Nikon D80 or Canon 40D
I recently had my Nikon D80 stolen - joys of living in Africa. I own a small advertising agency and used to use the Nikon for furniture pics, pack shots etc., aswell as family pics. I need to purchase a new camera and am torn between repurchasing the D80 or upgrading to the 40D. I found the D80's pics to be very noisy when zoomed in and not sharp enough for advertising purposes. Any advice will be much appreciated..

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Sharpness will simply be a product of your choice of lens, technique, settings and environment. It won't be about your body (notwithstanding that you are using the lowest-quality camera format for professional use besides Polaroid)..

Since the lens is the most important element, you need to decide which lenses you see that you like, because you then need to choose the brand that fits on the end of them..

I'd take a D80 over a 40D. But that's because I prefer not only the body, but the lenses that work with it...

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Maybe upgrade to a D200 as it's price may have fallen with the D300 release?.



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RAW images are always shaper than in-camera processing JPGs. Anyway....I love my D80 but it would seem the 40d is in a higher class though.....

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Is a much higer perfroming body though..

So if you don't need or know what the 40D offers of the D80, save your money and get another D80 or even D40X..


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Its all about Glass, we have heard or seen this so many times but it's true,.

You say you had your D80 stolen but that was only 1/2 of it. what was attached was far more important in producing the images..

My guess it was a "kit" lens which are designed to a price to help sell the product, they are generally ordinary when it comes to image quality..

I also guess you dont have any other Lenses otherwise you wouln't be asking the question, because if you had a bunch of Nikon lenses you would just go and buy another Nikon..

So if it's image quality & you take Furniture and indoor stuff then you want a good short zoom..

Nikon D80 (or D200) with DX 17-55 f2.8 IF lens is a good start point, but Since "Image Stabilisation" is now an excellent feature on all camera's the Nikon 17-55 lens is not image stabilised but will give stellar performance.On the other hand.

Canon 40D with an EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS USM will give same coverage but with image stabilisation, enabling you to take hand held shots in low light without flash and give you images of pro quality...

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SPF 30 wrote:.

I found the D80's pics to be very noisy when zoomed in andnot sharp enough for advertising purposes..

Whatever the cause of that might be, it has nothing to do with the camera body..

There is nothing about the D80 (or any other DSLR for that matter) that could cause pics to be "very noisy when zoomed in"..

Ditto "sharp enough for advertising purposes" - The D80 is IMHO perfectly capable of producing images "sharp enough for advertising purposes" - in combination with the right lens and right technique, that is..

Both of these would be down to lens and technique. Buying a more expensive / featured body will not change them...

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SPF 30 wrote:.

I recently had my Nikon D80 stolen - joys of living in Africa..

Lol better move to Europe then so your camera wont get stolen.  ..

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To confuse you even more: Since you are probably not using expensive professional lenses Pentax could be an interesting alternative:- It offers a bit more value for money than Nikon and Canon..

- The K10D is sealed against dust and water, that could be interesting in Africa..

- The camera body has built in image stabilisation so you pay for it once instead of with every lens you buy. (Canon system is a bit more effective though).

The choice in lenses is bigger for Canon and Nikon so if that is important for you it's better to stay with the big two..

Go ahead and pose this question in the Pentax SLR forum. People are really fond of their brand but are not afraid to advise Canon or Nikon if that suits your needs better...

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I really like this camera. Recently upgraded from Olympus. I have not experienced any noise with either lens. (55-200 f4 and 18-55 f3.5). I am waiting on a new lens that I ordered that is f2.8 for the speed, etc..

Are you taking pics handheld? What mode were you shooting in?.


Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window..

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