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I don't REALLY understand this reviews!! It's clear that Nikon D70 have a problem with colors. All the pictures I saw were saturated. Canon 300D have a bit overexposure problem, but nothing so important as D70 problems. So why pp keep saying nikon is bit ahead from canon? I still not decided for which one I buy, but by now, Canon 300D it's clear ahead from nikon D70!!!! p.s. Maybe I give it up and go for Nikon 8700 just to don't stay with this fight in my head!..

Comment #1

To junior,.

Problem with colours?.. I dun get you.. if you think the colours are over satuated.. you can lower it... it's all about ones' taste..

And by judging solely on the supposedly over satutation you are talking about in such cameras.. yes you should stick with your 8700..

Comment #2

Right today I ordered my very own D70 with "bad" 28-70 kit - difference in price is just 30$, so I am buing it like body only with lenses for my wife.

I have been comparing over two months with Rebel. definitely, D70 ROCKS!!! Rebel's kit lens are too soft to my taste, so I will buy new lenses around MUCH BETTER body...

Comment #3

From my own tests the built in flash doesn't communicate to the wireless slaves with a series of flashes, it actually communicates via an infrared sensor (or at least it looks like one). The sensor is located on the camera body above the D70 name, and on the right side of the flash (sb-800). You can test this by first covering up the pop up flash with black piece of cardboard or something that would keep the light from the flash from reaching the slave and then facing the sensors toward each other with one shot then away from each other...

Comment #4

Color can be easily adjusted and so can exposure if you're shooting RAW format. Both cameras are great! D70 just feels like a real camera when you hold it. And faster, cheaper, better doesn't have much to do with photography, does it? As far as I can see it, Nikon and Canon must be hiring the same set of bright japanese engineering minds - both are providing latest and greatest within 1 year of each other! It's a conspiracy, ladies and gentlemen, really there is one conglomerate that owns both brands. They just want us to fight among each other and buy the latest stuff. Or, may be they are constantly spying on each other and their intelligence is superior to CIA and FBI combined.....

Comment #5

Very comprehensive review that fully satisfied my curiosity. Deeply impressed with the details, especially on the expected battery life. Its time to upgrade my old Nikon FA...

Comment #6

Maybe I am blind but the photos look fuzzy.

There also looks like a lot of blue fringing on the high-lights. I really want to like this camera but the test pix do not look as good as many of the point and shoots. Whats wrong with these test photos? Please explain...

Comment #7

First of all.... Congratulations !! Very nice review. I own a Nikon 4300 and really understood the differences between the D70 and a point and shoot cam (for example not being able to use the LCD screen while shooting)... Definitely not the same world ! I am very close to make the D70 mine but it's true that when looking at the photos to "let my own eyes be the judge of how well the camera performed" (Here I just quote the review) I fully agree with Mister "mhamilton" the pictures doesn't look so impressive.... but above all it looks like there was some kind of dust or something wrong that can be seen on almost all photos that are presented on the "Gallery of random photos" (specially those with the flag). And on this photo ( we can see two "dots" in the sky (top left corner)...

It's something that is mentioned in DPReview. Is there really a "problem" here ? Thank you,.


Comment #8

In the image description for ( the photographer apologizes for the stray hair on the sensor including errors in other images...

Comment #9

I recently purchased a Nikon D70 and fired off several shots indoors using the onboard flash in aperature priority mode. I previewed the images prior to printing on an inkjet printer and noticed noticeable flash overexposure. This might be attributed to camera to subject distance though and I may need to use some compensation with the flash. Has anyone noticed any sort of flash overexposure problems using the onboard flash on the Nikon D70?.

Thankyou, Bob..

Comment #10

A really good review - interesting, well written and a very nice (though not in my price class) camera also! But: the D70 is *not* the first digital camera ever to take (virtually) unlimited pictures in continuous mode, it's only the first digital SLR camera! The Kyocera/Contax "R" series compact cameras (3, 4 or 5 megapixel models available) are also capable of taking 3 to 3.5 full res pictures per second until the card is full - assuming a fast SD card is used...

Comment #11

Robert funicane: I noticed that overexposing too. it seems to me that it overexpose objects that are closer than 1 meter from the camera. probably the flash desperatly tries to give the light to those objects that are more than 3 meters far.

When I shot objects that were further, pictures were ok. havent't noticed any moire or color problems yet - have got about 500 pictures so far...

Comment #12

Did you get anything from Nikon for this review?.

It is obvious that many pictures from D70 are fuzzy and color is not right. Good thing you show sample pictures otherwise I would have believed your review. Shooting with this camera is probably like playing the lottery. Be real, this camera does NOT deserver high marks...

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