Nikon D80 and best lens
Hi all,.

First of all I'm an absolute begineer of DSLR cameras. As I'll be soon in the US I would like to buy a Nikon D80. I would like to ask your opinion on the camera itself and also which is for you the best lens for this camera, I was intrigued by the NiKon AF-S DX 18-200mm VR any suggestion/hints.thanks in advance for your replies..

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Very short answer : you should not buy it because you do not know what you want it for..

Mid length answer :.

You can get a D80 review on Dpreview itself. As only you can know what you want the camera to do only you can use the information in the review. We all have different needs from cameras and lenses. The D80 is a step up from an entry level DSLR and the vast majority of people will not need it's features ( or learn how to use them )..

There is no single best lens. It depends on what purpose and what compromises you are prepared to make in choosing a lens. Cost is a big issue for everyone..

My suggestions :.

As you appear not to know why you want a D80 and the same for lenses I think you need to do a LOT more research before making a choice..


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It comes down to what you expect for output versus input..

The D80 is a great camera, not flawless, but a very nice camera. If your expectation is to pop a lens on and go out and take great photos...I'm afraid that you may be pretty disappointed. On the other hand if this is a hobby that you want to dig into, learn, and put the time into...then the D80 will certainly keep you busy for the next few years as you learn. If that's the case, it has most (probably all) the features you could want. But you really have to put the work in to get nice output..

As to the 18-200VR...Although a very popular lens, I don't think much of it. As an "all around lens" probably one of the best to choose. But you know the old adage, "Jack of all trades and master of none" is sort of where I place that lens. Personally I think it's over plays to folks that don't want to carry and change lenses...which is fine...I don't think that's a bad thing and I'm not picking on them. AND the lens is capable of producing nice images..

My feeling about lenses is buy something cheap (and decent tho), figure out what you want the lens to do, figure out what it can't do, and then go plunk down the cash on high quality glass. Remember that you will probably have the lenses long after the body is gone...spend the bucks on the specific lens you want for the specific job..

As prices have dropped considerably on the D80, that coupled with a weak dollar, you're going to get a great deal!.

Good luck.


LBCerberus wrote:.

Hi all,first of all I'm an absolute begineer of DSLR cameras. As I'll besoon in the US I would like to buy a Nikon D80. I would like to askyour opinion on the camera itself and also which is for you the bestlens for this camera, I was intrigued by the NiKon AF-S DX 18-200mmVR any suggestion/hints.thanks in advance for your replies..

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Short answer. I'd get the D80 with the 18-135 kit lens. It's incredibly sharp with a certain POP that the 18-200 does not have, IMO..

You will be happy with the camera...

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I agree with this. 18-135 is sharp and not as pricey as the 18-200 vr. Also, the DP review of the 18-200vr was not that good.Ed.

Guidenet wrote:.

Short answer. I'd get the D80 with the 18-135 kit lens. It'sincredibly sharp with a certain POP that the 18-200 does not have,IMO..

You will be happy with the camera...

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D80 is one helluva camera! (not without it's flaws, mind you, but a great camera nonetheless..from what I've heard).

For the lens: personally, I will not spend my money on the 18-200mmVR.I think it is a bit too pricey. I would much rather spend my $650USD elsewhere..

Here are my choices if I had that much money (which I currently and if you are not currently not interested in investing in "pro" level/constant 2.8 glass:.

1. 50mm 1.8D - Around $110 new, $80 USED.

2. 18-55mmVR - Around $160 (i think, I'm not sure of this one) ->or the nonVR version for less than $100 USD if funds are a problem..

3. 55-200mmVR - Around $250 retail, can be had less in ebay/craigslist and other online stores.

4. **if you want more reach** skip #3 and go with a 70300mm ED - around $150 on ebay last I checked..

That is around $400 dollars on lenses, the rest can be spent on an SB-600/800..

But those are just my humble opinions. So instead of spending almost** $650 on a 18-200mmVR, you get all those lenses plus a flash!.

Ultimately, you and your photography style would dictate your choice..

Happy shooting!.



P.s. the prices I mentioned may not be accurate. Treat them as ballpark numbers. Goodluck!. matters of grave importance, style not sincerity is the vital thing - Oscar Wilde..

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The D80 is a very good camera and, if that's the one you fancy, I'm sure you'll do fine with it..

On the lenses side - the 18-200mm VR doesn't seem to have gone down too well on this thread but I certainly enjoy using it and, with it's good focal length range and performance, it really is handy to keep it on your DSLR all the time..

Others have said they prefer the 18-135mm but personally I like the 18-200's extra 135-200mm coverage, the Vibration Reduction and the fact you don't have to carry extra lenses around with you - whether it's worth the extra money over the 18-135mm or combinations (18-55 + 55-200mm etc) depends on your budget, what shots you'll be taking and your desire to change lenses etc..

Don't know if you've seen these links re 18-200mm - but could be of interest:-.


If they're in your budget - D80 + 18-200mm VR seems a good combination to me..


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