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Newbies, don't let this happen to you:.

I refused to commit to yet another diet plan before I had proof it would work for me. So over the past 5 weeks I ordered a two week variety from MF, and from eBay sellers picked up a 10-day assortment, 14 oatmeals, and 13 bars. I currently have one auction of puffs and pretzels and pudding floating around lost in the USPS system. I have a 70-meal auction poking along with UPS somewhere in the midwest, having been shipped 4 days late by a sincere but ill seller. After today I will have no packets, per se. I have 6 bars in my otherwise empty Medifast drawers and 3 little oatmeal muffins in the freezer.

Not even two full days. I haven't had a shake or pudding in over a week (I like 'em!) and nothing crunchy for weeks.

The point is: just commit! It would have been SO much easier for me to have ordered sufficient supplies to last a month instead of worrying over lost packages, emailing slow eBay sellers, paying lots of extra shipping, and calling the post office every day. So just do it!.

I'm afraid I'll have to fake it for a day or two and the prospect is daunting, I can tell you!.

Now that I've seen the error of my ways, do you have a system for reordering from Medifast (or TSFL) that works for you? How low do you let your supplies get before reordering?.


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Sorry that happened to you. I always keep a months worth on hand. Start freaking out when I open the last box of Calorie Burn Capps. 20 boxes= 4 weeks. My first order with Medifast I received 2 weeks free, then got another 2 weeks free when I went to TSFL. I've just kept up that reserve.

Being an old Girl Scout, I try to always be prepared...

Comment #1

TSFL will send you an order every month automatically. You don't have to do anything. They will email you a week before the shipment goes out to remind you. If you want to make any changes to your order, all you have to do is call them. I order 20 boxes a month and change it up every time. I never get close to running out because I got 2 free weeks with each of my first two orders. It's very convenient...

Comment #2

When I got my first box, I didn't start right away as I took a week's vacation. So when my auto-ship email came, and it gives you three days to change the ship date, I changed it to ship two weeks later (I got a free week in my first order so therein lies my logic). It's due to arrive today and if it doesn't then I'll be having an all shake and pudding day tomorrow.. It is now my intention to move that ship date back two weeks so I don't get that panicky feeling when I run out. I figure that I will have a good week and change as back up.

When do you expect a new shipment to arrive? I wonder if we can figure out a way to get some stuff together to get you through? If you've considered a coach, I know my coach has stock that she's willing to get to me if I have a shipment mishap. There's always a solution so let me know if you want some help with that. I'm a problem-solver...

Comment #3

I did the VIP plan right from the beginning. My order automatically ships every four weeks and I can go in and edit it up to three days before the shipping date. It comes with two weeks of free food and free shipping so if you are going to commit to the program I think it is totally worth doing. Although there are items in the variety packages I do not care for, I at least had the opportunity to try them and now order only what I like. It is working out great for me...

Comment #4

You might want to go to a 4-2 plan for a couple days to try and stretch out your supplies?? Fingers crossed that UPS and USPS suddenly and magically get their ducks in a row in your case. Good luck...

Comment #5

Thanks, guys. My 70-meal auction sat in an IL UPS warehouse all day yesterday. They have no idea how much I need that! As for the USPS bungle, I think I'm just S.O.L. They show it as being delivered so I can't even get anything back from the eBay seller. Live and learn..

But I appreciate the advice and the pointers on stocking up. With 2 weeks of food on the way, I'll wait till payday then place an order (either VIP or the TSFL program, forget what it's called) and keep that free two weeks as a buffer..

I may need to go to 4-2. Who knows? I have a lot to lose so it may even be a serendiptious move..



Comment #6

I know that people have written about shakes and even a pancake mix that have very similar specs to the Medifast stuff. Leads me to think that as an emergency measure you could print out some of the Medifast nutrition details and then compare them to products that are available at your local health food store or supermarket. (Now don't everyone jump me...)..

Comment #7

Thanks, Louise ... I hope no one jumps. Emergencies do happen and we need to be prepared for them! I am not trying ot recreate Medifast at home, just am worried I'll be left high and dry by my errant auctions. I may need to try to find a bar or something to tide me over..

If I make it through this dry spell, I will make it policy to start hoarding little white packets.


Comment #8

I too do the VIP autoship, from the beginning. I generally get 22-23 boxes instead of 20. At last count I have 7 extra weeks of food when my next order arrives. But my favorites keep changing! One month I'm all about the brownies. Right now it's lemon muffins made out of peach oatmeal. Really? I have to stock peach oatmeal? *grin*.

I like to have all the foods I like, and not worry about running out of bars or something. I've got several more months on 5&1, and then 8 weeks of transition, and then I'll still be having a couple packets a day in maintenance. It'll all get eaten eventually...

Comment #9

Great idea. *adjusting shopping list from 20 boxes to 24*.

My tastes have changed even in just the four weeks I've been MFing and I don't ever want to be in this situ again. Ideally I'll end up with a well-stocked little MFing warehouse in my pantry. Yeah.


Comment #10

Yeah this is one that I never wanna experience and well this is why I order extra boxes for this reason here. haha. Only when I have the extra money I do like this time....i ordered almost two weeks worth..but only cuz I'm going to be orderingmy food late this next month lol..

Comment #11

So I got home from work today to find the lost package sitting on the ground in front of my mailbox. Yippee!!!!!.

It went on an adventure, that's for sure. USPS said it was delivered on 9/20 so it must have spent a week under a rock. I'm so excited! It was a great deal on HM pretzels (new for me), choc pudd, and crisps. Yeehaw - I'll make it till the 70-meal package comes by UPS on the 30th. Phew ..... that was close!.

Must have been all that positive energy from you guys. Thanks! (((hugs))).


Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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