Nikon D1X
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Well, all I can say is the damn thing is excellent!..

Comment #1

I own a D-30 and I've been concerned that reading the (various) reviews might cost me a lot of money. There's a tremedous amount of information 'out there' now, but not enough to pry the D-30 from my fingers. Mostly, I like to analyze pictures. So far, the 'Restaurant' pic on Steve's site has been my focus. It has a lot of shadows and complex shadings. The D1-X is a superlative camera.

BUT... I frankly question whether it is visibly better than the D-30 on an 8 by 10, or enough better on an 11 by 14. I'm comparing jpegs to jpegs. The use of raw files might prove significant, especially with the anamoly of the pixels. I'm almost shocked at how well the Dimage does, given the tiny sensor, but leave that aside.

It should be 6MP, and based on the (low noise) CMOS sensor. The CMOS is a less expensive technology. They've paid down the development costs with the D-30. What size will the sensor be, relative to full frame? Can they get in the 4's, k-wise? Nikon has opened up a small lead coming around the final turn. The Mystery Horse will need to show something down the stretch.

I think there is more to this than the sensor and a picture file. Still, it ain't over til that heavy woman enchants us with her musical stylings... George Sears..

Comment #2

How soon do you think they will come up with another upgrade; i.e., more megapixels?..

Comment #3

I think before you get blown away , take a look at the price.If you can afford a price for this , then I say buy it cause the photos are great.I think there will be one equivalent affordable someday The 995 and this one would be fun to compare but I think the d1-x would make it look lame or they would not have come out with it...

Comment #4

The great thing about the Internet is that you can download the pictures, print them out, and compare them. You can find pictures, directly from the cameras, that are similar to what you might take. I think it would be an interesting experiment to make 8 by 10 and 11 by 14's of the 995 versus D1-x, or whatever, and ask people 'on the street' which are 'better'. In some ways, the 995 takes 'better' pictures because it requires more processing. So the manufacturer makes some judgments about how to fix the problems, and generally these guys are extremely bright about how to do it. The 'pro' cameras are relatively low noise, the pix aren't sharpened, leveled, peaked for contrast or saturation, etc.

The 995 has a lot of pixels, but the pixels are small. It generates noise and the color is less accurate. It's a lot less apparent than it used to be, but you notice it in fine texture and in shadows. If you want pictures directly from the camera (up to 8 by 10), you will likely find the 995 does a "better" job, but IT is deciding how to adjust the picture. Consider the weight and durability, the lens choices, the duty cycles, and the profit per camera, beyond the picture..

Comment #5

I read somewhere over the net that they will produce the 11mega CCd next year in 2002 and I think 15 to 18 months from now, they should be able to do the D-1X upgrade, or may be a D-2 !..

Comment #6

Hello there, I'm a beginner at the Digital field. I was wondering how does this camera and others compare to top of the line SLR Cameras. How do they compare also in the end result - the photograph/printHow big can you blow them up compared to the films ones. What is the equivalent in pixels to the current SLR top of the line resolution cameras. Thanks Danny..

Comment #7

I think the best part of D1X as compared to other high end SLR is it's amazingly low noise. This combined with the 80-400 VR lens ( a 600 lens on D1X )I can shoot very sharp photos with the lens all zoomed out with hand hold and under pretty low light condition. At ISO 400 there is virtually no noise at all. At 800 there is a bit of noise which is not really notisable on a 8*11 print.Even at 1600 the noise level is acceptable.This allows me a lot of freedom in the field and greatly enhanced my flexiblity and creativity having done away with the tethering of a heavy tripod.

The second best part of D1X is it's color fidelity. With well set EV and color balance the colors of the photo are so true that it is unbelivable.

The D1X is the first digital camera that truly convinces me that the day of film is over. Now that it can gives comparable results to the best film camera (135 )the fexiblity that it allows in iso and color balance far outweights it disadvantages in weight and lower dynamic range. Now my Contax N1 is collecting dust...

Comment #8

I have owned a D1x now for 4 months. It is nothing short of awesome.

You can tell the difference between the 995 and the D1x on an 8 x 10,.

Or comparing off of the same compact flash card. The resolution.

And colors from the D1x are superior. Go to a Nikon dealer and use your flash card in both cameras. Use it in the D30 too. Look at it on their computer or yours. Magnify it and you will see a significant.

Difference. If you can get a D1x/D1h, you won't use film any more.

See pictures from Moose Peterson, or Rob Galbraiths web site...

Comment #9

I've had my D1X for almost a month and am very impressed with it's performance vs. film. I'm a "serious amateur," and for my purposes the D1X is a great substitute for film. One area where film holds the edge is for scenes with lots of highlights, such as sun reflecting off of water. The D1X tends to blow out the highlights in scenes like this, but I'm hoping that with practice I'll learn to compensate. The SB-28X (flash) is a little disappointing.

The N90S/SB-26 combo takes very natural-looking flash photos, especially when shooting portraits, but the results from the D1X/SB-28X look more like those from a cheap snapshot camera. I'm hoping it's just a simple setting I'm missing... it takes a while to learn how to use this camera properly. Otherwise, you can't beat the D1X for it's ruggedness, features, and "instant gratification" factor. I'm a longtime Nikon 35mm SLR user, and this really is my dream camera...

Comment #10

IF U HAVE THE TIME PLEASE CALL ME AT 732 264 7823 ANY NITE AROUND 9PM ( COLLECT IS OK) or email your # I have 3000 minutes after nine on my cell phone. would like to talk to real owner, am about to take the plunge. many thanks jim atkins..

Comment #11

I intended to by D1x when my collegue told that his pictures came up with dots (blue round ones),this occured when he used aperture 11 and smaller. I have talked to a big dealer in Gothenburg who confirms that the problem exists. He also told that nikon Sweden could`t give an explanation to the problem.

Any D1x-owner who has experienced or heard about this phenomen?..

Comment #12

Is there any way to take a multiple exposure with a Nikon D1X?..

Comment #13

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