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I have been almost ready to take plunge into the dSLR world with D50. I was quite clear that it was a better choice for me vs. D70s or RebelXT. The factor which I like most is ease of use and handling and feel. However, now with D80 I am totally confused. Can someone give me the advise on the questions I have (in ()'s) What I seem to like about it is:.

1. Better ergonomics vs. D70s (is it also true for vs. D50?).

2. Better kit lens. I really like the range of this lense. (What will be the equation if I go for body only D50 + the lens from D80 kit?. It would be ideal if I get this combo with $200 extra vs. the kit price of D50).

3. Some additional consumer features like d-lighting etc (are they there in D50 as well?).

4. Bigger LCD vs D50 (I guess here I have to make the choice. But anyways it not a huge difference).

5. Picture quality...Notwithstanding the diff in resolution. I guess the question is a but pre-mature, as there is no production model in review yet. What I don't care about is:.

Mega Pixels. For me 6 or 10 really doesn't make a big diff. What I am worried abt D80 is:.

1. Price... it's nearly double of D50 (with respective Kits). (Is it really worth it for someone like me, who is basically jumping on the first dSLR. Currently I have Nikon 7900). The comparative equation of D50body+18-135 lens might be the answer.

2. Ease of use (Is it gonna be as simple as D50 is?) thanks!..

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I dont think the new Nikon is any good. Too much money, and it is too plasticky. made in Thailand, all these Nikons. Junk, IMHO Buy Canon they stiill made in Japon. The best by far. Good luck.


Comment #2

Canon Fodder, I'd beg to disagree. If you convice me on Cannon XT's higher resolution and better processing with DIGIC 2, I would still listen. But NO WAY you can convice me that XT is less plasticky. IMHO Made in tag is irrelevant these days. What happens in Thailand (and China) is last part of teh assembly etc which is most labour intensive. Since the last port of shipment is Thailand, it get the stamp. Otherwise, any good company will hold it's standards whether they are making the stuff in China or Switzerland!..

Comment #3

If money is a concern, you will definitely be happy with the D50. I have a D50 with a 18-200VR lens that I bought 2 months ago and I love it. Had the choice been there for me I would have bought the D50 based on economics. As for concerns about ease of use I have no doubt the D80 is easier to use because it offers much quicker access to certain features than the D50 does even though it offers more features. More megapixels wouldn't hurt any, but I am very impressed with the 6 megapixels that the D50 has. I'll take the extra pixels when the price comes down.

Nikon has certain standards, otherwise it wouldn't have a nikon nameplate on it. Both my lens and camera are made in Thailand I no problem with the looks or feel of either. Get the new 18-135 lens. You will appreciate the little extra on the long end. I've had a Minolta SLR, Pentax SLR, Nikon 995, and now the D50.

Great pictures and no film. Now I carry it almost every where I go and snap away without spending tons on developing film. I could afford that when I wasn't married Good luck with your final decision on the body...

Comment #4

ALIP, 1. Yes. The D80 has an AF mode switch which requires menu use on the D70s (and D50). It also has a much bigger viewfinder and LCD. Ergonomics on the D70s are better than the D50 already (2 command dials, LCD panel backlight, more buttons versus menus, DOF preview), so the D80 is better than both.

2. I'd wait for reviews on this new lens. I've seen some pics from it on a Japanese website, and wasn't impressed with the amounts of CA. It also has a plastic lens mount. I'd personally go for the 18-200mm VR, or 18-70mm.

3. Yes, the D80 has extensive in-camera image retouching. Great if you don't use a computer, but redundant if you do.

4. You answered that one.

5. The D80 goes up to ISO 3200. D50/D70s go to 1600. There are some sample shots out already on Japanese websites like this one: Some other advantages are 11-point AF plus 1 wide point (vs D50/D70s 5-point with no wide points), deeper buffer (longer bursts), multiple-exposure, a pseudo mirror lock-up, a more powerful, full commander mode flash, programmable function button, RGB histograms, 25x review zoom, etc. Price is something you will have to determine. It'll be just as easy to use as a D50, just quicker and more versatile. Maxx..

Comment #5

Thanks everyone... this helps. I understand that d80 is clearly a better camera. But I will pass it for the time being. I think d50 is a better choice for my level and money...

Comment #6

ALIP, Don't get caught up in the perpetual cycle of equipment ownership like so many on these forums. ANYONE can make a purchase. The so called "better cameras" do not translate into better photos. Most of the "experts" on the current "flavor of the month cameras," are generally clueless about photography. A D50 in the right hands can make beautiful professional photographs. A D80 or D2xs in the hands of most of the "equipment experts," will still produce the same amateur snapshots. Robert..

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The D50 is a fine camera, but the larger viewfinder and the better AF the D80 offers is worth the difference in price alone for me. This is speaking from experience (over 20 years with film SLRs). Compared to film SLRs, the D50/D70 viewfinder is quite small and a bit dim, making it difficult to determine just the right moment to capture, or critical focus during macro work. The D80 is *big* improvement - the best in it's price category. The AF module in the D50/D70 is the same one as in my F80, which is more than 6 years old and while still fast, is rather primitive at tracking abilities. Also, menu accesses versus dedicated buttons really slow you down when you don't have much time to make adjustments.

I also find the D50/D70's 4.7x max review zoom too limited to judge sharpness in camera, and I sure wish I had RGB histograms, as one based on luminance will not show when a single channel is completely saturated. Just take these into consideration before buying. If the D80 was coming out when I bought my D70s, I would have definitely waited for it. The D80 is being released for the same price as the D70 when it was released ~2.5 years ago, but like most consumer electronics, you get a whole lot more for your money now. I have a feeling the D80 is going to be Nikon's biggest DSLR success..

Comment #8

Of course you can always get a D50 now, and it will be the perfect 2nd body for the D80, since you can share SD cards and batteries between them (D80 battery will work in a D50). I have two D50 bodies and the D50 is in some ways, such as noise, sensitivity and dynamic range the best DSLR ever made. So the two cameras may complement each other...

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The feel and build of the Nikon D50 is far superior to the Canon Rebel XT ( 350D ).

Anyone who is not biased will tell you this (check out reviews on this site and for instance )The D50 may be made of plastic, but it's a very strong thick and textured type, along with an excellent rubber material on the grip. Where the difference's between the D80 and the D50 exist, they will all be improvements, with the possible exception of noise at high iso. As things stand the D50 stands as the best high noise performer in the Nikon camera range, and is as good as the Canon SRL's in this respect. I don't think the D50 with it's smaller pixels is going to be as good as the D50 in the high iso ( 800-1600 ) noise departement. Overall though the D80 has a commander mode ( allowing you to use all additional flash's wirelessly off the camera with full automatic iTTL exposure [ the D50 requires one of the flash's on camera to do this] ), so if you are going to buy only 1 flash, the commander mode is simply brilliant. On top of that the viewfinder is larger than the D50/D70 ( allowing more accurate manual focus ), and many of the controls buried in menus's have been given dedicated buttons ( including the ability to change focus modes af-c, af-s, which the D70 doesn't have either ).

Also the D80 buffer size is bigger allowing 6 RAW instead of 4, before slowing down to the card speed.

From my point of view, except for an even larger buffer ( I would love the ability to take 8 RAW's at 3fps, because I know I will never need more than this ), and the lack of magnesium alloy body, it's probably a perfect camera. Incidentally the magnesium alloy body and larger buffer ( with a few more improvements ) exist on the D200.

All in all it's just an improvement. But question is, is the extra cost and wait, worth it for you?..

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