Nikon D40 v Nikon P80 or any other Super Zoom
My third post in the last couple of days...sorry..

When I finally thought that I was going to move to an Super Zoom camera point and shoot camera like the Nikon P80 or the Canon S5 my friend started talking me out of it..

My main reasoning for changing to get a Super Zoom camera was that it seemed like it would be a lot easier for me to use, since I have never owned a complicated camera with many features..

I have always owned something that could fit in my pocket like the Casio Exilim EX-Z850..

I wanted something a little nicer that would be able to take to the baseball game that would take better action shots and zoom a little more. But when I looked into the Nikon D80 and Canon Rebel XTI, they were a little out of my price range and a little too complicated for me to understand everything..

He told me that I would be better off with a Nikon D40 then one of the Super Zoom point and shoot cameras..

Does anyone have advice? sorry about all the posts...everytime I think I figured it out, someone comes up with a valid point that pushes me the other way...

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I would certainly get the little D40. You can use it like a point and shoot if you desire, but you have the advantage of having a nice large sensor for those low light or high speed situations. Right out of the box, full auto the D40 performs great and will make beautiful pictures. Couple it with a nice large zoom and you're in business..

The D40 can be had with the very sharp 18-135 zoom instead of the normal kit lens, or a combo 18-55 and 55-200 VR for very little money. They will give you years of use, and you never have to do a thing complicated unless you wish..

I gave my gal the D40 18-135 zoom for Christmas, and she never changed a setting until I did three months later. She takes great pictures..

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I borrowed a friend's Canon S3is for an extended period, I came to the conclusion that while it was great within certain parameters, it's performance could be greatly compromised outside of those parameters. It needed good light or within flash range, and it wasn't good with action/moving target. High ISO degraded the picture rapidly. Its zoom and autofocus were too slow with action shots. The D40 can deal with all this better, but at the same time to get the equvalent range you'd need to add the 70-300vr lens (or at least the 55-200vr)..

Yes, it costs more (especially when you add in $250-$500 for the telephoto lens). Yes, it is more complex. But you can set the camera to auto while you learn the more complex controls - I make it a point to simply learn one new function and apply it when I go out. In the end you'll have a camera that is far more adaptable and able to handle a broader range of conditions. You'll also get more bulk and expense. You're the final judge of whether it is worth it to you or not, but I knew that even if I had to just get the basic D40 with kit lens, I'd be better off in the long run..

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Thanks for the information, do you think that the package that costco sells is a good deal?.

It has the 18-55mm lens and 55-200mm lens for $600..


Also do you think that the megapixels being only 6mp compared to a camera that has 8 or 10mp will have a big difference? I am not going to print any of these in poster sizes or anthing..


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Sony DSC-H50. It takes excellent photos..

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Check out some of mine..



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If you are comparing a DSLR to a Superzoom fixed lens camera, think a bit about the size of the telephoto lens that you would have to mount on the DSLR to achieve the same magnification or, if you prefer, field of view that a 10x Superzoom is capable of providing. The larger sensor requires a much larger lens to produce the same effect; much, much larger for a "full frame" DSLR. The 18-135mm lens suggested for the D-40 would be the equivalent of something in the neighborhood of a 200mm lens in terms of a 35mm reference. But Superzoom cameras spec out at 280mm to something like 400mm (again, 35mm equiv) at f/5.0 aperture. So you should be looking at substantially bigger, and more expensive, lenses for the D-40, if you really need this reach..

A larger camera is not just more awkward to carry, it is also more conspicuous. You may find that there are certain venues that you will simply not be allowed to enter carrying a DSLR with a long telephoto lens..

Regards, John..

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From the compact land (non-DSLR's), i'd say to take a look at the:Canon S5Sony H9Fuji S100fsPanasonic FZ-50.

From the DSLR land:Nikon's D40 + lensesOr, and I think this might just be the one for you:Olympus E-510 (It's prices have dropped lately) with double kit:.

It's a DSLR (fast, great IQ), It covers 28-300 mm as kit, it's smaller than most DSLR's and it's got Live View and Optical Stabilization!..

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Dabruins07 wrote:.

Thanks for the information, do you think that the package that costcosells is a good deal?.

It has the 18-55mm lens and 55-200mm lens for $600..

Also do you think that the megapixels being only 6mp compared to acamera that has 8 or 10mp will have a big difference? I am not goingto print any of these in poster sizes or anthing..


That's a great deal with the 55-200vr lens. Both lenses are very sharp..

There are some advantages of that 6 megapixel sensor and some disadvantages. Of the advantages, it has great low light capabilities and good dynamic range. Of the disadvantages, you can't blow it up as far or crop it as much. Will you see much in real life? No. That little 6mp camera produces great results. I think it outperfoms many 10 mp sensors...



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What do you think about this setup below from costco?>.


It is the Nikon D40 with the 18-55mm lens and the 55-200mm lens with the VR lens. I have seen a lot of sites selling the same kit with the 55-200 lens that does not have tthe VR for about $50 cheaper..

Is the VR lens alot better? Also, I feel really comfortable buying anything from Costco, since they are a great company and usually it is easy to exchange if there are any problems..

Do you think the Nikon D40 would be the better route than the Canon S5 or Nikon P80?..

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Nice set-up, and rather cheap..

VR lenses mean they have optical stabilization (equivalent to Canon's IS for example)..

If you get the chance to handle a D40 would be very nice, to see if you can get along with it. A DSLR + 28-300 mm covering lenses is a big thing to handle. Though most superzooms are also big nowdays!..

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