Not wanting my last Medifast meal...?

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So... I have found myself in this position a few times... this is my second week. I usually save my l&g for dinner so that I can eat with my family. My trend is to eat 4 Medifast during the day and one free snack in the afternoon, l&g and then one more Medifast after dinner. BUT, here's the thing...

Anyone else out there saving one just because? Is it because I am new at this?.

I cried as I ate my grilled chicken and broccoli tonight while my family ate pizza... one of my favs.... I should have taken my meal upstairs and put on a movie away from them..

Also... there is no Medifast app?? What's up with that? I would use it ALL of the time. Do anyone use a weightloss tracking app that they love?.

Can you tell I am just a mess today? I have had great success... week one I lost 11#'s... week two to be determined tomorrow... and I fear that weigh in... hoping for three pounds... that would help me through the candy filled weekend....

And I need to learn how to fix my weightloss tracker on here.... is there a tutorial?..

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I agree completely about an App for Medifast!.

Hang in there, I feel the same way about the last meal of the evening...

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Soooo... do I have to eat that last Medifast meal everyday or is a "skip" allowed every now and then? Maybe I should text my health coach.... aka food sponser... =) Luv ya Mary!..

Comment #2

Per MF, you are required to eat all 5 Medifast meals plus your L&G. Why don't you have a brownie right before bed? Or a hot cocoa since the weather is finally cooling off..

The other thought I had would be to replace your sfternoon snack with a Medifast meal and then if your night gets desperate you can have your snack. That way on the nights you want to skip, it's perfectly ok to skip the optional snack..

I always save one meal for after dinner. I enjoy it while watching TV in the evening. Once it's gone I know I either need to drink only my water or just go to bed..


Comment #3

You need to eat all 5 Medifast meals and your L&G each and everyday...

Comment #4

Hi and Welcome to MF!.

Yes you have to eat your 5th Medifast meal every day, but you do not need to eat your optional snack..


Click on orange "Community" tab on top of this page, the scroll down on the bottom left hand corner will be a box where you can "create ticker". click on basic information to change starting weight.

Then follow the steps - once you "finished" scroll down find URL code that you will have to copy and paste into your signature..

To edit your signature, click on:.

- Discussion Boards.

- edit profile settings (it's right under where it says Medifast Forums).

- edit signature.

And paste that URL code into your signature..

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Thanks ladies... I know skipping will not make my losses greater... just adjusting to everything new and timing during the day. Going to stick a brownie in the micro... everyone have a fab evening!..

Comment #6

Hey, have you tried the cauliflower pizza crust yet? It's fantastic (even though it sounds weird) and you could eat that when your family has their pizza. Even my husband loves the cauliflower pizza crust pizza I make per the recipe found on the forums...

Comment #7

Just weighing in on something that no one else seems to have noticed or wanted to mention. Do you think maybe this fear of being hungry and saving the meal just in case stuff might be a a behavior based off of a mental hang up with food. The words fear, food, hungry... you asked if it's because you're new at this, but maybe it's something deeper that you might not have realized..

Hang in there and stick with it as explained in the literature - it will work and it looks like you're off to a great start - Good luck at weigh in tomorrow!.

Disclaimer time - I'm by no means trying to come across judgemental, preachy or anything else.... If someone noticed something about a suspected tick in my ramblings, I would hope they would share so that I could think it over...

Comment #8

Awww!!! You should have called me!! So proud of you BTW! Like everyone has said, you do need to eat all your meals Glad to see your ticker is tickin! Can't wait to see you tomorrow..

Comment #9

Oh the fear of being hungry - I know it well and yes,, my name is Mary ann and I am a food addict. After 2 1/2 months on MF, I am slowly changing my minset and food is just not that important to me anymore ( DID I JUST SAY THAT? lmao). Pizza is not allowed in my house - or any where near me. Give yourself at least a month before you are around your OLD favs. Hugs and stay strong...

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I hoard my meals too incase I get hungry! And now here it is, 8pm and I still have TWO meals to eat! Yikes!..

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Who knows if it's a mental hangup... maybe I will figure that out over time. When I first approached the idea of medifast... I just could not believe that I would be satisfied on such low cals... or even function on a day to day basis and truely be engaged in my life. So far so good...

I do think over the next few weeks that I am hoping to settle into a routine where I do not feel worried or too overwhelmed by being around food. I battled and won the birthday weekend last weekend.... I can do this too.

I just would like to know what to expect... and I am getting there... and a brownie on most evenings sounds like a pretty sweet deal! =)..

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To answer the smaller part of your question, I'm assuming you are looking for an iPhone app. I use one called MyFitnessPal. I've tried a lot of different ones but this is what I'm using daily now. It's paired with a website where you can customize the meals (Meal #1, Meal #2, etc) but what I do is to break up the day by times (before 6, 6-9, etc). I like to track when I'm hungry and when I've eaten. I tend to get "hungry" when I'm bored or procrastinating so this helps me to identify when I'm really hungry and when I'm just looking for a distraction..

All of the Medifast meals seem to be in there but it is easy to add recipes and other food. Also, it has a water tracking feature which I love.

Good luck and congrats on your loss so far!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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