No energy at all during Medifast plan?

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I'm starting Medifast tomorrow and I just have one concern. I've been on a ketosis diet with similar daily calorie intakes as Medifast and I had no energy. I did it for a month and lost 20 lbs but just didn't feel well (no energy and super cranky) so I stopped. I think that the problem was that the amount of food was so little and not adjusted for someone who is really very obese..

I see that Medifast does the same thing, gives you a certain amount to eat based on gender. Has anyone with a ton of weight to lose had a problem with feeling really horrible on Medifast and how did you get over it? I've got probably 215 to lose but my goal at this moment isn't quite that much..


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I found that the first week I felt grumpy, but I havent felt sluggish at all. When I go off plan though I feel awful and have zero energy......

Comment #1

I've lost 120 lbs...I've never felt horrible on MF. In fact, from day one...I've had more energy than I've had in years! People respond to the plan differentlyyou won't know until you try!.

MF Rocks!.

Peace & good health,.


Comment #2

I have lost 100lbs and have 50lbs to go. I have not had a no energy issue I have more energy than I did before. The first week might be a little rough but once your through that you will feel good. Good luck!..

Comment #3

I am not sure how much you have to lose but some people that have over 50lbs to lose are at times advised to do the 4&2 plan. This would consist of 4 medifast meals and 2 lean and green meals. you would add a fat serving to only one of the Lean & Greens, if a fat is needed at all. Just keep carbs below 100 grams. You may want to discuss this with Nutrition Support. If you ask on the message board, it may take several days for an answer. You should call and you will be able to speak to a nutritionist...

Comment #4

I have lost 80 and have another 30 or so to go. I've not had low energy, but there have been days when I felt like I was just plain out of fuel. Those days typically follow a day when I do not get in my full L&G or all 5 Medifast meals -or- they were very high activity days..

There are some adaptations such as going to the diabetic plan or a modified 4&2 (with 2 lean and green meals plus 4 Medifast meals) - if you are struggling with energy after the first week, contact nutrition support via the phone number and get personalized advice from a registered dietitian. If you post to the nutrition board here, it could be 3-5 days before you get a response, and it will probably be a standard blanket response not tailored to your specific questions/needs..

Best of luck! Power through those first 3-5 days and it's smoother sailing from there...

Comment #5

I don't think anyone is advised out of the gate to go on the 4/2 plan. It's only through consultation with Nutrition Support after a period of time if they aren't losing on 5/1 well. I have over 100 lbs to lose, and I am on the 5/1 and my calories NEVER exceed 800. I have tons of energy..

The thing that makes Medifast different is that the meal replacements are nutritionally adequate for all of your daily needs. You cannot get the same vitamins/nutrients with regular food when you limit to 800 calories. But with Medifast your body has everything it needs. I have never had MORE energy than on Medifast. And remember, I NEVER consume more than 800 calories..

Just do the program as written, the 5/1, for 2 weeks. You will find you do have energy. As to being advised to do the 4/2, do NOT do this unless advised by Nutrition Support...

Comment #6

Thanks so much everyone! I haven't had a chance to look through all of the available resources so I had no idea I could call a nutritionist. Thanks again!..

Comment #7

Thanks. I also hadn't thought about the vitamins added to the Medifast food. I was eating all natural food on the other diet, which is good for you but, you're right, you can't get a ton of nutrients when limiting it so severely...

Comment #8

Hi Irishgirl! I had 240 to lose, and I started with the 5&1. I have never eaten snacks or taken any supplements, and for the most part I feel wonderful! I can't say that there aren't days where I feel exhausted and just want to sleep, but those days are fewer and fewer now.

Good luck, you can do this!..

Comment #9

I started out with needing to lose 120 lbs and started on the 5&1. There are days that I have done the 4&2 only because my activity level was a bit heavier than normal for. Before starting MF, I needed a nap every day for atleast an hour, now even though I still need a nap most days, I only nap for about 10 to 30 minutes. Only about one day a week will I sleep longer than that.

Kb1968 - it is somewhere in the all the materials that if you have more than 100 lbs to lose you start on the 4&2 till you have the remaining 100 to lose. It is also recommended for diabetics to do the 4&2 but they get to add 1 cup of fruit to their daily plan...

Comment #10

Hi IrishGirl! I just started, I'm on day three and I can not tell you haw great I feel. I have so much darned energy that it just seems wrong. Now, I only have about 70 lbs to lose but I do the nap thing fairly regularly and haven't felt like I've needed it. I may today cause we had coyotes wake me up around 4am and keep me up for a couple of hours but that's not normal. So we'll see how it goes. Just hang in there, I've been watching my future father in law lose 140 lbs since last November on MF, it's truly awesome.


Comment #11

Hi IrishGirl - I don't have as much to lose (my goal will have me down about 90 in total, but that is still in an "overweight" BMI so I could probably lose another 25 if I wanted to go that low) but my experience was that although I WAS tired my first week, sometime around the 6th day I got a burst of energy and I"ve felt pretty awesome ever since..

If you stuck it out on the other plan for a month - why not try Medifast for that long and see how you feel? You can expect to be tired that first week, may have headaches, feel a bit grumpy, etc.. - but I hope you'll find what many of us have, that it gets MUCH better :-).

Good luck to you, regardless of your choice. I hope to hear from you again!..

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