Oly XD Picture Card
I would like to get an Xdcard as back up space and maybe to stich some panoramic shots together (e-510) but I can't seem to find much info on xdcards and the difference between M & H types. I know they are not the prefered media but it would be nice to have 2 cards in the camera on some of the trips I take, thanks for your help.End of RantTim..

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You can only stitch panos on an Oly XD card the other brands are recognized by the camera and you get nothing for doing panos..

The M is the standard xd while the H is the high speed (yeah right!) and both are slow. The M intermenably slow while the H is just annoyingly slow.That said I keep one in my Oly as a backup.A member of the rabble in good standing..

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Here's a link with bit more info........


Basically as regards future manufacture the marginally faster type H seems to be a dead duck. There has by design been many constraints..... unlike the 'open technology' of say, SD media. Also try search Fuji and Olympus forums..

Cheers n beersjoe..

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Run, don't walk, far, far away from XD. CompactFlash is cheap, get multiple 2GB CF cards and put them in your cam bag..

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No, you need to actually read the post, I'll make it clear. I already have a Sandisk Extreme III 4gb CF card in the first slot and I just want to know the difference between the two types of xD cards available. I understand from Wikipedia and other sources that the H type is a little faster, I also understand that the Olympus brand is the only one that allows me to stich together panoramic shots. I just wanted to hear from anyone with experience in using these two different types if one should be prefered over the other. Thank you and I am sorry for any confusion.End of RantTim..

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You said you wanted to get an XD card as backup space. IMHO, you are wasting your money if you buy XD. It's a dead-end format that is painfully slow. Instead of buying large CF cards, just get multiple smaller cards. THAT is your backup. You can use CF cards in many more cameras than you can XD, so that's another strike.

Some are even free (don't recall the names since it's been ages since I've done any). Why do it in cam when software will do it probably better. Also you have the chance to correct it if it does a horrible job of stitching. Another strike..

There is a reason you're not finding much info on XD....

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I put one in the other bay of my E-3.It's already saved my bacon twice..

1. CF card full and replacement CF 1/2mile away in the car. Switched to xD and continued to shoot (slowly I might add)..

2. Ready to shoot and find that CF card has been left in card reader at home. Camera bag has also been left at friends house. Shoot pictures on xD..

I'll admit that I'm not the best organized or known for planning ahead.A member of the rabble in good standing..

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No, I meant back up as in the second slot not extra CF cards, just for emergencies. I would however like to do the panoramic shots, if anyone know about a freeware program that works please let me know. I can't afford PS and I didn't like Elements, LR, or the Corel program so I am getting good results out of FastStone for free until I can get my hands on PS. I took some shots on the road with a Panasonic D-Snap (looks like a business card) 2mp camera and did some PP with FS and they really turned out well (most highlights are blown), if you have time check them out in the "Travel" set at of RantTim..

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That's a nice set of shots in your gallery, who knew the D-snap could do that!.

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The photographer and not the camera..

If you are serious about buying an xD card get the H, and you might as well buy an Oly one over a Fuji so you can use the Pano features built in. (If you can find one)..

But it is my understanding as Pano features go, they aren't much. They just lock the exposure settings. Not a really useful pano mode like my canon G3 has. But I always thought the whole xD card thing was a joke anyway and I have refused to buy one..

If you go to the DPR Oly forum or an independent Oly forum like FTP I think you'll find xD just plain isn't used much and few people know much about them. Most of us would rather give up the lame pano features rather than be blackmailed into buying something clearly and purposely designed to be inferior to the competition. (I don't believe there is ANY technical reason for an xD card to be slower than an SD or CF card - It's all economics)STOP Global Stasis! Change is good!.

Now that you've judged the quality of my typing, take a look at my photos..

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It's more than that, it's an extra card in the camera = more pics without having to carry extra cards in your pocket.End of RantTim..

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....they are usually much more expensive, and you really don't need them to make panoramas. There are plenty of programs for stitching pano I'd get the cheapest XD card since you want it in there for back-up....that's what I've done with my E-510. That's the only XD card I'll get though.....

Remember you don't need an Oly card for making panoramas..

Here's a free program for stitching them....


Here's a photo I did with another program ...note the bumps in the rainbow and the mismatch of the mountains in the background....

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And then the same one done with Autostitch...(I also removed the chairs) I was amazed and pleased with the job Autostitch did on this one....smoothing out the rainbow and lining the mountains up correctly..

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LucyE- 510 w/2 lens kit!U ZI owner!Olympus C30-20Z Member #98, Oly Division'Photography is the art of seeing what others do not.'..

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To late, I want it anyway if I'm out and leave my bag in the truck or bike I will have some extra capacity in the camera, it was cheap anyway. Thanks for the download I'll give it a try.End of RantTim..

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I wouldn't say that having an xD card in the slot in the camera as backup is a "waste" like many here have painted..

I keep a 2GB xD-M in there just in case..

Although, I will say that I generally grab my CF card case and put it in my pocket when I trek away from my camera bag..

You can never have more than enough memory for any memory card slot you may happen to have..

J. D.Colorful Colorado.

Remember.always keep the box and everything that came in it!..

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Well I guess I'll get the chance to find out for myself. I used AutoStich and it worked great although the picture quality did suffer some. I want to try it with the new card and see how it works (pano feature that is). I see the card is about half as fast as my CF card, but I rarely shoot in bursts and I have an extra 10 seconds for downloads or whatever it may be, I probably won't use it that much. It would have been nice if they had put 2 CF card slots in the camera.End of RantTim..

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