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Do the new Nikons, or any higher resolution digital cameras, provide for a vocal description of each or any shots which can be attached to the shot. (e.g. Location, subject or anything else of interest)? Also, if they do, how much time can be allocated to a shot? (Is this a limit of memory or a built-in restriction)? Thank you..

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According to the Nikon website, the D100 can record and play voice memos. They don't say how much space is available for it though. Hope this helps...

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I think, you forgot to mention the size of the CCD sensor in the review (or focal length multiplication factor) in this review...

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Eugene - The focal length multiplier on the D100 is 1.5x. Thanks for the note, I'll add that to the review!..

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Which lens would you recommend with the D100 if I want a really quick autofocus lens with at least 5x zoom? That would suit shooting sports etc... And not TOO expensive. Thankful for any expert-advice!..

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Sorry but there are no free lunches, ever, in photography. Nikon brand name lenses are more durable. Zoom lenses are less durable than fixed; accuracy deteriorates with use. Bigger zoom ranges, more so. Faster (lens speed) and quicker focusing lenses cost much more. Etc, etc. Decide what you need to shoot and work back from there..

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What do you guys think, when this is compared to the Stigma SD9, and it's Foveon X3 sensor? Do you feel that the future will be placed in a more traditional sensor, or will the entire market switch to the new Foveon style, thus making the Nikon more or less obsolete, or at least dated, within a short time. Would appreciate any responses...

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Nikon 80-200 f/2.8D ED (not AFS) very quick focus - at least on D1 series(almost as fast as AFS but hundreds of dollars less).

F/2.8 fast lens for shooting action.

200mm x 1.5 equiv picture area of 300 35mm film camera.

$800-$1000 (fairly cheap for what you get)..

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Sigma/foveon? who cares. the current technology works great in the right hands - and will continue to work well for years to come. (already beats film at high ISOs) as far as i'm concerned the foveon stuff for SLR's is vaporware / marketing hype...

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Have Nikon N90S, 17-35 2.8, 28-70 2.8, 80-200 2.8 (all AFS).

Want to purchase D100 and printer, what printer?.

Epson, Cannon, other?.

I like large prints, but will a 24" be too much, will I be able to get a sharp print at this width?.


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Re adding voice messages. I have read in the specs that you can do this but only with the optional battery pack. I hope this helps. Regards.

Carol Darby..

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Bob, to get an idea of printer prices, you might want to check Epson's website. Their cheapest 24" photo printer is listed at $2,995. For $499, you can get a 1280 model that can handle up to 13X19 prints. I own it's predecessor, the 1270, and am quite happy with it. It's good enough for a demanding amateur. When I show prints to friends, they can't tell they are from a digicam.

Try asking that question at the message boards, in the Nikon or Pro section. There is a guy called Andy Baird who can probably answer your question...

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Gerhard That is the problem, the big jump at 13".

My other major problem is that I live in the boonies, The only Nikon Pro dealer in town has to special order Nikon filters and acces. There is no chance localy to try or test any thing beyond Circuit City fare. I'm Hoping that someone has already fought this battle and I can be guided by there knowledge. I will try the boards you suggested and I thank you for your time and effort. Thanks again,.


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This solution gives spot, centerweight and matrix metering (not 3D) with or without flash, with any lens with a Nikon F-mount on the D100. It is perfectly possible to manually set the same information as the camera get from the lens-CPU (max/min aperture etc.) on a D100 via the "shooting menu settings" for any non-CPU lens. You also have to set the lens at the smallest aperture and control the aperture from the D100 command dial (the aperture would then be transferred to the lens via the mechanical lever at the moment of the shot). If you change lens to any other non-CPU lens, you have to change the settings manually, but the camera could easily detect any change of lens to any new CPU-lens and set the data accordingly. This solution does work, which has been confirmed with Rolland Elliot, who upgrade old non-CPU lenses to work with the exposure meter in the new Nikon-bodies (F80, D100 etc). It would of course require a firmware update, but would certainly open up another huge piece of the market for Nikon, not to mention how many old and faithful Nikon-customers like me, with a lot of excellent old glass, it would make happy.

And manual focus is still working fine! To Nikon: There is a h.. of a lot of value in Goodwill. And if the old lenses are made obsolete - I may as well change to Canon any minute. Finally. If Nikon wont do the firmware upgrade, maybe some hacker will&&...

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Congratulations on a great review. I have a Nikon F100 and the Photosecretary II to get exposure information and lens used. I presume the D100 does not record this information with the actual image, but thought I would ask...

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I'm looking at the D100 to replace my little Oly2100UZ; my chief complaint is speed; one of my subjects is rhythmic gymnasts (no light; dark gyms; no flash); I use an N90 w/Ilford b/w 3200 (shoot anywhere from 200 ISO to 2000 ISO); my biggest concern is write speed; how fast will this camera be; how will it compare to the D1H and Canon D1 (I don't want the D 1H because sports is only a small part of what I do!) Thanks..

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