Olympus for a beginner - c-5060?
Hi all! I found this site by accident and man am I impressed! :-) I am looking for a digital camera to "get started with" and I'm a fan of Olympus equipment. I want a camera that I can take diving as well as on trips to Alaska. I am considering the C-5060 but I'm hesitant to purchase since my knowledge of cameras and specifically, digital cameras, is quite limited. Can anyone give me some advice? It would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!..

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Hi Jay, I recently bought the Oly 5060... after years of owning a Minolta SLR. I haven't used the SLR for a long time so am a bit rusty and am having to re-teach and re-familiarise myself with general photo techniques. The great thing with the 5060 is that you can do the 'point and shoot' thing and get great pictures.. but there's so many features you can start using over time as you get more familiar and comfortable with the camera. I find navigating around the camera reasonably intuitive.

I can't comment personally in terms of using the camera for diving although I have read other comments in this forum by people that have done so (you'll have to search for them!). Good luck.....

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Thanks for the post! I think I'm gonna "jump" and get one this weekend. Everything I've seen about it so far has been good. Pardon my ignorance but what is the micro ability you are referring to? Is it the ability to shoot small items up close? Thanks again! I really appreciate the input!.


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Yes, the macro (not micro - although same thing really!!) is shooting up close (eg bugs, flowers, etc). Oly 5060 can go to 3 cm - very cool! Good luck and have fun! I'm off on holiday today for a week so am looking for some extensive practice on using some of the features. L...

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Go for it! I bought an Olympus C-5050 (predecessor of the current C-5060) as my first, and so far only, digital camera. I couldn't be happier. It can be used as a simple point-and-shoot to get you started, but offers lots of manual control for when you want to really start exploring and experimenting. Since my trusty Canon A-1 is my "regular" camera I really appreciate the manual controls and macro focusing that the Olympus offers (when I want to use them). Check out the reviews on the C-5050 (on this site and elsewhere) and you'll find that it was universally praised. The C-5060 should perform as well, if not better, and has a 4x zoom range compared to the 3x of the C-5050.

Until then I'll bet the C-5060 will give you a great start and keep you happy with all of it's flexibility (at least until you want the interchangeable lens capability of a digital SLR). Just make sure that you buy a reasonably large (512MB or 1GB) CompactFlash memory card so that you can make the most of the full resolution of this camera, and so that you can experiment with the RAW format. Have fun! CW..

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This is interesting. I am in the same boat with JAY, bet you didn't see me! I am a Digicam enthusiast. I already own a 3.2 mp Sony (Very basic). I enjoy taking pictures but this camera just eleminates all motivation due to the resulting picture quality. Needless to say I want a more sophisticated tool to experiment with. I was wanting a camera that would provide excellent image quality and versatility.

I have been reading and reading some more about alot of different cameras, I was really wanting to buy the new OLYMPUS C-8080. However, the price range right now is a little higher than I am willing to pay. I am not looking to make photography a career or anything, hopefully a hobby I enjoy, but I can not justify the approx. 800 price tag if I may not make it a hobby that I enjoy frequently. So the 5060 is what I am seriously looking at.

It really does appear to be a well liked high quality camera which offers the ability to point and shoot or to manipulate the settings for the experienced photographer. I am looking for this camera to be something I can use ASAP but also provide me the ability to grow as a photographer. I think this 5060 is the one for me, but it wouldnt hurt to hear someone speak more about it's versatility. JAY wants more right! Thanks for the tip CW. I was contimplating the 256 MB or 512 MB ... I plan on bringing a laptop with me on my escapes to free up my memory card when needed.

IS there a graph that shows image quality and how much memory it takes... I was looking at some figures and it looks like some of the middle range to higher quality images were taking up 7.5 MB, my sony 3.2 at high quality was about 2.5 so I am guessing that this 7.5 MB file size is accurate?? Anyone have any info on this. Talk of accessories compatible would also be a wonderful treat.


Andy Parmley, St Louis, MO..

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I'm in the same boat here.I have 2 optical SLRs and am ready to step up to a fully controllable digital camera. I'm still comparing anything that's 6 mega pixel or above. After learning all the technical details of digital cameras, I am likely to go for a digital SLR. In term of control, features, holding and responsiveness, the pure digital Sony f828 looks pretty ok. But a pure digital cameras hardly beat the digital SLR in the picture quality (due to some techincal designation limits in digital cameras). I originally aimed my eyes on D70 and digital Rebel.

Personally prefer canon due to the fact that I am using canon optical SLRs and EF lenses. I think I am going to wait till the new cameras announcements in this fall before I decide what to settle with. I am seriously considering to increase my budget for something with most of what I have on my optical SLRs, so I can at least enjoy it for longer before replacement...

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I'm with ya Andy Thanks for the great information! I have ordered the Olympus 5060 and hope to get it next week. Any other suggestions on where to go to "get started" learning about photography? I'm excited about learning and can't wait to get started. Any suggested books or other sources for information? Victor, I also looked at other cameras that were more expensive but I decided I need to wait until I know a bunch more before making the leap and everything I've read about the 5060 has been great so far...

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Hi Andy, The table that you're looking for that lists all of the image resolutions the C-5060 can handle and the associated file sizes in the various storage formats can be found in the review of the camera on this site: Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom: Image Storage and Interface Since the RAW files come in at about 7.5MB you will be able to store about 68 of them on a 512MB memory card, or around 128 on the same card if you use the Fine JPEG format (where they are around 4MB each...although this does vary a bit depending on how easy, or otherwise, the content of the image is to compress).I did buy the lens adapter tube for my C-5050, but still have to buy the step-up ring so that I can use filters on the camera. I might also buy a supplementary telephoto lens, but don't seem to have a pressing need for one just yet. However, I do use my existing sturdy tripod when taking macro shots. I also bought a couple of spare sets of rechargeable 2300mAh AA batteries...unfortunately not an option for the C-5060 as Olympus moved away from using standard AA batteries, but you still might want to consider buying a spare. CW..

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Thanks for the URL CW. I must have missed that page when I was jumping around. Does your 5050 come with a remote shutter control? I am aware that the 5060 does come with one. I hear they are essential, eliminating any and all vibrations from manually taking the pic. Well, Jay, you are just gonna have to let me know how that bad boy is after you play around with it. Let us know where you purchased it.

I have been checking out also. New egg does not offer any accessory bundles. offers a few with the much needed Memory card upgrade, extra battery, UV filter, tripod... whatelse a usb memory card reader if you need it... things like that.

So thats an attractive thing. Although, I know nothing of this site and used the URL found on Image Resource to see if it is reputable or not and I believe they scored in the low to mid nine range...

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Yes, the C-5050 comes with an infra red remote control that can trip the shutter, albeit with a 3-second delay (not the same as using a cable release on my Canon A-1, but usable for still life). I still use a sturdy tripod when shooting still life, macro, etc., and this keeps the camera steady enough for me to use the regular shutter release when I want the minimum of delay...for example, to catch an insect on a flower where the 3-second delay of the remote control would give the bug too much time to fly off. CW..

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