noob question saving raw as jpg vs converting
Is working with a RAW file in Photoshop CS3 and saving it as a JPG, the same as using a RAW converter to convert to a jpg?.

Which option results in best image quality, highest file size:.

A) Edit RAW -> Save as JPG @ Quality 10.

B) Edit RAW -> Save RAW -> Convert to JPG using 3rd party software..


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Saving from raw conversion in Adobe CS3 as jpeg is probably the best option. If you don't save the original raw then once it is saved in jpeg you can't go back for a larger file size however so if it is an important image save the RAW as well.Will..

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You never edit and save a RAW file. You open a RAW file, which is then demosaiced into an image. You then save that image however you like, be it JPEG, TIFF, or any other image format. Neither are RAW files ever converted to JPEGs. Any conversion software is simply creating brand new JPEGs from the RAW data. JPEGs saved at the highest quality level, using either process, should be indistinguishable..

RAW files arent images. RAW files contain sensor data. That sensor data has to first be turned into an image through a process called demosaicing. Since a RAW file isnt an image, theres no notion of editing a RAW file...

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I thought you cant make changes to a RAW file and save it's changes. A RAW file never changes. When you make a change to the RAW file and save it you are saving it as something else but not as the same RAW file..

Maybe someone can clarify this?.

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Sorry I didnt see Graystar's post. We must have posted at the same time.My gallery - Feel free to C&C

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And also you dont actually work in a RAW file in CS3. When you click to open a RAW file photoshop opens it in Adobe Camera RAW(ACR). In ACR you can make your changes to the RAW file, convert and save it. You also have the option to "Open Image" in ACR. This will convert the RAW image to a .TIFF file and open it in Photshop CS3. At this point you are not editing the RAW file in CS3 but the converted TIFF file..

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Thanks for the explanations, I get it now. I shot my first batch of RAW files yesterday, and I already see the huge benefit over shooting jpg - was able to salvage some over/under exposed shots that I would have just deleted before..

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Since Jpegs have less information it's best convert to jpeg as your last step..

I usually open a raw file>make changes>Save as a tiff>then save as a jpeg for web. I don't save over the original raw because I know I'll learn some better tricks in PS and want to go back and make another attempt...

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...and then you can edit and use 'save as' to save it in jpg..

You cannot 'save over the original RAW' keep your RAW file and convert to TIFF..

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Graystar wrote:.

You never edit and save a RAW file. You open a RAW file, which isthen demosaiced into an image. You then save that image however youlike, be it JPEG, TIFF, or any other image format. Neither are RAWfiles ever converted to JPEGs. Any conversion software is simplycreating brand new JPEGs from the RAW data. JPEGs saved at thehighest quality level, using either process, should beindistinguishable..

I can tell you are not a Nikon user! And I note that the OP is not either but some who read this will be. Whilst you are strictly correct in what you say with Nikon Capture NX you can save the changes to your NEF (Nikon RAW file). The changes are transparent and the next time you load the NEF the changes (crop or whatever) will be appear. You can switch them back out and revert to the original image (which will have loaded and applied your camera presets). You can save several different versions of the same image all within the same NEF fille. There is no sidecar file containing settings as there is with some other applications..

So in a common parlance sense you do manipulate and save NEFs..

I never save TIFFs. I just store my PP settings within the NEF and also save a jpeg to go on Zenfolio. If I want high quality prints I save to TIFF, print (using Qimage) and then immediately delete the TIFF. (I could print from the NEF in NX but I think Qimage gives better results).

Chris Elliott.

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My understanding is that the NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) is a wrapper for files. RAW output from a Nikon camera is pre-wrapped in NEF, but you can also put JPEGs or TIFFs in an NEF wrapper to gain the functionality of saving the Edit List when using Capture NX. In that regard, you kinda still have two's just that one is inside the other, which I guess is convenient...

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The confusion with "saving" RAW files might be from what you can do in programs like Canon's DPP. I can "save" an adjusted RAW file, but it really isn't changing the file, it is saving a data set of the adjustments I made to the file in DPP. You can always revert to the original file as recorded by the camera with one click of a button..


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