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Dave got his hands on prototype of the Nikon D2H Pro SLR. Check out his analysis of the sample photos taken with this SLR! 12/18/03 UPDATE: Full review posted, with sample images from a production camera at:

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Apologies for any confusion this forum might have caused. Here is the statement by Dave currently found were the sample images page is located: "While I and the other journalists attending Nikon's "Gravity Games" event were told that the cameras we were shooting with were "very close" to final production, I have since been informed that they were in fact much earlier-stage prototypes than we were initially told. Accordingly, Nikon has asked that I remove the images previously posted here until such time as final production-level units are available to test. Apologies for the confusion over this, it appears that Nikon US was as much surprised by this as all of us are. - Dave Etchells"..

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FULL REVIEW POSTED, WITH SAMPLE IMAGES FROM A PRODUCTION CAMERA. Yeah, a bit of a sore point there, Claude. - I pulled the images because there's no percentage for anyone in having sample images out there that don't reflect what a camera is capable of doing, and it sounded like what I'd posted fell into that category. Despite having been told before the event that we'd be working with "almost" final, it later became apparent that they weren't. - Or were they? Now that I've had hands-on with a *true* production model, I'm not so sure that my original shots with the prototype were all that far off the mark. (Ahem) The D2H clearly has some noise issues, although how best to quantify and characterize them may need some discussion, as the standard numeric measurements everyone uses to characterize image noise don't correlate at all well with how the noise *looks* when you compare images from the D2H and the EOS-1D.

- See the review at, particularly the "Test Results" pages at the end of it. - Dave E...

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Not impressed with D2h image quality - anyone want to buy a D2h that is just two weeks old??..

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I would contact you privately if I knew how to. Thanks. Albert..

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I have recently purchased a D2H and have thus far been very disappointed with the skin tones it renders. Both on my computer screen and in my prints the faces have a very waxy, magentaish hue. I have tried hue and tonal adjustments in the camera, with very limited improvement. None of the reviews I have read addresses this issue-how does the rest of the world get around this problem?..

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Albert - I'd love to buy your D2H, have cash waiting!! - can you email me and let me know your asking price? Hope to hear from you soon, Tash J..

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If you are not really satisfied with the images taken with your camera, you could maybe try a software which would enable you to get better results (i.e. SilverFast DCPro - good image quality and handling - or CaptureOne - good but a bit expensive). Thomas..

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I was disapointed with the initial results because I had come from a Nikon 990 which had boosted saturation. I had the same problem at first but with a little post production in Capture it was easily fixed. I shoot in raw and find it is the best way to do it and adjust it all after. Photoshop helps a little too...

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I'm in the market for a digital camera and have read up on the Nikon D1X and D2H - which do you think are the best of the 2 cameras and why?.


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This is only my opinion from what I've pieced together from info on the web. I think to D2h is a better choice. It has an improved sensor and even though it's only 4MP it can produce great 8x10's that rival film. It is very fast if you like to shoot sports. It also has an improved metering system. I use mine for indoor studio work and so far Iv'e been very happy with the results there.

I can say these things because I own one and what I say about the D1x is from what I've heard and not from any experience of owning one. It's suppose to be inferior to the D2h in color saturation and general picture quality. Beyond that I don't have any other reasons to not get a D1x. To be honest I've also heard many people rave about the D1x. Go to Steve's Digicam site and read what he has to say about both.

See where you fit with either one by deciding what you want to use it for. Here's the URL to his site. Also go to dpreview for test results too.

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There is a marvellous website which helps you compare cameras, as it takes photos with most of the current cameras, and shows the results, comparing them side by side. You can see what the camera produces, and are able to make a very informed choice. It is the site, and can save us making some very expensive wrong choices. I was very interested in some of the comments on this page, and hope that you will find the site of help and interest. The reviews dont pull punches if they think that a camera has a fault, but tell it like it is. Hope you find it of interest. I used to work as a professional photographer, and worked for Jessops, a big camera retailer from Leicester, England, and find the site just the best I have come accross Hope I dont offend Imaging Resource by this message Adrian..

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I have a D2h, and I tell you what, my flesh tones are perfect. You have to remember to, the way your camera is setup and your whitebalance, hues and what kind of lense you guys are using I'm shooting sports with a 400mm Vr 4.0 lense and in day time use only.. the pictures come out beautiful.. I had a canon 1d and sold it.. that I was not happy with at all for the amount of money I paid for but when I saw the d2h and tested it with the lense I wanted it was amazing...

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