cocoa for breakfast, chocolate pudding for mid-morning.. going for Brownie, Chocolate chip pancake muffin, and maybe more pudding or another brownie for the rest..

I don't know when the trick o' treaters will be starting in the neighborhood - DH is sick though, so it is all me answering the door..

Good luck, and hang in there today!..

Comment #7

I'm giving out the kind of candy I don't like (all non-chocolate sugary stuff which doesn't tempt me like chocolate does!)..

Only temptation will be that I'm having a few people over, and am putting out some appetizers that are not OP. Right now I feel strong about making them and serving them without eating them, so I think I should do just fine!.

Good luck everyone!!!..

Comment #8

No Halloween candy in my house. I went with the suggestion on the board and will be giving out glow bracelets...

Comment #9

I can't believe it ... I really can't ... this is the FIRST, the VERY FIRST Halloween I can remember that I didn't binge on candy! Not only did I not binge - I DID NOT EAT ANY. Not a single piece. Not even the half of a Milky Way that my son handed to me because he knew it's my FAVORITE. I actually clamped my lips shut and shook my head wildly until he said, "Oh yeah, you're on Medifast," and went away! HOLY COW it's a MIRACLE. I ordered myself some bars as a reward! YAY MEDIFAST!!!..

Comment #10

We gave out pretzels and fruit snacks. Ran out of those so I went scrounging and found hot cocoa and microwave popcorn, You would have thought the kids would be disappointed with no candy but were most excited about popcorn and cocoa. Next year that is what I'm going to do. Who would have thought popcorn would be such a big hit. Kids walked away telling their parents this was the best house they had been to. Must have had over a 100 kids.

It was a great success...

Comment #11

Wow. Microwave popcorn and hot chocolate packets are a great idea. I'm writing it on the calendar so I can remember that next year..

I haven't eaten any of the candy we got for Halloween. I got one of those big kid's fun mixes at Costco and put it in the spare room until tonight. I have to admit when I opened the bag, it smelled delicious and made my mouth water a bit. That's the first time that has happened since I have been on MF. I think it was because it was all fruit flavored stuff and I have really missed fruit. Anyway, I did not indulge and I am proud of myself...

Comment #12

3 words-.

Sugar-free chocolate! (Dove dark chocolate is to die for!!!!!!!!!!) A few pieces of that and I'm happy and do not feel deprived whatsoever!..

Comment #13

I just keep thinking of the headaches I had the first 7 days OP from the sugar withdrawls and since this is only my second week the pain is still fresh in my mind...I hated that constant throb..I almost quit the program but decided to give it a full week and the headaches finally left..Very hard to have H.Aches since I run a preschool with 14+ little ones all day...So that my cure for the candy....

Comment #14

My plan: stay on track! No matter what! I'm so stubborn............. we actually had so many little kids come we ran out of candy about 8 PM. Yay!!! NO issues today with leftovers!..

Comment #15

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