GoDaddy testimonials : Suggest I use GoDaddy?? Ok to sell emails accounts hosted with Google Mail?

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I have a cool domain name and think that some people would actually pay to have email address on such domain. I thought of linking the domain with Standard Google Apps account. Does anyone know if I'm allowed to charge for such email account (of course, I'm charging for the address on my domain, not the use of GMail, but it's linked to free google mail, so ...)?.

I skimmed through the terms of agreement, and did not find anything that sounded like it's not allowed, but it's in such legal lang. Thought maybe someone here may know...

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Just what that says: I own, and you reeeeally want to have address - you pay me $1000000/yr, I create an account for you. and I want to host it on Google apps for your convenience :-)..

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I would actually suggest trying to ask Google this question. Just make sure you ask before you start providing this service rather than after. The worst they can say is that they won't allow it. You can't get in trouble for something you haven't done yet. The key to knowledge is being able to ask lots of questions...

Comment #2

Its not legal.

Don't be surprised to be bumped up to the Google Apps Premium account at $50/yr for ALL your email accounts for that domain if they do find out.

But yeah, Google would be best to answer this...

Comment #3

Samit, r you making an educational guess?.

I did ask, they are just too slow to reply. I figured I'll ask around.

I still leaning toward a free registration is better option, even not with Google, but something more traditional - folders and separate emails instead of labels and "conversations". Use it as a traffic magnet and make money on ads or other services. Just want to know my options before I commit to one way or another...

Comment #4

This question has no relevance. You are selling your presumed services on your domain. Google apps does not care if your email is a leased, paid entity. Unless the email in question is used for illegal or spam purposes. That will infringe on it's TOS.

Also, Google does not arbitrarily begin to charge for apps simply because one fine day they find out that one of it's functions is being used by a member charging for it's own domain property...

Comment #5

Flamey: Just an educated guess.

Biznews: Goog will not 'arbitarily' begin to charge for apps, they will inform you, the problem is that they'd be well w/in their rights, imho, to start charging you if you're 'packaging' google apps email to sell memberships on your site.

There are registrars who get around this and they have an understanding with google to 'package' apps free w/ domain sales, even these registrars cannot offer clarity on whether you're allowed to charge for the email/apps service to your site users.

You can claim that the service is free along w/ your site membership, but you need to ensure that your membership offers a lot more than just the email/app service too.

We have contemplated this in the past and the general consensus within our network was: suppose they do ask us to upgrade, would we be able to absorb the $50/yr/account cost? And we found it wouldn't be viable for us to so we don't, your situation might be different.

Again, this is just my opinion. I don't represent, or claim to represent Google and I'm sure since it's their service they're the best people to answer on this, why it was my first suggestion...

Comment #6

When small question keeps popping into my head..

WHY would people PAY for YOUR email Addresses when they can..

1/ GET FREE gmail accounts..


2/ Pay REAL Business Email providers and get a Professional Email. By professional I mean someone who at least knows whether or not they can do what they are doing...

Comment #7

I think his idea is that he has a very good domain name. People would not so much be paying for his quality services but moreso the vanity name he is providing. For example if you own, some people would die to have as an email address...

Comment #8

Have you read the TOS ? Perhaps they address the commercial use of their services...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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