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I am wondering.. is this "User Report" the final review on the D200?.

Considering the recent clarification the the term "Review" does this constitute one? Anyway.. I am just eager to see the "usual" extensive review where I can compare images to other cameras. all the best...

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Dave does mention the D200 will have a full review at the bottom of the D200 User Report page. He writes: We'll have our usual in-depth review with detailed image analysis posted eventually, but the early results show that Nikon has come up with another real winner. Maxx..

Comment #2

I have the D200 and I will tell You now that the final photographs from the D100 & D200 are actually excellent at a 13" by 19" print. I don't see any diffrence in the final output of either camera in RAW or fine JPG in good lighting exposures. I have both cameras so I did compare.

   The great diffrence is I can shoot 22 Raw image's with the D200 compared to only 3 or 4 with the D100.

   The D200 has less noise at 1000 ISO (when shooting in very low light).

   The D200 has automatic ISO so you can set it and forget it. (perfect for weddings & receptions) excellent usable feature.

  I like them both but with the Auto ISO the D200 is a perfect wedding camera now. Attachments:.

D200 for card.jpg..

Comment #3

I just recently bought a d200 I have never really taken pic on this level I almost bought the d70 but I'm the kinda gut that does not like to have to buy bigger latter id rather spend a little more now than alot more latter but I worried that I will not no how to set each shot from what I understand is it has no auto features can anybody reply I ordered the camera from online and dont have it yet will get it in three day I hope I did not buy to big to fast...

Comment #4

Catmandiesel, You are correct that there is no full Auto mode, or any scene modes on the D200. There is however Program Exposure mode, where the camera picks the aperture and shutter speed for you. I believe you will still need to manually release the flash if there isn't enough light (in Auto mode, the D70s/D70/D50 would pop the flash for you). Give it a try. You may be intimidated at first, but not having scene and full auto modes will help you learn photography better. I'm sure you will be able to sell your D200 without much or any loss if you decide it's too much camera for you.

Good lenses last decades or more, but bodies tend to be upgraded every few years, as advances in speed, features, image quality, etc., continue to be made. Maxx..

Comment #5

Thank Maxx.

The camera will be here on the 21 of this month an I am eager to give it a try. If there are any pointers you can give Feel free to post them. I am always open to ideas.



Comment #6

There is an online video posted on that discusses how to set the Auto Exposure and Auto Focus lock on the Nikon D200. I find it informative, you should check it out! Here's the link: Allie..

Comment #7

Does anyone know when the Camera Image Compare Link on this site will be updated with the images for the Nikon D200 ??? I wish to use this feature to compare the Nikon D200 images with the Canon 30D images. Thanks!..

Comment #8

After I purchased a D70S last summer, Nikon introduced the D200 to the public in December. Getting the chance to handle one before purchase was like collecting hens teeth...My local camera store would sell every one that came in, and there was a massive waiting list. After putting my name on the waiting list, I finally lucked out at the end of April. Was I glad!! The camera is all that it's cracked up to be and then some. I purchased the optional battery pack with the camera body, and with this set up, it's difficult to tell the D200 from the more expensive D2X. I was impressed with the D70S when it came out, and I enjoyed many hours of use with it.

If you're a Nikon digital fan, then the D200 will satisfy your digital itch sufficiently. However, even though it's not a difficult camera to get aquainted with, I believe the D70S or a D50 would be a better choice for those just breaking into the DSLR field from film. This is without a doubt a Pro class camera, and I look for sales of the D2X to fall because of it. Nikon has already started offering a $500 rebate on the D2X, which may indicate the publics reaction to this new piece. You just can't hardly find a D200 available...This should tell you something..

All I can say, it is worth the, it's not the best thing since sliced bread, but in comparison to what's on the market at this point in time, it is a great buy and will serve even the most picky among us...

Comment #9

Lucy, When the full review of the D200 is posted, I assume. In the meantime, you can view the available D200 and 30D images here:

Http:// Maxx..

Comment #10

Greetings, I am new to this discussion group so I hope my message is appropriate. I am in search of my first DSLR and have narrowed my selection to the Canon d30 and the Nikon d200. I have been shooting with a Canon eos since the early 80s and toyed with digi point and shoots over the past two years. I am looking for a quality camera that I can use for wildlife photography, landscape photography and pictures of my son. I dont want to make the mistake of under buying, regretting and needing to upgrade to a new camera in a few years. I also don't want to over buy a camera that leads to frustration when I use it.

This is a very big investment for me. Thanks!!!!!!!..

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Carla, See my post to catmandiesel above. The D200 has no full auto or scene modes. It's a near pro model. Your Canon EOS film SLR probably didn't have a full auto or scene modes either. It may make more sense for you to get the 30D, as it does. Do you have any Canon lenses you could use on the 30D? Maxx..

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Hi Maxx, Thanks for your speedy reply. I don't shoot on full auto very often but it is nice now and then when my husband picks up the camera. I have two Canon lenses - one is a canon 100-300 and the second is a tamaron 24-70. I am not "lens rich" so this is the time to change to Nikon if it make sense. It is hard to compare the Canon to Nikon - it seems that folks are partial to one or the other and do not neccesarily compare equally. I think an appealing factor of the D200 is that I won't grow out it.

The truth is - I never thought I would even consider Nikon but I am now. How much of a difference will I see between an 6 megapix to 10 megapix? Thanks, Carla..

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