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I have owned a Nikon D70 since Sept 2004 and have found it to be an incredible DSLR with a real depth of features that I am still learning on. The photographs that I can get are only limited by my own ability. I know, as many others have mentioned, that it takes pic's that are slightly underexsposed but I do picture editing anyway on Photoshop CS so that has not been a problem for me. I have a co-worker who recently bought a D-70S and is, again, a extremely satisfied customer. I can honestly say that I will not be trading up to a D-70S as the improvements just do not warrant it. I have installed the new firmware so the difference in the camera's is a slightly bigger monitor panel and I have no problem with mine and don't see a big difference and a few minor changes that I would not notice in my day to day photography.

I will likley wait for a major jump in Megapixels as I really believe that Megapixels to more of a sales item then a picture item and you need a very substantial increase to make a new purchase worthwhile. I'll be paying more attention to other details of developement that may have a greater impact on my ability to take photos than just the pixels. I think Canon is using the pixel count as a real marketing feature for the many consumers who think more pixels is the only key to a better camera. I have had a chance to explore the Rebel 350XT and I just prefer the quality and solid feel of the Nikon. Even if I didn't already own a D70 and was making the choice for the first time I would pick the Nikon over the Canon for the controls and the feel of the camera in my hands...

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I own a Nikon Cookpix 950 and I have loved it. I want to purchase a Nikon D70s with the two lens as soon as they are available. I have one question, however. Can you tell me if the LCD can be used as a viewfinder like with the coolpix 950?..

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No, you cannot use the LCD monitor on a the digital SLRs as a viewfinder. I know what you are used to as I have a CoolPix 995. The digital SLRs allow you to look directly through the lens, like a film SLR so you cannot see anything in the LCD except menus until you take a picture. Then you can view the picture in the LCD...

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Les hits it right on. The Nikon/Canon arguments sound like Windows/MAC arguments both are terrific; it's just what you are used to and already have invested in...

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Does anyone know where and if I can buy a -.03 diopter for the D70s. Is there such an animal out there??..

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I have just purchased a D70s, my first SLR as I wanted the speed. I had used a Coolpix 5400. But I am confused. Photos on my computer are clear. When viewed from the camera D70m they are poor quality. So I put them on a DVD slideshow and the quality is still poor whereas my 5400 always had good slideshows. What could I be doing wrong???? Thanks for responses.

I often put my pictures into slideshows for famiy viewing...

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My new D70s is grossly underexposing on all the auto modes - including digital vario - and I am getting nowhere with the Nikon supprt section. The retailer has changed the camera once - he tested and agreed on the underexposure - the new one is just the same. I know I can get good pictures by setting the EV to +1 but unless I do the pictues are virtually black. It is not my computer screen as other cameras reproduce perfectly. The camera monitor also shows the pictures OK. Help! Geoff...

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Geoff, what do the histograms look like in the camera and with Photoshop? Do you shoot RAW? This will help people get a handle on your problems...

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Geoff, I own the D70s and it shoots images that are also underexposed, however I'm not sure if I can say that my images are grossly underexposed. I have been doing some reading on this and it appears that Nikon in their wisdom purposely set underexposed images so that users will not loose image detail in the bright highlighted areas. You can always bring an image up to your level of desired brightness via your image editor or EV compensation, but once an image is overexposed you cannot recover any highlights. I know that this may not be the answer to your issue but it was one of the answers why I wasn't taking very good pictures initially. Overall, I find the camera to be very fickle compared to my Canon G2, but when the images are shot well the image are excellent. Kerry..

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Canon vs Nikon DSL I am wrestling with the decision. Which has the best lenses, produces the least camera shake and is the most user friendly? Which model is the optimum for long term creative use?.


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Using the slide show (in picture project) after a showing some pictures, suddenly the slide show stops. I don't know why...

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Dave-Which to choose? I have been looking at the new Canon Rebel XT and the Nikon D70s. Both are "Dave's Pick" which helps me eliminate other cameras. However, I am concerned about the underexposure on the D70s vs the Rebel XT. As a Mac fan, the Rebel XT received 4-1/2 mice and the D70s only received 3-1/2 mice, mainly because of the pricing "value" that goes into the rating. The price difference is not an issue for me. As a novice, I have always wanted a Nikon and liked the feel of the camera in my hand vs.

I currently have a Olympus C-5060 and Olympus D-490 that I use for traveling photos. I started out and still have an Olympus OM-10, and want to move over to a dSLR. The reviews on the print quality seem better on the D70s vs. the XT, and I am not sure the remaining 1.9 MP will make that much difference in my photos. Can you help? Dale...

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If you are a pro, or plan to become a pro needing a full frame sensor and 16+mp images, and will be buying the top of the line lenses, you might want to go Canon as they are on the leading edge of camera body development. If you plan on buying the consumer lenses (under $900), I'd go for Nikon. The $300-600 Canon lenses looked and felt like toys. If not, Nikon is a good choice if you want beautiful quality images, quality build body, excellent value. Plus, a huge benefit not many know about is that the earlier AI manual focus lenses work with the D70 and other Nikon dslr's and the classic lenses are of fantastic build quality at bargain basement prices. Of course you have to manually focus, but there is a rangefinder that lights up when in focus and you also have to set exposure manually in the "M" mode.

Examples, I bought a 300mm F4.5 AIS tele lens for $100 that is of better quality than most of the new Nikon lenses costing $1,000-$1,800. Takes SHARP pics! Other examples.

55mm AI Micro-Nikkor $45.

55mm AI f/1.2 $100 (yes f/1.2 not f/2).

105mm AI f/2.5 $110 AWESOME Lens.

180mm AIS f/2.8 $125.

I'm a super bargain hunter and the prices listed are generally on the low side of what is typically paid for them, perhaps expect to pay 20-30 percent more but that's still CHEAP. My bargain lens list goes on and on... but you can have a fantastic selection of lenses for the cost of one quality AF lens ($1000-1500) My biggest problem is the dreaded Lens Lust Disease, I now have over 30 lenses... I love them all!..

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