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I have heard that the NAACP and the ADL register as many offensive names as they can. They preemptively register these offensive domain names, thus keeping them out of the hands of cyber hate groups..

I do not belong to any hate group and do not consider myself racist..

I did register one of these names in the .mobi extenstion, because it has high ovt. Now I am kinda regretting regging the name..

Is it legal to have these type names? Can I get sued? What should I do with it?.

Sell it on Ebay?.

Just set on it?.

Develop it?.

Delete it?.

Give it to the Pertinent Organization?..

Comments (21)

It's free speech. Do with it what you want. Just because you might have KKK (an example) doesn't mean you will do evil with it. You might make a site exposing them or some such thing...

Don't let the speech Nazi's worry you...

Comment #1

For some reason, KKK came to my mind first when I saw this thread...

Comment #2

From how much law I known , you could get easy sued for using they brand in your domain name, whatever is or .....

You can't really get sued for having a domain name like: ... but you can easy get sued for the content on that websites (for example having a forum ,where people could easy say "let's send an atomic bomb and kill all this dic... head") could easy get you in troubles..

Comment #3

Yes. Yes.

Do whatever you want with it as long as you try to stay out of trouble.


Set on it or sit on it?.

Good idea. But what?.

Possible. But don't expect a refund.

If you feel it'll eliminate the risk, sure...

Comment #4

I guess I will consider giving it to the NAACP since they own the name in most of the other extensions.....

Comment #5

Good move....the propagation of hate and cruelty doesn't help anyone...

Comment #6

I missed the point of this thread....if you do not want the domain simply give it to me a fellow NPer instead of some nutbag org. and I will deal with the burden...

Comment #7

Just don't create a hatred site with that domain or don't advertise using it, I feel that we don't need such domains on the web. But it's always good to know someone positive registered them to avoid the negative person to use it.

Congrat but be careful btw If you dont know what to do with it just give it to me..

Comment #8

Calling the NAACP a "nutbag" org, huh? Or maybe you meant that about the ADL?..

Comment #9

Or me lol Seriously, you're okay as long as you stay smart with it. CAN you develop it? If you had a domain like, say,, then you'd have a snowball's chance in hell of doing anything useful with it. would fail, too. lol But as long as whatever domain you have can be used for GOOD, you're in the clear...

Comment #10

I'd sell it, or give it away, as long as I don't have it anymore. Just to be sure, stay out of trouble...

Comment #11

Yes I meant the NAACP....I'm not all that familar with the ADL. But what ever happened to the NAANCP I wonder...

Comment #12 could be used as a way to inform people about childporn and help fight it. Anything bad usually has a good application if used properly...

Comment #13

What about the dreaded N word used for black American slaves? How could that name be put to good use?..

Comment #14

It could be used to promote anit-racism...educate people about racism. It could be used for a well planned history site about the slave era. Or it can just be parked and become a money train....any negative can be spinned into a positive..

Comment #15

TG, Sometimes things are just wrong no matter how you spin them...

Comment #16

I thought about regging that name because of the OVT but I new I would have the same questions you do, so I passed and got a couple sex related domains instead..

Comment #17

It'd be such a positive site, yeah "Visit N**** to learn about slaves!" I don't think the black community would adore this...

Comment #18

If you want to develop it perhaps you could contact NAACP or other black orgs to get their input on what is acceptable in their eyes. Remember "Roots" the miniseries on TV used the N word constantly and was a big step forward in racial understanding.

It would not be an easy task and you likely would get flack no matter how you develop it.

The question no-one has yet asked: With all the names they reserved, how could that one, arguably the most offensive (when used as a slur) in the language, be made available to register in the first place?..

Comment #19

I have heard that there are seven dirty words - permanently banned from registration.

From what I understand this name has never been banned from registration and all the popular extensions have been taken by the NAACP...

Comment #20

It is not worth the trouble to own such names...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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