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Hi All, I am trying to decide on what camera I should get. Due to my job I travel worldwide and have great opputrunities to take fascinating pictures. I have a small digital Canon (cant remember exact model number), which has been working fine for me until now. But I think I want to take my photography to the next level. So here are my stupid beginner questions:..

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I wrote up a few notes on how to choose a digital camera, just a FAQ...they are here: touristguy87 ""good" vs "bad" cameras: an optical primer" 2/9/2008 1:40am gonna get buried soon anyway let's talk about your 3 choices. First, you should be able to take decent photos with any of these 3 cameras. The only issue is what are the details. But first, rule out anything that you cannot comfortably afford. Keep in mind, though that you can get the 5D for about $1800 now and the 40d is still about $1100 and these are for NEW cameras. Getting them used will save you a lot of dosh.

Second, the D60 is just a tweaked D40x. So you are comparing a $750 10MP CCD subframe camera with a 10MP CMOS subframe camera and a 12MP full-frame camera. That's not really a fair comparison. Though it can work...if you know what you are doing. But in that case you don't need my advice I would say that the biggest issue is going to be what lens are you going to use on whatever you buy.

I think that's a pretty hard combination to beat with any subframe. But then I do a lot of high-ISO shooting at night. If that isn't your "game" then the d60/d40x is probably ok for you. The 40d is as I have read about the 28-135 lens, "neither fish nor fowl". It's not a budget camera and it's not a very good semipro camera either.

Anyway don't worry about what DSLR you want to get without looking at lenses just as hard. You'll find it very hard to match the Tamron/5D combination that I have, with either of those two other cameras. But you have to be willing to put up the extra $1k. I really wouldn't mess around with the 40d unless you need some specific feature that it has that either the 30d or the 5d doesn't have. And I wouldn't waste time with the low-end Nikons unless that's the limit of your budget for eternity (even then I'd recommend a 400d for the reasons given below).

The 30D is cheaper and will give you more range zoom with that lens, the 5D will give you more wide-angle and much lower noise and sharper images at high ISO. Otherwise they are the same camera. And the lens is quite affordable, and performs very well across the F# range...

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Thanx man! I think my budget is about 3 - 3,5K including lenses and accs. It looks like 5d is a better choice, so I will save up fpr that. I will check out your link and come back to you if I have questions! Cheers!..

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I know that I didn't answer a lot of your questions but between the 30d and the 5d they are all covered. The D300 has a lot more features than either one, but then you are paying a $1k premium over the 30d for those features, and the 5d will outperform both of them easily for a little more than what the D300 will cost, plus you get to put Canon and Tamron EF lenses on it. The 5D is so good, so basically, fundamentally good, that it's 3 year old design is still outperforming all of the other DSLRS anywhere near it's price level. You're looking at a D3 to get comparable performance from Nikon and it isn't even a true "full-frame" camera. In any case if you don't really need ultra-low noise, then just get the 30d, save a *lot* of cash, and be happy. But then you have to figure out what lens you are going to put on it, which is not a trivial problem.

Done and done...

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Hi. Last year I purchased an Olympus E500 with kit lense[ both].I,ve taken many real nice photos, mostly manual. I like the camera in most respects. I really dislike the view finder and just dont bother looking for the settings within. I would like to upgrade to a very nice lense, but is this camera worth the cost? Say $800.00 or so? I do mostly outdoor as I live here in Maine. I,m 69 years and have plenty of time to ride around looking for subs.

Thanks for listening, Fred Walters..

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...Olympus DSLRs are an interesting option but for day shooting the cameras all perform about the same, at that level. You should find something that you like to shoot and then worry about getting lenses for that. Since you are willing to carry a DSLR, you should just go to a camera store and try all the DSLRs they have there. Even the ones out of your price range. Just "try them on for size" and see what you think. Then take a look on pricegrabber or and eBay of course and see what catches your eye, there. You may need to sell your current gear to free up funds...

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Um, my mistake (obviously this is a critical thread to many people) the D3 *is* a true 35mm full-frame. 12MP ff same as the 5D, though with a true ISO6400 and apparently much more, up to ISO25,000 plus 9fps shooting. It's also a full *chassis* (camera plus battery-pack, like the higher-end Canon ffs) and it's also $5k retail...

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Ps you don't have to shoot at night to make good use the high ISO low noise of the 5D. just try shooting in the shade or indoors...

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I want to a camera..i realy dnt know whoch one should I get ..some say canon some say nikon....

I want for my children for their school functions where there is less light...for their sports day where can get good pic even when they run or move...for functions where there is less light ..where can get good pic eveen in the dark....i do travel a lot so for travelling purpose....develop pic for album...some thing that has amazing zoom..and great pic quality.....

Please advice me something realy good....

Please do advice me a great one.....easy to carry ....nothing to profficinal...semi....coz I thing compact would not give realy good pic...please do advice.....

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Try just getting a G9 and see how that works for you...

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Definitely nikon nikon nikon!!! and here the reasons way i`m a pro photographer that work with nikon almost all my life. and in the sami-.

Pro and pro cameras nikon is the best of all!!! now about nikon d2x that work over 6-million yes I said 6-million shut and much more! and I have the proof!!! nikon use the same sensor (d3) as canon.but and is a big but less mp.

Which mean much more light space for light=much better picture.

Light in a picture is over 90% important no light=no picture!.

No light=no color! no light no noting!!! +nikon built like a tank!!!.

If you or nikon nid my service I will love to give more information.


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