Should we drink wine during Nutrisystem?

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Good morning, all! Welcome to the No Wine Zone!! This groupis for those of us who have a little trouble staying away from the wine.

My name is Jen- I am 38 and live in Jacksonville, FL. I have been on Nutrisystem for a little over a week. Genetics are not in my favor, so it has always been a challenge for me to lose weight, and it is also a bit challenging to stay away from the wine!.

Wine will slow down or halt progress on the Nutrisystem diet, so we are starting this thread to support each other whenever someone wants to pick up that wine glass..

I look forward to hearing from everyone!.

Happy Monday!! .


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Hi, I'm not new but definitely a wine drinker. Long story and I'll have to write more later as I'm leaving for work soon.


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Oh, don't I know. I've been on Nutrisystem for 1.5 years. Well, really I'm maintaining now, but gained weight over the years from wine at night and having the munchies. No wine AT ALL while on Nutrisystem and losing. And the weight came off. Trying to lose a few pounds again now and no wine for me..

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WOW - me must be twins..........this is so ME! I will be visiting this thread often!.

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Hi Jen,.

Welcome to NS! We have a similar group already started, Autumn Whiners, with newbies still joining if you would like to partake. We will be renaming as soon as fall season comes to an end. Stop by if you wish - we're a lot of fun and help one another to stay motivated!.

No pressure - just saw the thread name and lmao!.

Here's this weeks link to the thread:

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Jen: Thanks for getting this started! I just posted on the original thread.....but.....I live in Connecticut.....I'm a school teacher (grade 3), I just turned the BIG 5-0, and have three children and a hubby (and a doggie!). I need to lose about 20 pounds.....but would be THRILLED to lose even 10!.

I was not very good at my big party yesterday. I overindulged and had 3 glasses of wine. I mean, ladies, this was the GOOD stuff. But, I have mended my ways......(let's hope!)......and I'm only going to have wine on wekends for a bit. I KNOW we aren't supposed to have any.......but, sometimes......well......can't explain..

Take care. I hope everyone can keep in touch!.


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I definitely belong here. As I've mentioned in other threads regarding alcohol, etc, wine is why I am here. I work in an industry where wine and great food are easily accessible, parties all the time, wine given to me as gifts, etc.

In 4 years I have gained 25 pounds and I'm not an overeater and don't eat fast food or fried food. It's all from wine and cheese and gourmet chocolates..

I've had cravings while on NS, but haven't given in. I've been on Nutrisystem for a month now and have lost 7 pounds as of today. I quit cold turkey and sure do miss it!! .

I said No to a recent invitation to a wine festival. It would have wrecked the whole week of struggling to lose the 2 pounds I lost. So in the end, it was a good thing I didn't go..

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I did not know there was another thread for us winos! I will definitely stop by and visit. Thanks for the invite..

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Happy belated birthday! Parties make it hard to stay wine-free, especially if the wine is good! I think the key is to take it one step at a time, and if we fall off the wagon (so to speak), we just get right back on and try again..


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Wow! Sounds like you have lots of temptation and also lots of willpower. Way to go! Congrats on losing the 7 lbs..

NS is not so bad. The food is much better than I thought it would be. The hardest part for me is the wine as well. If we stick together, I know we can stay wine-free!!.

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Good morning, all!.

Is anyone up for a Thanksgiving Challenge?.

I pledge to lose 10 lbs. by Thanksgiving. Does anyone want to join me? Let me know..

Happy Tuesday!.


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I am in. 10 pounds in 4 weeks, right? I am amazed at how quickly the weight comes off when you do everything right on NS. I lost 1.2 lbs from yesterday. Crazy. Wine definitely stops the loss. I will be drinking some in NYC, but hopefully, my walking will counteract..

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Jenwat: 10 pounds by thanksgiving is a bit to much for me. Can I shoot for 7 or 8? My metabolism is so messed up.......I would be happy to lose 5! But I will shoot for 7. Can I join? I have been on so many diets to lose just 10 - 15 is ridiculous! I should be a poster child for some of the diets!.

I would love to join, but 10 pounds is a bit too ambitious for my metabolism..


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I'm like mamarolo, I can't do 10 that quickly. I'm losing an average of 1-2 per week. I only have 18 to go and it's coming off SLOWLY. But I'll shoot for 6-7 pounds by turkey day. I'm at 157 today..

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10 pounds is too much for me also. I have been so BAD! Today was wine, pizza and Halloween candy! Just plain naughty! Well, at least I walked with the grandkids for trick or treating so I got my exercise in. Ha! I'm going to shoot for 5 pounds lost by Thanksgiving.


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Good morning! You can all join the challenge and pledge to lose any number of pounds. They key is that we are in it it together! So, let's start a weigh-in on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday morning, just post how many pounds you lost. We will have a Wednesday "Shout-out" to each other. We can do it!!!.


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Okay, I'm definitely in! Wednesday morning weigh ins and all! I have to really mean it this time! I started in January and lost over 20 pounds really quickly. Summer came and I gained a few and since then have gained even more. I don't want to gain another ounce! I want to take this in the opposite direction! Let's keep pushing each other (oh, and slap each other's hands when we reach for the wine)! By the way Jen, your doggies are precious!.


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I'm so glad to find this thread. I want to wait until January to start Nutrisystem because I don't want to give up my wine until after the holidays. I only drink it on the weekend but I know I will miss it. I also know giving it up will help me lose weight..

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This thread is hilarious & I can totally relate! As soon as I saw the discussion topic I immediately knew I belonged I dont run for my wine unless it's a Sat or Fri night, I'm pretty good about it during the work week. Will a glass or two over a wknd counteract all my hard work during the week, anyone???.

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Hey Everyone,.

WOW!!! What a cool thread!!! I definitely need motivation to stay away from the wine!! I just got my first box of Nutrisystem food this afternoon and am totally overwhelmed by the selection! I will have my last glass of wine tonight and my first taste of Nutrisystem food tomorrow..........and my pledge is......

Tomorrow will be my first wine-free day........I promise!.

My goal is to lose 40-45 pounds and Iwill take Jen's challenge of losing 10 pounds by Thanksgiving. Wish me luck......and GOOD LUCK to all of us!.


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I don't know how much any of you all drink, but I was going through nearly 5 bottles every 7 days.

When I quit a month ago, my skin changed for the better, weight loss was easier and faster. Yes, I do still crave the taste of a nice glass of red wine, but now that I've been doing it for a month, I can definitely tell a difference. No headache in the AM, no lethargy, nice skin, no bags under eyes..

To the person who asked, will it slow you down, yes, it will. But it's your choice. I would try it for one month, at least, to see how you are losing, see how you feel, you may not want to drink again for a while. Just my opinion, based on how I feel and am losing..

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Thanks for the info about the wine. How long after you stopped drinking wine did the weight start to come off? I'm curious. I have a glass of red wine every night. On weekends, it may go up to two glasses. Let me know..

Thanks! .


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Ok I've found my thread! Wine is way more difficult for me to give up than anything else: candy, baked goods, ice cream-even chocolate! I haven't had much lately because I've been doing stuff every night, and yes, I'm starting to move off my plateau. I'm kinda sad because I really thought that glass of wine every night (and the couple of glasses on the weekend) were harmless! Not for me, unfortunately.

And mamarolo-my stats are so close to yours! I think I will take your lead and head for 155 by Thanksgiving. I'm 158 now, but every pound is so much work now! I'm promising myself a new pair of those cool Gap jeans at 155..

Thanks for the awesome thread!.


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Theresa: Let's do this together! Tomorrow will be a wine-free night! Gosh, I sound like an alcoholic!!!!! I enjoy a glass of wine at night while I am correcting papers (I'm a teacher!) helps ease the pain!.

I nevered realized the havoc it was playing with my system!.


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I had a start weight of 164 on October 1. So far I have lost 7 pounds. I am 5' 7" tall. I exercise 3-4 days out of the week. I drink all my water and follow the plan without cheating at all. 1-2 pounds is normal weight loss per week, so I've heard. I feel like in another day or so, I will have one more pound down..

Comment #24 teaching and drinking wine go together? I'm a teacher also. Wine can be v-e-r-y relaxing...I've been fine all week, but tomorrow is Friday. Man, I really sound like a wine-a-holic, but the weekends are difficult without the vino.

Take care,.


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I love my red wine so this group is what I need..

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I totally am with you all! I love a little wine every now and again and again! I don't drink every day but the weekends when I like to enjoy! I decided on sunday that I wasn't going to drink for 1 week, I started Nutrisystem on monday and i'm hoping to stick to it. so far the plan has been easy and I was able to just say no to beer tonight and halloween candy last night. I hope it will only get easier. good luck to all!.

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Only started Nutrisystem this week but have stuck to every part of it, lost 2lbs already. I'm getting a little worried bc tomorrow is my last day of work and my collegues want to take me out for "happy hr". ive already said yes but now I'm thinking it's not the greatest idea or environment for me to in (still being a newbie on ns). and for the majority of us happy hr is never just an hr and one drink might lead to several drinks, etc. if I go I was thinking of ordering a wine spritzer so I could technically have two glasses with only one wine serving? will it kill all my good work n has anyone done the wine spritzer trick? hmmmm....suggestions?????.

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Sounds like a plan! Thanks-my doggies are my kids!!.


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Ooohh- that's a tough one. Definitely a difficult environment to be in. I don't know about you, but it is easier for me to just go "cold turkey", because once I have one, it is harder not to have more. Don't know if that helps, but good luck, and let us know how it turns out!.


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Good morning, all! I am glad you found this group. OK- so, I am going to Gainesville for the University of Florida homecoming this weekend. Talk about a difficult environment to maintain the "no wine" status! Oh well- every time I am thinking of having a glass, I will think of this group, and that will definitely help!.

I will check in to see how everyone is doing. Hope you all have a good day, and let's lose those pounds!.


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Yep, pretty sure they go together. I'm a School Nurse and love the wine!! Also, there is a group of us that go to a Happy Hour on Friday afternoons. It's going to be so hard to give that up!.

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You can do anything you want, no one is watching or tracking your behavior. But if you want to see how the plan works and how your body reacts without alcohol, I would try it for at least one month and see what happens.

I honestly didn't think I could do it, but I had some other old timers on here that recommended one month total Nutrisystem plan, no alcohol, no cheating. I managed, somehow to do it. I was on the boards trying to distract myself from wanting to grab a glass of wine (which always leads to 2, then the rest of the bottle).

I'm proud to admit I did it. I have gone a month with no wine (or anything else). I feel great. Lots of energy and I haven't felt that way in a very long time, and the improvement in my eyes and skin is amazing. I'm 42 and someone told me I looked 47. Just recently someone told me I looked 35-37, could NOT believe I was 42.

If I can be any support to anyone craving a glass, you just let me know and I'll give you all the pep talks you need. I am walking proof of what wine did to me and how I'm doing now with it gone. I even have photos (which I am ashamed of) that I can send you directly, if you want to see a closeup of a wine face and non-wine face. BIG difference..

If you have to do it, you could do the spritzer, but remember that wine doesn't count for any category in Nutrisystem (it's not a fruit). It's totally empty calories. It takes removing 3500 calories from your intake to lose a pound, so if you are dieting and limiting your food and being good on the eating plan, but continue to drink, those empty calories will definitely slow down and inhibit everything you are doing to lose weight. It will take longer for you to lose the 3500 calories necessary for each pound to disappear..

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I really need your help and advice. I have an incredibly stressful job, and look to my glass of wine at night. I don't want to pry, or gawk, but would you please send me your pics? Maybe this will help me to realize exactly what I need..

Maria My email is I would really appreciate this!.

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OMG! What a great thread. I too like my Chardonnay and like prubelle one glass has lead to too many. I have been on Nutrisystem a month and limit myself to 2 glasses per weekend eliminating my dessert if I do have a glass. When it comes down to it I'd rather have dessert..

Comment #35

Mishmish76 ~ I know it's probably too late for the answer your looking for, but I putting yourself in that environment is probably the most difficult thing to do. I know myself I probably would have had 1 then 2 then.. well you get the picture. i'm laying low this weekend as to no tempt myself, I have Vegas coming up next weekend so I will not drink anything probably until then!.

It will 7 days on Sunday..

Let me know how you did!.

I've only been on Nutrisystem 5 days and l've lost 5lbs. i'm thinking how can this be!.

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Hey Mamarolo,.

I'll email you from my hotmail account, as these embarrassing photos are not for general public viewing..

Once you see the photos, you will have incentive. I don't know what you look like, but sounds like we may be similar in size as we had the same starting weight. How tall are you?.

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What a great thread. Keep the chocolates, keep the fast food, give me the wine. Ive always loved to cook and one of the best parts was finding the perfect wine to accompany the meal. I thought when the cooking went away, the wine cravings would too. Hmm - not so much.

A big problem too is working in a very male-dominated industry where wining and dining and "keeping up with the boys has always been a key in dealing with clients, I don't want to suddenly change that whole dynamic and lose the rapport I've built. I could definitely use some help on how to deal with these business dinners.

The food I've kind of learned to handle...salads, seafood, etc., but give me an old vine Zinfandel and I'm an idiot..

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Hi All - This is a great support thread. I had a routine of one glass of wine before dinner and second glass with dinner, pretty much every night, and I was absolutely LOATHE to give that up. I tried wine spritzers for a couple of days, but I just don't like my wine diluted like that. After a few days I decided to just give it up entirely for the duration of this diet program (perhaps with an exception or two during the holidays) and I'm having far fewer problems handling it than I thought I would. So far. After I reach my goal weight, I will be far more careful with wine consumption..

What really helped me get comfortable with this was learning that beyond the empty calories, etc., etc., etc., your liver will process alcohol as a priority over fat if both are in your system. I don't know about you all, but I really want my body focusing on dealing with my fat intake as a priority rather than wasting it's time on alcohol! I'm doing too much work "working the program" to sabotage things!.

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Prubelle: Hi! I'm about 5' 5". I always was thin, so this chubby version of myself is an eye-opener! I mean, I always had some weight to lose after I had each of my three kids.......but now.....YIKES!!!!!.

I'm done running errends in the rain! I'm going to make a nice tomato/basil sauce for whoever is home, and I'm going to have my Nutrisystem veggie lasagna. Take care, ladies!.


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Hi everyone....just saw the posts and it all sounds familiar except my poison is coors light. I live in hot Arizona and there is something about dry desert heat and cold beer....I am not an overeater either and not a big snacker or dessert eater. Since I have had kids we have meet other couples and our social events consist of getting together for the kids to hang out and us adults BBQing and have drinks..responsibly of course. Over the last couple of years I have steadily gained and I have to believe it is all of the empty calories from social drinking. Today is day 6 on Nutrisystem for me......I want to lose 20 to 25lbs. I have never had a weight issue....but like I said the weight is just creeping up.

I am a small frame and am happy aroung 130. So far Nutrisystem have been wonderful.....It is very easy for me to follow. I am married with 2 small children and I love how fast and convient the food has been. I have lost 6 lbs aready......I think some of this has got to be water weight because I know that is alot for such a short time on the program. I have been 100% on the diet and have just decided to give up the beer for this first month and then re-evalute at that point.

I love all of of this support and encouragment and info I have gotten from these boards! I wish every one well...........we can do it!!!.

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Jennmann: Kudos on your commitment! I am "rejoining" Nutrisystem just now. I did a month in August, and didn't give it a full I was still sneaking in the wine.......bad girl..

But, I'm going to do it, ladies! Prubelle is my HERO!!!!!!!.


Comment #42

Congrats can do it!!! These boards are a great motivation and inspiration. I am glad so many people take the time to share their experiences..

Comment #43

Hi, all. I made it through homecoming at UF with no wine! Wow!!! It really worked to think of all of you any time I wanted a glass. Woo-hoo!!! .

Thanks to all for sharing..

Happy Saturday, and don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour..


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I like this thread! I am definitely one of those who has trouble staying away from the wine while in this. I have lost 5 lbs my first month on NS. I cheated a lot though! I need to stay away from that wine because when I get tipsy, I eat and eat!.

Comment #45

This is a great thread! I also like my wine almost every night. I find it relaxing but I think it is preventing me from losing weight. I have been on Nutrisystem for 4 weeks now and so far I lost 5 pound in my third week but nothing this week. I do believe it might be due to the alcohol. I am going to try hard not to drink for a month and see what happens. Thanks for all the support!.

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How bad is this? As I'm reading this I have my glass of wine in front of me! It will be my last for a while! I've been on the program for 11 weeks now and did really well abstaining from wine the first 8 weeks. The last few I have been back to a couple of glasses a week and I need to quit! I only have 4 lbs to go until I reach my goal, and I'd love to have that happen by Thanksgiving!.

I can tell the wine makes a difference because the past couple of weeks I've either maintained or only lost 1/2- 1 lb..

Count me in!!!.


Comment #47


It is definitely the alcohol. There's alot of calories in wine..

Try this for a month, take your wine glass and put club soda in it, with some kind of fruit juice you like (that is on the list).

That's what I did when I wanted a glass of wine. And you know, I got addicted to just having that stemmed glass in my hand. I felt lost without a glass in my hand. Now I still use my nice wine glasses, only fill it with water, fruit juice or club soda.

I think it's like what I have heard from my smoker friends who quit. They didn't know what to do with their cigarette hand when they stopped smoking. The cigarette had always been a "prop" especially at the bars, with flirting etc.

So keep that wine glass around, just put something healthy in it and get back on track with your weight loss..

Maria (mamarolo) I'm glad I was an inspiration to you, I'm definitely no hero, but the photos speak louder than anything I could ever write or say..

Let's all keep each other motivated. I like this group - the No Wine Zone!.

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This is a good idea - the sports bottle with my Crystal Light just isn't cutting it for the cocktail hour..

Comment #49


Yes!!!!! don't sell yourself short! You are an inspriation! You are one of the few people that I have ever "met" and admitted their short-comings. I relate so well to you! You have opened up my eyes and have helped me to see that it is truly the "stemmed glass" that I crave! I'm going to try your trick tomorrow night, when we usually have a glass of wine.

Take care......


Comment #50

Aw Maria,.

That is SOOOO sweet. Thank you for your kind words. You made my day, no my week!!!.

Comment #51

Prubelle: You made my LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it!!!!! You have given me the starting point that I have been waiting for! You ROCK!!!!!!!!! .


Comment #52

Hi, Ladies! As I am sitting here I am posting.....with my Lenox crystal wine glass in hand.......DON'T FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is filled with sparkling seltzer! Prubelle: Your trick about the stemmed glass is it! You should get the Nobel Peace Prize!!!!! I am now onto my second glass of seltzer, and while my hubby is drinking his wine.....I don't feel weird or left out! As of now, I am not craving the wine......

For those of you who haven't tried Prubelle's trick.....I suggest that you do.!.

Have a great week! I'm off to correct papers and do some lesson planning..


Comment #53

Hello wine lovers,.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far..

Comment #54

I'm having a super week. Another pound gone, so 8 total, since I started a month ago. My skin is really clearing up, since I quit drinking. I actually look younger.

I'm so thrilled at how I feel. I'm sleeping better, too and I never did sleep well. I have to attribute that to "drinking", too. Because now that I stopped, I fall right to sleep and sleep all night, with no sleeping aids (like over the counter sleeping pills or drinking till I pass out, etc.). I feel so healthy..

I hope the rest of you are experiencing what I am. I feel 29 again!.

Comment #55

Hi, ladies: Well, I fell off the wagon last night. I had a disturbing phone call from one of the parents of a student of mine. The call was not pleasant (how did she get my home phone number?????), and I did the bad thing. I had two glasses of pinot grigio. I am totally regretting it today..

I am taking a personal day today to work on a big technology project for one of my reading courses. So, I am wallowing in my pity. I'll try to be a good girl tonight..


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Maria, there must be something in the air today for those of us that are teachers because I'm home today too. I needed a mental health day, plus we have company coming this weekend so I needed to be able to clean without my children being around the house!.

Don't beat yourself up about "falling off the wagon." Hopefully the parent has chilled by now and tomorrow will be much better. What grade do you teach?.


Comment #57

Martha: I teach 3rd grade. I was a math consultant for years, and got sick of only going to meetings. What grade do you teach? Thanks for the encouraging words!.


Comment #58

Hey ladies!!!.

Thanks for all the inspiration...2 weeks on Nutrisystem had wine during first week didn't have any this past weekend and lost more than the entire first week. It certainly adds you have converted me and I'm now going to be filling my Goblet with seltzer and juice..

Thanks for the great suggestion..



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You are absolutely right about not sleeping after a couple of drinks and since I stopped, I have dropped 2 pounds and sleep a lot better without the bags in the morning. I just hope I can keep it up and maybe just have a glass or 2 every other weekend if possible lol..

Comment #60

Wow!!! I think I just found my support group. Thank you for starting this thread and really talking about missing the WINE!!! I love my wine and PruBella your posts really hit home. I am 41 and would love to notice the change on not drinking in my skin. One glass always leads to more, I don't think I have ever had to cork the bottle and save it....Always finish it and maybe start another I have been on Nutrisystem 2 weeks today and have lost 9.5 pounds so far. Fell off the wine wagon once on Halloween Really trying to say no to it, thank goodness my husband is really trying to support me and has said no to his wine as well. The program is much better than I expected and I really have no craving except for my wine!!! I will be visiting often and hope to get to know you all better..

Comment #61

Maria, I teach 6th grade Language Arts. It's not as bad as it sounds; my school is in a rural area and we're a K-8 school. I don't deal with that "middle school mentality" like if I was in a true middle school..

Comment #62

I just got back in town from wonderful trip with hubby. I am back on the wagon starting today with the Nutrisystem food. Am too afraid to weigh. I will weigh on Wed..

Comment #63

Hi, Just checking in. I've slipped in the wine department a few times this week. I'm trying my darnest to do better!.


Comment #64

Larraine: I can relate. I fell off the wagon earlier this week with a disturbing phone call from one of my student's parents. TONIGHT I went to my grad course.....only to find out I FORGOT about an assignment that was due! Now the best I can get on the paper is a "C" if I turn it in next week. Gotta love the Pinot Grigio!.

I promise ladies,.......I will be better tomorrow, I will be better tomorrow, I will be better tomorrow.........


Comment #65


Put down that wine, girlfriend! The alcohol is killing your memory cells. I'm saying this in a teasing voice, not a mean voice..

What about trying Fre? The wine with the alcohol removed? You still get the flavor, without health risk..

Don't make me send you more pictures! :-)).

Your friend,.


Comment #66

Prubelle: Thank you for being my friend!!!!! I really need to get hold of the emotional crap that is dragging my down. Thanks! You ARE A TRUE FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #67

Maria - You need another inspiration piece. I'm sending you something on your other email. Hugs!.

Comment #68

I had a glass of wine tonight, just because.... How bad is that? I rationalized it (which I am the queen of doing) is that I'd lost 2 lbs this week, so it would be okay. It's true confession time, I guess! .


Comment #69

Castromk - .

Ok, pep talk time. First, congratulations on your 2 pounds, that's great!! Doesn't it feel wonderful?.

Now, let's get serious....

We need to get out of the habit of rewarding a weight loss with food and drink. It defeats the purpose of the diet.

I'm guessing it took you a while to lose those 2 pounds. You may even suffer a set back in a few days because of it. You will have forgotten about that drink and blame the stall on something else. Then you will be depressed..

For reward, try this. At a 5 pound loss, reward yourself with a massage or facial or mani/pedi. At 10 pounds, you should have dropped a dress/pant size. Go reward yourself with a cute new outfit. When you start getting into smaller size clothes, that will mean more to you than any glass of wine..

Just think how cute you are going to look in a smaller size holiday/cocktail dress next month!.

OK, I'll get off my soap box for a while..

Comment #70

[quote=krazytxan;1107035]IF you LOVE Rum can you join this thread??[/QUOTE.

Absolutely! Welcome..

Comment #71

Good morning, all! OK- I read about some of you falling off the wagon, and I did the same thing! Too much stress at work....

PruBelle- I love you idea of rewarding ourselves with something other than wine. I especially love the mani/pedi idea or new pants after going down a pant size. I am going to do the clothes thing..

OK- today is Friday, the beginning of the weekend. Let's see if we can all steer clear of the wine glass this weekend!.

So, here's to a wine-free weekend (I am holding a glass of water when I say that)!!!!.

Comment #72

PruBelle- I love your inspiration to all on this thread. I've been wine free for 2 weeks and am still missing it in the evening some nights...Last night was one of those...I got a little grumpy when I told myself no, no, no wine...I was so grumpy about it my husband offered to run to the store and buy me a bottle of my favorite:-) It has always been my reward and relaxation..... and any other reasons I can think of...You have gone over a month know right? Do you still miss it? And are your happy hour friends supportive, because my best friend seems to think I am very boring lately and that a "few" glasses of wine won't hurt...But I think we all know where a "few" leads....Good luck to all and yes!!! Here is to a wine free weekend.

Comment #73

I hope people view it as inspiration and support and not preaching or badgering..

I MISS WINE EVERY NIGHT. The weekends are particularly hard. And the industry I work in doesn't make it any easier. I'm in the wedding and event industry and there's always something going on, parties, grand openings, cocktail get togethers, wine tastings, networking. And each and every one of these events are OPEN BAR. So YES, it is very difficult for me.

Having free wine in front of my face whenever I want it. Geez..

So, I have cut back on going to everything I'm invited to. I didn't even go the wine event last week. My friends are extremely supportive. They will bring me back a club soda with lime on it, and will even say "Here's your vodka tonic", so the other people won't tease me about not drinking..

But I know for a fact that wine got me where I am today and it only took 4 years. Four years ago, I was very attractive, slender, beautiful skin and thick wonderful hair. Not anymore. I turned into an alcohol ridden, bloated, red blotchy skin, gross tangly hair, bags under eyes, overweight insomniac..

It's been 5 weeks now. I've lost 10 pounds (easily), no wine (or anything else) and I am already looking better. My skin and hair are improving. The red blotches, bags under eyes and the bloated disgusting look I had, gradually disappearing..

I promise you, you will see results if you cut it out completely. Take a photo of yourself today, close up of your face (from front and side). Wait a month and do it again, same poses. You will notice, I promise. I was totally amazed at the immediate, reversible transformation..

Yes, I still crave it, everyday. It is very hard, but I look in the mirror and I like what I see. I couldn't say that a month ago..

At least try my suggestion: Use your wine stemmed glass, just don't put wine in it. Or use Fre (the alcohol free wine). It's made from wine grapes, but it has no alcohol (percentage is nearly 0%). You get the flavor, but not the effects. Treat it like you would fruit juice..

Cheers - let's all be good this weekend. No rewarding ourselves with wine. And no turning to wine if we had a bad day or a fight or got a ticket. We deserve better. We want to wear a smaller size cocktail dress in December! And we want our faces to look 5 years younger!!.

Comment #74

Prubelle: Where do you buy Fre? That might be a good thing to have around for the holidays! Do you buy it in the liquor store or at the supermarket? Do you know about the price range? Sorry to ask so many questions. But, if something can help me.....I WANT IT!!!!!.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. I'm off to Boston to visit #1 son this weekend with hubby. We are going to a Boston Bruins game. I've never been to a professional hockey game.....this should be interesting!.


Comment #75

Prubelle, you are so good! You aren't coming across as preachy or mean or anything like that, but as a friend that doesn't want anyone else to go down the rough path you've been on. It sounds like YOU"RE the one that we all need to applaud for changing your life. Good for you!!!.


Comment #76

Hey everyone,.

Fre is the Sutter Home brand. There may be other brands out there with the alcohol removed. Here's the Sutter Home website with the details, etc.

It's not low cal or diet by any means, though it is reduced in calories compared to real wine. Be careful, it's still empty calories. So I would only use it as a last resort if you really, really have a craving..

8 oz of Prem Red has 70 cals. The Brut, Chard, and Merlot has 60 cals. Remember, you cannot drink fruit juice in unlimited quantities.

It's just less than 1% alcohol. So get this - in my area (Bible Belt), you can't purchase it on Sundays. If you can purchase alcohol on Sunday in your area, then you can get this, too..

You can get it at many supermarkets and liquor stores..

* Albertsons.

* Beverages & More.

* Dominicks Supermarkets, Inc..

* Fred Meyer.

* H E B Foods.

* Harris Teeter, Inc..

* Hy-Vee Food Stores.

* Kroger.

* Meijer.

* Pick N Save.

* Piggly Wiggly.

* Publix.

* Raleys Superstores.

* Ralphs / Hughes.

* Safeway.

* Save Mart Supermarkets.

* Schnucks Supermarket.

* Stater Brothers Markets.

* Vons / Pavilions.

* Winn-dixie.

Comment #77

Prubelle: Hi! Living in Connecticut, we do not have any of those stores around here. However, I am going to look around. It would be nice to have on a weekend. Thanks for all of your help and advice!.


Comment #78

Hi Everyone! I'm really struggling with this. I slipped again and had several glasses last evening. I feel so darn defeated! Okay, I want to loose the 10 or so pounds I gained BACK from drinking the evil stuff! This is going to be my Christmas goal. 10 pounds lost by Christmas!! Have a good weekend all,.


Comment #79

Lorraine: Don't feel bad. I went "off the wagon" earlier this week. This is a learning process. There are bound to be ups and downs. I am having a new outlook on life. Rather than beat myself up for each slip-up, and am going to try to applaud myself for each day adhering to the better way of life. Would you like to join me?.


Comment #80


I like your attitude. I know I need an attitude adjustment and you gave me the reminder. Yep, I would love to join you! Let's make this a 100% wine free week!! I'm even going to walk some this week. I don't go to a gym or do any exercises so walking I think is where to begin.


Comment #81

Lorraine: My "new" attitude is all due to the insight of Prubelle. She helped me to see that I need to do this. I am trying to be realistic, though. Life is tough for everyone. We all have our challenges.......gosh do I sound like a Sunday preacher? But, you know what I mean. I'm off to Boston to visit my oldest son and go to a Boston Bruins game (hockey). Never been to a hockey game in my life.....should be interesting..

Be well..


Comment #82

Hi Jen, this is a good support thread..

I am Sasha (38yrs), I live in CA and have about 40 lbs to lose. I am on day 2 of the program (very pleased with the ease of the progrm)..

I am not crazy about wine but I did miss having a beer or two last night. I agree, alcohol could slow, stall, or halt any progress on this program..

Looking forward to living the program (drink free). Sasha.

Comment #83

Hi Maria - I'm in Mass and have found the Fre no-alcohol wine at a Shaw's supermarket. I know there are some of those in CT..

As Prubelle points out, it has to be treated like a fruit juice - but you just might like it. I'm keeping it for special occasions and will probably dilute it with club soda to cut the calories.

What's hilarious was that I actually got CARDED while checking out! This store does not have a liquor license and sells no alcohol whatsoever; however, the company has some rule about needing to input a birthdate for any product that even has a tiny bit of alcohol content, so I had to show my driver's license. I hadn't had to do that in, oh, maybe 25 years! I asked them if they also card people for buying vanilla extract (of course not). So silly..

(And btw, we only just recently got rid of our "blue laws" up here that prohibited liquor sales on Sundays!).

Comment #84

Hey Lorraine,.

You can do it. 10 pounds by the holidays is VERY reasonable! But you can't do it with those empty, evil calories..

Go get the camera, do the photos. You will see improvement next month and that will give you even more incentive without having to hear from me about it anymore, hahaha. Your own proof is much better than mine..

I know it will work!! You'll look in that mirror and see a 3-5 year age loss in your face and you will say "Wow, she was right, I'm gonna keep doing this, I look great"..

It gets a little easier after one month of no alcohol. It was very hard for me the first 2-3 weeks. Not to play "can you top this", but I was pretty bad (probably verging on being an alcoholic), so if I can go from 1-2 bottles/night for at least 5 nights out of every week for over 4 years, you should be able to cut it out.

Now that it's completely out of my system, it's alot easier. I really do FEEL healthier. I don't want to put the poison back in my body again because I love the way I feel. No lethargy, no achey joints, no headaches, no insomnia, and no memory loss/lapses.

And I'm finally losing weight without even trying. Just working the plan and off it's coming like melting butter. It's a nice feeling for a change..

You can do it, you can do it, you can do it!!! I'll be your personal cheerleader!.

Your Friend,.


Comment #85

I slipped this week b/c our fam went to a mexican restaurant- hello margarita! We are a busy family (4 kids)with hockey, soccer, gymnastics, so 3 nights a week we are out and about and we eat out that much. So, when you are around restaurant food that much, what is the point of NS? I had a beer today b/c I was just craving a beer- empty, empty calories. I feel so bad about myself when I drink. Thank you, prubelle for your story, I can relate. Although my last baby was the primary reason for my weight gain, alcohol and restaurant visits are keeping me from losing it..

Comment #86

PruBelle, Your the BEST! Thank you for the pep talk. I really am a slow learner! I could have reached goal long ago if not for the wine! It really helps to know that it does get easier after a while.

ANapier, We eat out a lot also. It's hard to be good at a restaurant (especialy when everyone else is eating something good)! Really try to stick to a salad and a grilled piece of chicken or fish. We can do this!! .


Comment #87


Prubelle's insight is worth gold! I'm glad she's on this board. By the way, how was the game?.


Comment #88

Lorraine: Isn't Prubelle so insightful? The hockey game was fun! My son splurged for some great seats.....he cashed in his season ticket....pulled a few strings, and we were sitting about 5 rows from the ice! Gosh, talk about ACTION!!!!! Those poor boys were being thrown around like rag dolls! But the Boston Bruins won! The Boston Red Soc are still my fav, though...since the time I was a little girl. Now with my son living in Boston, we go to SO many more games!.

Pat (Peppermillone): Where abouts in Mass do you live? I live in Suffield, CT....just south of agawam.....where six flags is. I'm going to check out the Fre wine iin Shaws tomorrow. there is a Shaws in Enfield, the next town over..

In Boston, we ate way too much. I only had 1/2 a glass of merlot with one of our dinners. I made some really smart choices for my meals....I just ate a bit too much. But, we did walk a lot. I mean a lot. I think we walked about 5 miles on Saturday, and 4 miles today (Sunday)..

ANapier: I can relate to the sports events with kids.....when my kids were a bit younger, we were busy 5 or 6 nights a week with everything! It is difficult to stick to a sort of plan. I used to be REALLY good during the day, so if we went out for dinner, I could minimize the damage..

Well, have to run! Take care, everyone!.


Comment #89

Maria - how wonderful! Only 1/2 glass you must be so happy with yourself. It's soooo hard to just stop at one and you didn't even finish it! Woo hoo!!.

I hope all of you other "No Winos" had a successful weekend and aren't starting the week depressed because you had "too good of a time"..

I was good, 100% to Nutrisystem plan, but bloated and burpy from 3 gallons of club soda! I still crave wine/champagne on the weekends, so that was my champagne. Was I celebrating? No, I never needed a reason to drink champagne! It was like Sprite to me..

Y'all are sweet - insightful - never been called before. It's nice. Guess it's just from the old school of hard knocks. I could tell you all stories you wouldn't believe, direct result from my drinking.

A few of you have privately asked me how can I reveal so much about myself regarding the wine problem. Ya know, it's actually easier when I don't know you. I haven't talked about this serious topic with very many people here because it's too embarrassing. Though there are a few who know, simply because they were with me when the crazy stuff happened..

You all are my secret therapy, as I am cutting out alcohol without attending AA or anything like that. Thank God, no physical withdrawal (DTs). I'm comforted to know I wasn't as bad I thought I might be.

So...thank YOU for listening and all your kind words!.

Comment #90

Good Monday Morning to us all! Here's to a great week and no wine! We're in this together! .


Comment #91

I live about half way between Boston and Worcester, in Bolton which is on Rte. 495, so not all that far from you, really.

I hope that the Enfield Shaws has the Fre. I think in my store it was in a special display on an end-cap - you might have to ask someone if they have it.

I'm glad you had such a great time in Boston! And you were *SO good*!!!! Big pats on the back!.

Comment #92

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