nikon d40 vs canon rebel XT
I am considering purchasing either the Nikon D40 or the Canon Rebel XT. The D40 is 6.1 MP and the Rebel XT is 8 MP. The other differences I see are the kit lenses. I am still an amateur photographer and want to improve and be able to take some better action shots than my Kodak Z712IS will take. Walmart has the D40 for $490.00 and the Rebel XT for $520.00, not enough to sway me to the less expensive, unless it is just an overall better camera. I will have the opportunity to play with a friend's D50 this weekend, but don't know anybody that has a Rebel for me to try out.

Can you please advise me on which of the above listed cameras would be the best fit for me?.

KimKodak Z712ISFuji Finefix F700..

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I speak impartially as a Pentax user! Both of the cameras you mention are excellent pieces of equipment and I am sure you would be very pleased with either. As you say, the price difference is not sufficient to be a deciding factor. Neither is 8mp really that much difference over 6mp that you should allow that difference to sway you too much either..

I recommend you go to your local camera store and handle both. Buy whichever you feel most at home with..

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I use a Rebel XT and certainly would not trde it, even money, for a D40. But if I was buying today, I'd get something current, or at least not as out of date as an XT..

The bigger back screen on an XTi, for instance, really is useful..


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I disagree with Bak. I, too, shoot a Rebel XT, and if I were in your shoes buying a new camera today it would be on my short list. Buy an inexpensive body (alone, not with the kit lens) and save your money for good glass. It will take a year or two of learning the basics of photography and the idiosyncracies of your camera before you are ready for a more "modern" camera..


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There's a number of reviews that claim that the kit lens for the d40 is actually decent glass for a kit lens..

Here's a link to a *particularly* in depth review about the kit lens of the d40:.


They give it 2 stars for mechanical quality, but 4 stars for image quality and performance/price..

Since I'm a total newb, I'm not planning on dropping anymore cash what comes with the camera. This (and other features, mainly price) are making me sway towards the d40...

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Both are good cameras. Go try them at the store..

I'd get the D40 with the 18-135 kit, but even the standard kit is good. One problem with Canon is that, other than the 18-55 IS, their kit lenses aren't too good. All the Nikon kits are very good optically..

That said, the Canon XT is a little better in low light. The Canon has a depth of field preview button. Canon's out of the box j-peg setting are a little more pleasing to most. The XT comes free with a good RAW converter. No spot meter. Can only use certain lenses made since Canon went AF..

The D40 has a spot meter (absolutely needed for me) that some people like. It has a nicer viewfinder.. brighter, more contrasty. You must change some settings to get better, sharper j-pegs, but only once. Easier to use out of the box. Slightly better dynamic range.

The D40 has better ergonomics, less plasticy. Any lens Nikon has made since 1959 will mount on the D40, manual focus and exposure. Can only autofocus lenses with built in lens motor...

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I think I'd go for the Nikon, which has a better kit lens and a better LCD I think. But if you could stretch to an XTi, that might just tip the balance the other way because you can after all get better lenses when you're ready..

Luckily, they're both pretty good, so you won't be disappointed either way.Androo

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D40 is great camera. But for users who will use couple motorized AF lenses.With rest of excellent Nikkor lenses you will need to focus manually..


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BAK wrote:.

I use a Rebel XT and certainly would not trde it, even money, for aD40..

Good for you. I have the D40 and wouldn't trade it for an XT, and XTI, or an XSI. I would trade it, however, for a 5D - which I would trade for a D300 .

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I am also planning on getting the D40. Is VR that big a deal or should I spend the extra $$ to get a 200mm VR lens? I am going to Yellowstone in June and would like to get some decent shots of animals if I can..


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If you get the D40 from abes of maine, they have the normal 18-55 kit lens, 55-200mm VR, 4gb memory card, and Nikon school dvd's for 560-ish with the 10 dollar off code loyalty10That's insanely good. Free shipping too..

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Holy cow! That is good. I've never heard of Abes of Maine, are they reputable? They are not one of those fishy sights are they?.

Thanks, Angela..

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I've heard good things in general, it's just that they call you up to confirm an order and try to upsell you but just deny it. One of my professors at school ordered a TV from there no problem. I had originally found the deal on and wanted to share since it pertained to you.the direct link is.

This page discusses the deal:.

With the 10 dollar off code loyalty10.

Original link:.

I cant find the lens separate (just look around the site)..

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Well, Abes had some really impressive deals, but after checking epinions about them, most people had bad experiences with them. I think I will try to find a deal with a more reputable place. I want to make sure I get my camera. Thanks for the tip though..


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Adorama, B&H, Beach Camera, 17th Street Photo all have great ratings..

I'll only buy from Adorama or B&H. I prefer Adorama because their website is so much easier to navigate...

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