Nikon D70 - some queries before buying
I'm considering the Nikon D70 - it will be my first digital camera (although I've done a lot of processing of digital with my old coolscan scanner and my slide archive) so I have some queries before buying, if anyone can help me fill in the gaps here I'd be grateful. This will also be the beginnings of a whole new system for me (my old minolta film camera and lenses got trashed). So I'm considering this eventually to be a pairing of a Nikon film / digital package - hence the interest in compatibility of lenses. 1. Do I need Nikon Capture 4.1 to process RAW images from the camera, or is a 3rd party plug-in for PhotoShop available / any good ? - In UK Nikon Capture is about 115 extra. 2.

Ie If I get the AF 17-70 lens that comes with the kit (DX I think), Can this be used on a film body ? (F80 or F100 ?) - I know that lenses can work the other way (ie an AF lens can be used on the D70). 3. I've read a lot about the moire problem that seems apparent with the D70 - how much of a real problem is this ? - most of my shots will be of 'natural' macro subjects, landscapes and buildings (which is probably the subject likely to cause the biggest potential prob). Finally, does anyone have any lens recommendations other than the 2 standard kit lenses - I'd be interesrted to hear. thanks Martin..

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I bought a D70 myself a few months ago now and I think it is an excellent piece of kit.

For processing RAW images, yes, you do need the Nikon software. However, a quick trawl of the net resulted in my 'trial version' becoming a 'full' version. Maybe this is a bit naughty, but I do not see why manufacturers should charge so much for a product and then expect us to pay more to be able to use it to it's full capabilities. I have heard about a Photoshop plugin, but not being a photoshop user, I do not know any more details.

I do not know about 'reverse' compatability of digital lenses with film cameras. I see no reason why they should not work.

Having now taken probably close to 1,000 shots of all manner of subjects, I have not experienced any kind of moire problems. But in all fairness, I have not been looking at the results with that critical an eye. Hope this helps. Enjoy the D70 if you do get one. Simon..

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DX lenses have a smaller image circle that covers the APS-sized sensor in the D70, but won't cover the full frame in a 35mm film camera. You will most likely experience severe vignetting at most focal lengths. That said, the kit lens is an excellent lens at a very fair price, and most would advise you to get it. Capture is not required. Download and install Nikonview, which is available free online. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, NikonView will also install a plug in that will let you read the NEF files from within PS.

The advantage of Capture is that you can make adjustments to your NEF files and re-save them as NEFs, with the original picture data intact. It gives you many more adjustmnt options then the simple plugin that NikonView will install. It also requires a pretty fast computer with lots of RAM. A 2GHz processor with 1GB works OK for me. Photoshop Elements 3.0 will be out soon, and it purports to support ACR and 16 bit processing of NEF files, along with some other enhancements, such as the addition of the healing tool from PS CS.

NikonView is much better. And please don't steal the activation code as was suggested above. As for additional lenses, in the USA the 18-70 DX is the only available kit lens. I've added, as many have, the 50mm/1.8 prime lens, which is inexpensive and very sharp. It's very good for portraits, as is the 85mm/1.8 lens.

I've had it for a couple of months and am very pleased with the photos I've taken. Cheers. Kit..

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If we just buy Nikon D70 body then select one of the follow lens, which is better for the D70 body or I should buy the D70 kit(with 18-70 DX lens). Any suggestion is helpful to me. Thanks a lot ! Nikon 24-120mm f3.5-5.6G ED IF VR Lens.

Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4.0 IF D Lens.

Sigma 24-135mm f/2.8-4.5 Aspherical IF Pro Lens..

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Thinking of making the D70 my first digital camera, but two questions, if anyone can help:.

1. Is the Nikon software available for Apple/Macintosh computers?.

2. Will the SB25 flash that I use with my Nikon 8008S work with the D70?.


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Yes, the Nikon software is available for Mac's. Also, iPhoto will recognize and download images from the D70 (I'm not sure about RAW files), the shareware Graphic Converter will open, edit and convert RAW files with no problem...

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I cannot comment on the lenses you have mentioned above, but I have a 28-80G lens with my D70 and it works very well. The only negative side of this is that I lose out on wide-angle photos. In theory, my 28-80 becomes a 42-120mm lens. So far this has not been a problem...

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I do not know all the details for your flash, but I do know that it will NOT work in auto/TTL mode with the D70. If the SB25 has a manual mode, then you should be able to use it with the D70. You must but either a SB-600 or SB-800 flash to get a fully dedicated flashgun suited to the D70..

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Thank you very much for your help, Thor and everyone else...

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I use the 24-85 and I love it. The lens works great on film and the D70. I bought my D70 as body only. If you buy the complete D70 kit with lens, the DX lens won't cover on a film camera, such as the F100 which I also use.

Don't forget the 1.5x factor. On the D70 the 24-85 becomes a 35-120mm...

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Everyone will benefit with the SB 800 on the D70. It is "so right" and all of the features of the camera work with it. Bite the bullet and spend some cash on the SB 800. You will be glad you did and never look back on that purchase...

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Can you explain a little better hoow you get the activation code for Nikon software?..

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If you shop around the diffence between the body and the kit is as little as $40. If you have little or no experience with interchangeable lens and cost is also a factor go for the kit.So far, I have seen no one rubbish the 18-70 DX and for point and shoot it is totaly adequate. By the time you get really familiar with the D70, you will know what lens to buy that will suit your requirements. You could well find after the novelty wears off a bit that your D70 spends most of the year in a drawer. Unless you are taking pictures mostly to show professionals you will be hard put to find anyone who can tell the difference. If do get the bug, like many, you might prefer fixed lens and your expensive telephoto zoom is never used.

The D70 kit is light and handy to carry about. My $1,200 Nikon 24-85mm is as handy to carry around my neck as 1,200 Susan B's...

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Idont know to buy nikon D70 or canon Eos300.

Help me plz,..

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Hi guys, is there any expectations regarding NEW camera (dSLR) from Nikon ?

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Unfortunately the SB25 won't work on the D70 except by taping two of the contacts and shooting in manual mode. But that way you can shoot at the fastest speeds up to 1/8000sec. But you will have to manually set exposure. I use an even more primative flash, an old used Vivitar 285HV that works great as an outdoor fill flash and I do set exposure manually, but this way, I have to use my brain when taking photographs. This is a good thing. I want to get a good flash meter and then I'll be in heaven.

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