Oly E-510 vs Sony A-100 (not vs d40)

After years of use it is time for my Minolta 7xi to retire (before I used YEARS the pearl, Olympus Om-1)..

It is time to go digital..

My budget is (was) $750..

At the end of the run I have;.

- Olympus E-510 (2 lens zuiko 14-52 + 40-150mm 4gb) = $750[same with zuiko 18-150mm = $820].

- Sony DSLR A-100 (2 lens Sony 18-70 + 75-300) = $860I have noticed that the a-100 is now discontinued... but is that important ? .

I just put out of my list a Nikon D40 with a 18-200mm VR lens... it is quit expensive. .

So what you say people ?

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Well. The first thing you will notice after the OM-1 is that these cameras have much smaller viewfinders. They might seem tunnellike at first. Unless it bothers you specifically, it does not really matter until you try to manually focus a lens. Even then, it may not be a problem, if your eyesight is good..

I should think you might want to base your decision on how these DSLRs handle. If you like one better than the other, pick that one, because it will see more use. Photography is about having fun, and if you do not like your "toy", you will not use it much..

One thing to bear in mind is that Olympus appears to have a better sensor dust buster, an important thing with digital SLRs, since you take all your shots with the same sensor, unlike with film, where each shot is taken on a separate frame. This means a lot of dust can accumulate on the sensor over time, especially if you change lenses often. These dust bunnies will then show up in your images and can be hard and tiresome to retouch. That's why a good sensor dust buster is important. Both cameras have one but tests and user experience have shown that the Sony solution works much less effectively than the Olympus one.pbase Supporter..

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I second the notion of go and handling the cameras. Pick the one you like..

I find that the Sony shutter is objectionably loud, but others don't mind. I believe that you can use your old Minolta lenses on the Sony, but I could be wrong. Check that out, that might influence the decision..

The Oly kit lenses are better. I think that I've seen the E510 two lens kit for sale at $695 from B&H.A member of the rabble in good standing..

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Of these 2 I would go with the OLY. I looked at the alpha when I got the E 500. I feel the build quality of the Oly is better and I liked the way it felt in use. Also the Oly kit lenses for the 510 are very good..

I suggest you handle both and if possible take a couple of shots to compare and then make a decision..

MaddogOlympus E-500, Olympus E-510..

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I'd go with the E510 over the Sony - I think it is a better camera on a number of levels. Since you are considering two cameras with a two lens approach, why not consider the D40 going the same route? The D40 with 18-55DX and 55-200VR comes in somewhere around $500 dollars cheaper than with the 18-200VR..

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First of all thanks for everyone answers..

I was away from computer for personnal reason (no, not because wife    )..

I guess i'm on my way for a E-510 (D40 + 18-200mm is quite expensive and without IS)..

Now the Lens !.

All the kit goes with the 2 zuiko lens. Is that the good choice ? .

I saw an expensive but "look perfect" 18-180mm 3.5/6.3..

At CC the E-510 body is $450 the lens can be found around $350 +/-.Within the same budget does this lens worth the headache ?

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I honestly cannot say anything good or bad about the 18-180. I have not used the lens. I can say that the kit lenses are VERY good lenses. It is amazing how small the 40-150 is. I carried it in the pocket of some cargo shorts around Germany this fall..

The reviews I have read on the 18-180 are generall pretty good. One comment I did see a couple of times dealt with the weight of the lens..

Good Luck. I hope you enjoy the 510 as much as I have..

MaddogOlympus E-500, Olympus E-510..

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Well the E-510 is newer technology and a wonderful camera..

A friend had an A-100 and loved it but, as you said, it's older technology..

Still, if memory serves, you can use your existing Minolta lenses on the Sony, so that could bring down the cost and make it a better bargain for you.'Nice pen, bet you write good stories with it.'..

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The 14-42 and 40-150 are about $249 to $279 ea. depending on where you buy, they come pretty cheap in the camera bundle so I wouldn't pass that up. I love mine, if you ad a macro and tele to that you'll have a very nice camera bag full with almost every thing you need. The remote lets you take longer (bulb) exposures for night shots over 1 minute, add a good tipod and there's almost nothing you can't do with this camera.End of RantTim..

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With the Sony A100. If you have many lenses it could be a big savingsin fact you could go with jut the Sony body. I A100 is a very good camera. whether it is better than the Olympus is a matter of opinionand Olympus fans are VERY supportive of their cameras while Sony owners seem to be a more critical bunch. I have a KM5D, which the A100 is basicaly an improved version of. I have been VERY pleased with it.

Access to chaning functions (ISO, Color Balance, modes, etc.) is very quick and easy.I'm not putting down Olympus, but personally prefer the Sony format...

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Another vote for the Sony over the Olympus. I have a KM5D that the A100 was developed from and have used the A100 and tried the E510. I liked both cameras but would go for the Sony out of the two..

The viewfinder is bigger and brighter for a start which is important for determining focus in manual focus mode and I found was easier to use in general being a wearer of glasses. The E510 has electrical manual focus which seems to me to be harder to get a precise focus than the mechanical method on the Sony. The control layout is excellent on the A100 with many commonly used controls quickly at hand rather than needing menu access. You can buy a vast range of very good second hand Minolta and KM A-Mount lenses from places like Ebay at reasonable prices but the newness of the Oly system means that you are much more limited. Most of my lenses were acquired by the Ebay route..

The dust thing is overdone (unless you change lenses in dusty conditions often). My KM5D is over two years old and has never needed more than the application of a blower. It has never had a sensor clean as nothing large enough has stuck to the sensor. The A100 has an antistatic coating and a dust remover which although it may not be as effective as the Oly version will mean that the A100 is less dust prone than the KM5D..

If you can wait, there are supposed to be a couple of new Sony models coming along early next year, an entry level and another to sit between the entry level and the A700. Only rumours bakced up by snippets from Sony sources though..

P.s. A last thought - The Sony shoots images in a 3:2 aspect ratio, the Oly in a squarer 4:3 aspect ratio. This may or may not be important..


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