No weight loss in two months from Medifast?

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I've posted this on the nutrition board as well but i'm looking for some advise from the people too. What have you done when you have no loss?.

I've been on MediFast since May 2010 and have had great success, until now. At first my weight stalled when I went back to school and stopped eating right. I had a short detour of two weeks and plus 8 pounds but I got back OP and lost the 8 plus two. Then I stalled again. I have been stuck at 160 religiously for the past month and a half, I do bounce up and down between 163 and 157 but i'm still stuck. I cannot seem to break through this.

A normal day goes something like this.

830-900 AM shake or bar.

Walk down the block to get a 32oz water.

1030-1100am puffs or pretzels.

20 minute walk around the block.

1230-130pm 1 cup spinach 2-3cherry tomatoes 5 oz grilled chicken breast and 1 tbsp parmesan cheese.

230-330pm shake or bar.

Refill the 32 oz water.

530-630 pm soup.

1-2 hours horseback riding.

Drink 8-10 oz water.

830-1030 pudding or brownie..

Some days i'll try all shakes or just all bars but most days I try to do something different with each meal so I don't get bored and go off plan..

Is there something else I should be doing? I'm so lost as to why i'm not going anywhere! I still have at least 30 pounds to lose. I started in may at 196 and have lost 39 pounds since then. Is there something I need to do to break the routine or will this pass eventually. I hate to be spending so much time and money on something that isn't working anymore. HELP! I'm so frustrated I could cry...

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What is a healthy weight for your size? Is it possible your at the place your supposed to be?..

Comment #1

How tall are you? What is your goal weight? I can imagine that horseback riding may burn a bit of calories, have you tried doing 4 & 2 (2 lean and greens and 4 medifast meals)? I know that when I was working out more with some added days of craziness the 4 & 2 really helped me keep going with weigh loss...

Comment #2

It seem you are doing everything right. Maybe you are getting too much exercise for your calories? Are you tall? How much do you have to lose? Maybe it is a case of not getting enough calories? Are you measuring and weighing your L&G?.

Hopefully Nutrisystem will get back to you soon! Keep at it, though!..

Comment #3

I'm 5'2'' so the highest normal weight for me is 136. my first goal is 136 of couse but ideally i'd like to be at most 130. I've been riding horses for the past ten years and so I did initially cut back on the time I was riding. I did try the 4 and 2 for a while but started to gain weight so I went back to the 5 and 1..

Comment #4

And how close to your goal are you? I only ask because the pic on your posts you look pretty freakin skinny. If your pretty close to your goal id say those last few lbs are the hardest to get off and will take some time...

Comment #5

I have 32 pounds to go this is so frustrating!..

Comment #6

Amen! I was stuck 1.2 lbs from goal for weeks!..

Comment #7

*disclaimer* - I'm not an expert! ;-).

Looking at your typical day I wonder if you are getting enough L&G in? I base this on your statement that you get 1 cup of Spinach and a few Cherry Tomatoes - but a serving of Spinach is a cup, and a few cherry tomatoes is probably not half a cup (which is the correct serving size of tomatoes). Where is your third veggie, and do you get a full serving of tomato to even get the second in? Also - as I recall (failable memory here, so check the documentation or ask NS) Parmesan cheese can be used as a condiment, in which case you are an oz. short of protein (serving size is 6 oz of chicken breast). Also - what about your required healthy fat? If you are eating chicken breast, you are supposed to get in a serving of healthy fat as well..

All that probably adds up to another hundred or more calories which you are missing and your body may be needing, especially with all that exercise!! I'd guess you are "starving" your body and it is reluctant to let those other pounds go..

I know you get the required amount of water in, but unless you are on a liquid restriction for a health condition, more is better :-).

Finally - for me at least, I do better if I shake up what I eat. My body gets stubborn if I go with the same meal over and over again, in the same order. Try switching things up a bit if the scale doesn't start moving after a week or two of getting your correct amount of L&G in... that doesn't mean going off plan - but maybe try your L&G at a different time of the day, or even changing up proteins and veggies for a change of pace :-).

I look forward to seeing what others think, and how you decide to proceed..

Good luck and let us know how it goes :-)..

Comment #8

Ethelfleda, that was excellent advice! I completely agree that the numbers are a bit off with the program. We need every single calorie we can get!.

My thoughts:.

More water. Lots more water.... it's the closest thing to magic we have got!.

Exercise 3X per day might need to either be scaled back or adjusted?.

Record everything and measure everything. Start weighing the greens and if you're not doing it already weigh the lean stuff too.

Stick with it, watch for NS's response and consider phoning them directly so they can ask specific questions and make specific recommendations..

Good luck..

Comment #9

I think you are not getting enough calories for the amount of exercise you are getting. Do you ever eat an approved snack and are you getting your healthy fat? Do you log your food? If not, try doing that for a few days and see if you are getting the 800-1000 calories and 80-100 carbs a day. With that much exercise, you might want to eat at the top of the calorie/carb range and see if that breaks you out of the plateau. From what you have posted, you are not getting your full lean and green. You should be getting 6 0z of chicken and more veggies, plus your healthy fat and maybe a snack...

Comment #10

Great advice so far. Also consider this: if you are an avid horserider, then perhaps you have very muscular hips and thighs from all that saddle gripping. Muscular people weigh more than other people even with the same measurements. So maybe picking a number from a chart isn't the best fit for you..

Are your measurements going down even though the scale isn't moving?..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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