Nikon's High ISO Digital Noise
I have shot with Nikon cameras for over 15 years, using: D70s, D100, D80, D200. Nikon's are Fantastic, However my only negative comments about Nikon DSLR's is the "Noise" factor when increasing the ISO in low light environments...

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Are you talking raw or jpeg? viewing full-screen or at 100%? highlight noise or shadow noise? At what EV? ...the Canon jpegs are pretty clean. ISO1600 on a 40D won't be noise-free. But there are certain ways that you can take the same shot that will increase the noise and ways that will decrease it. Generally underexposing a dark subject will create dark-colored noise, and overexposing a dark subject will create light-colored noise. The lower the ISO, the lower the noise, but noise can be either luminance or chroma and the exposure-matching will expose, or hide, one or the other. Generally you will see both only if the noise is very strong.

But this would only apply to jpegs. If you're looking at raw data, who really knows what you're seeing. You didn't say...

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Thanks touristguy87 for your email reply.

I shot both in Fine JPEG, viewing in PS CS2 both at 100%.

Looking at dark shadow areas mid tones as well...

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Sorry forgot to correct you, I didn't write that the 40D at ISO 1600 was noise free.

I wrote that the 40d at ISO 400 was, compared to my D200...

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Steve, How about attaching a couple of example shots to a post here? I'd like to see them. Thanks...

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And I didn't say that you did say that. something else that you might want to look at, if you are serious about noise:

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Well, they are what they are...there are some "tricks of the light" that you can play to deal with noise, that apply to any camera, but generally you have to pick one and then deal with what it produces. I think that if you get a DSLR you have to look at lenses first and then IQ, because you can always look past a quirk here or there in IQ, and fix half of them before you get too far. You can't look past a bad lens or a lens that doesn't have the range that you want. "Canon vs Nikon" has some serious issues in terms of lenses.

In terms of noise, sure, Canon DSLRs are great but I think the D300 competes very well with any of them. You might want to look at the link above first and then think a little more on it...

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Hi touristguy87, Thanks for your reply, I did check out the link, it's very interesting.

Anyway I have solved my problem, I purchased my second camera so I will be shooting with my Nikon D200 for most of my wedding work and soon I will be shooting with the Canon 5D, yep I can now have the best of both worlds. After extensive research (for the $$$) the 5D still is the best DSLR for low light photography. However I WILL not give up using my D200, it is an awesome camera and in many ways is better than the 5D, but not for low light & noise.

The 5D will be my indoor (ie church, reception) camera & the D200 does the rest!!!!..

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My problem is solved!.

I bought a Canon 5D for my second DSLR. "Now I have the best of both worlds". The 5D will do my interior shots (ie church, reception) My Nikon D200 will shoot the rest. For the $$$ the 5D shoots the best in low light & has the least amount of noise.

I've done extensive research and spoken to 'A LOT' of people, the 5D kept being mentioned as the best camera choice for a wedding photographer.

D200 is an awesome camera, however just lets me down in low light.

I'm happy to shoot both ways.....

Comment #8, the 5D with the 24-105L F4 or the 24-70L F2.8 for $3k, not a bad deal...

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I managed to call in a few favors from my photography contact. Got a great deal!.

Having said that, I LOVE the D200 & would never think of totally going Canon. Just for once situation. Thanks for your feedback, this is the first time I've done the Forum thing. Good Fun!.



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"I shot both in Fine JPEG, viewing in PS CS2 both at 100%.

Looking at dark shadow areas mid tones as well. " ...there's a big difference between what goes into the IP engine in the camera, from the sensor and what comes out of it, in terms of a jpeg file. Surely the camera jpegs have NR applied to the raw data and you can't really say too much about the jpegs. Compare the cameras raw to raw. Even then you have to look at raw converters. Bibble is the only RC that I know of that truly doesn't apply NR to images on conversion, or sharpen (which increases noise).

Not like I can prove that for sure. The point is that what you could do just as well is dial up the in-camera NR. I have yet to see a Canon that had any adjustments for in-camera NR, maybe the 5D does, I don't know. But as a FF camera it should be inherently cleaner than a subframe with the same MP. Or close to the same MP.

Should be more than adequate for indoor work, giving you good wide-angle and zoom and of course at a flat F4. The 5D no doubt is a good, clean camera. Is it truly much cleaner than a D200? You'd be able to clean the jpegs from any camera and make them "clean". The question is how much fine-detail remains afterwards. What kind of IQ hit you take in doing that...

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