Nikon NEF / Photoshop /Capture
I'm confused. I've heard that Photoshop supports Nikon's NEF format; then why do I need Nikon Capture?..

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Ted, You don't need NC, but many people including myself think it's better than ACR (Adobe Camera Raw - the Adobe raw converter plug-in for Photoshop). NC has tools such as edge noise reduction and colour moire reduction that ACR doesn't. It can show you which AF sensor was active. It also has an automated CA reduction tool (with ACR you have to manually adjust sliders. With NC, you press a single button and it figures out and applies the best-case correction). NC also understands and lets you change in-camera settings such as colour mode and tone compensation.

Well worth the price, however you will still need a good general purpose image editor like Photoshop. Maxx..

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Thanks; clears it up. then the only thing I have to say is that after spending what I did for the D200 + lens, I wish I didn't have to pay an extra C-note for NC. But you've convinced me to download it. Thanks! PS: D200 is fantastic...

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Regarding Ted Turner's difficulty with nef files and photoshop; The problem is in the aquisition of the files, while capture does enable aquisition, with a windows platform it"s just as easy to deal with the camera or the reader as a storage device, and open it in "my computer" drag the files into a folder where they ca n be opened in photoshop browser. like mr. turner I bought capture, and have since downloadedthe updated version, but capture is still very much a work in progress, and it still needs a lot of work. The buzz is that the new version, nx is pretty impressive, but nikons strong point is in the quality of their cameras not their software, with capture the proof of the pudding is still in the tasting, not the hype..

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Harry, I don't use NC to transfer files. No additional software is needed for that. While NC may not be the fastest or most intuitive piece of software out there, it is still better at converting Nikon RAW files than Adobe, and it does things Adobe can't (like remotely control the camera or download curves). NC NX seems to be a full photo editing package. It may eliminate the need for Photoshop for many Nikon users. I wonder what Nikon will charge for it. Any ideas? Maxx..

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While it isn't out of the question, I have yet to have the need or desire to operate the camera remotely. I really don't havge any neeed for a translator other then adjusting the exposure and shadow, and doing the rest in an editing program. I th ink that having too many choices is just as bad has having too few, as to the quality of my output I really feel that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and at this point in time adobe seems to be the only game in town, I would love that nx would live up to anticipation, and I would really love it if nikon would make the program available for a resonable upgrade price, I don't think I'll hold my breath...

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When I evaluated both ACR and NC with the same NEFs about 6 months ago, I found the results from NC superior than from ACR. I also like how NC understands and applies the in-camera settings, and lets me change them as if I changed them in the camera before I took the shot (useful for understanding which settings I like under different conditions, for when I switch over to JPEG for longer bursts or when my memory cards are getting full). But you're right; as they say: your mileage may vary. It's great that both have trial versions to try before you buy. Maxx..

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... a very interesting discussion, I've learned a lot, thank you. May I ask maxx a question: You wrote: "When I evaluated both ACR and NC with the same NEFs about 6 months ago, I found the results from NC superior than from ACR..." Maxx could you please explain in a little bit more detail what you mean with "superior"? Thank you in advance,.


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Hellmut, NC has some tools such as edge noise reduction and colour moire reduction that ACR doesn't, and as you may know, the D70/D70s are some of the worst offenders when it comes to moire. Also, I found the colours more pleasing out of NC processed NEFs, although I'm sure with some fiddling in ACR or PS I could have matched it. I use the CA reduction tool quite often in NC, and it's a single click while ACR requires you to adjust sliders until CA is minimized. Even after doing that, the results from NC were usually better (fringing virtually gone while still maintaining good edge sharpness). ACR's demosiacing algorithm seems to be slightly better than NC's though. Maxx..

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