Oly E510
Ok I have made up my mind which Dsl I want but knowing nothing about photography I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. After reading posts for the past 2 weeks I am confused. How hard is it really to learn all the settings I need a brutally honest answer. I found a 510 2 lens kit with tripod, 4 gig mem,hard case,soft case,digital slave flash, uv filters and more for 669.00. ebay. I dont mind spending the money but I want to get real use out of the camera. So tell me am I making a mistake with a Dslr how hard is the learning curve,Thanks...

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So tell me am I making a mistake with a Dslr how hard is thelearning curve,Thanks..

It's possible to take some perfectly okay photos with an SLR set to auto, just like a compact camera..

The question is, are you prepared to learn a bit more to get the best out of it?.

I don't think the average person would have much trouble teaching themselves the basics so that they understand what they're doing. You do need to practice a bit or it can be frustrating. It's best if you can get to the stage where you instinctively know when to use what aperture or ISO setting or whatever..

But I reckon most people using an SLR will flick to an aperture they know and love, make sure the white balance is set right, perhaps check the metering mode, set the ISO and fire away without feeling like they're doing anything special..

If you put the time in you'll get all the advantages of an SLR: speed, low noise at high ISO, control over depth of field, and the flexibility of being able to change lenses..


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The E510 is a good choice for a first camera. A friend recently asked if I would borrow it and then show him how to use all it's functions. I found that it was actually very well thought out in user interface. And the functions offered were useful for all aspects of photography. I would recommend you to plan on studying the user manual and trying out different aspects of use. The review on this site will tell you some quirks of camera that the manual will not and how to compensate for them. I would recommend that you set camera to record in highest quality mode - largest file size to get the best images unless the images are to be sent out in e-mail or such.Will..

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It's not very hard at all, I suggest buying, or taking out of the library, a book on the basics of digital photography (I don't know of any to recommend so if anyone else does feel free.), and there are books specific to certain cameras, I have a Nikon D50 book, get an Oly E510 book, or just read the manual, it really depends on how well you pick things up. I learned photography on a film camera which is harder than learning on digital, I would go out, shoot, and develop my film and have to remember what I had done (I didn't learn about bracketing until later), with a digital camera you can see your shot immediately and fiddle with the settings to see what does what making it even easier..

It definitely takes time to learn to take amazing photos like the professionals do, heck I still consider myself a novice. I've only been using cameras for almost 2 years now, and I've won 1st place in the state competition and am going on to Nationals later in June..

Also, everyone says "It doesn't matter what equipment you have!" but really.. it does...

Just don't be afraid to fool around and you'll learn in no time, And remember: If you screw something up, you can always revert to factory defaults Justin DiPierro, 18 y/oFort Ann, New YorkNikon D50,Nikon SB-600 + SC-17 & StroboframeNikkor 50mm f/1.8Vivitar1 28-105 f/3.5-5.6Sigma 15mm f/2.8 FisheyeQuantaray 70-300 f/4.5-5.6All in my beautiful new Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW-

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That's good deal for the price. The tripod will be a cheap little plastic thing, but you can't have everything..

You can put the camera in green-box full auto mode and fire away. It will work just fine like that..

You could also put the camera in "P" mode, program shift auto, which will give you more control. Watch what the camera does while you shoot, you can learn a lot just looking through the viewfinder. In P mode, you can adjust the settings if you want something different from what the camera thinks is the way to go. It will attempt to keep you from doing something bad, but you can if you try hard enough!(G).

It isn't necessary to have a masters degree in photography to take "good" pictures. It will require a little attention to the manual of the camera, to be able to use it to your advantage..

Crime Scene PhotographyA small gallery of personal work:

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I think there is a big learning curve but dslrs such as the oly have modes to simplify the picture taking process so that new users can start getting good photos right away. As far as the learning curve - you have to learn: the basics of exposure, composition, how to operate your camera and post processing. Its alot but you don't have to learn it all at once and I'm sure when it comes to the artistic side of photography it is a continual learning process...

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Thanks for all the help. I just pulled the trigger and bought the 510 2 lens kit from ebay. Cant wait to start taking pics. Im sure the kit lenses will do me fine for a while...

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Have fun, you'll really love the great pictures you're going to get. Mary..

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The E510 is a wonderful camera. I've had mine for two weeks and can't put it down..

TIP: Download the info from Wrotniak's site - huge amounts of useful info on best settings to get you started etc etc...

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Decent setup..

Aside from Wrotniak's site, you can also download the E-510 manual if you're feeling impatient.  .



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Great camera and lenses. In the future, I'd advise people not to use the Ebay kits. Almost all the stuff in them are junk except the camera. If those are Olympus lenses, you're ok with them too. I hope they're not grey market..

The rest is usually absolute trash and will go in the trash can. You'll probably have to upgrade the memory card to a good and bigger one. The flash and tripod are probably useless..

B&H Photo or Adorama are both extremely reputable. I would guess one could buy the E510 with two Oly lenses and USA warranties for a little less money and skip the junk parts of the kit..

Adorama: Olympus Evolt E-510 10.0 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera with 2.5" HyperCrystal LCD Screen with 14-42 mm & 40-150 mm Lens $650 with free shipping.

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You will like the E-510.nice camera and the kit lenses are very sharp!.

J. D.Colorful Colorado.

From my Oly E-510 (handheld with 40-150 kit lens):.

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window.

Remember.always keep your receipt, the box, and everything that came in it!..

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