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The Coolpix S4 does not seem to be a very good camera, given shot to shot times of 2.4 s, the resolution of 1200 lines (same as some 4 MP cameras) and the noise. The decision to make it a Dave's pick seems quite generous...

Comment #1

My experience is this camera is pretty aweful. I can only guess the reviewer didn't actually try the camera in real world conditions but only basically in the *lab* under controlled conditions for the purpose of perfect comparision. Unforutnately, in the real world the camera is basically unusable. My impressions are here..

Comment #2

Great camera! x10 zoom in your pocket at 7 ounces! This should have been called James Bond's Spy x10 Zoom camera! Now this camera is not a boring x3 zoom camera. If you want a foolproof camera this is not the one. This camera will take a sharp picture of a person 1 block away! A zoom of x10 is only found in other cameras that weigh 2 or 3 times and have 3 to 5 times the bulk! This camera you can stuff into a cigarette case sized pouch, put it on your belt and carry a x10 zoom! Now when you have a x10 zoom it feels different than a x3 zoom! (It is like the difference between going 60 miles per hour and 180 miles per hour on the highway...get it? You car won't behave the same.) In a camera world full of boring x3 zooms (equivalent to eyesight), here is this "telescope." The advantage is that you can frame the shot you want from any distance. With a x10 zoom you will have to play a bit with the controls. Indoors it has average sensitivity. (I have a Fuji x3 zoom for ISO 800 or 1600 indoors.) But outdoors the S4 will take great pictures.

Practice with it. Indoors shoot with flash and you get great pictures. If you want no flash indoors, you will have to set the ISO to 400. Improvements Nikon should make in the future: 1) easier to read LCD in sunlight. 2) IS.

3) Higher ISO 800 indoors. 4) Small viewfinder. With these changes this camera will be unbeatable. This camera is a lot of fun. Join us at 180 mph!..

Comment #3

A Fantastic Camera! What a joy to compose and setup a photograph with both eyes open looking at a large bright 2.5 inch monitor. You can see the whole image at a comfortable viewing distance and get the design elements just right. With the 10x zoom, and the Swivel Lens it's like a pocket size view camera. Nothing can compare with it in film or digital cameras. With the zoom lens I can crop to the subject, and the swivel lens lets me get the perfect angle that I want. Focus up to 2" from that Torta and make it look great.

With some flood lights I earn a good living with this camera using it for commercial and product photography.

I make Menus for Restaurants with this camera and you can see some of the photos at promenus-dot-com. I ordered a 256 memory card, and a Pop-Up Shade Stick-On for 2.5" LCD Screens from Buy-dot-com. If your serious about your photography this is a must have camera, it can take photos that will make you a real photographer. Attachments:.


Comment #4

My parents purchased this camera as a Holiday gift. When programming, my stepfather accidentally hit the "german" language button rather than the "english" button. Can anyone tell me how to switch it back to english? Thank you! Please email me direct...

Comment #5

I really like the S4 form factor, with big LCD and swivelling lens. But the long zoom (without image stabilisation) is (pretty much) wasted and the sensor is very small. Nikon could build a similar body, with a large sensor and "only" a 5x zoom which would be about the same size but -in my opinion- much better!.

For more advanced users it should also provide control over settings. How about it Nikon!..

Comment #6

Hi Gregg. Since I (too) have a Nikon S4, and becuase I have been using it for a while, I must say that yo should try and experiment with your settings. I felt the photo quality quite unsatisfactory, initially, too. But, after using it for so many photos, I have got the hang of it. I could send you some amazing photos across, that I have taken with the S4. U should use the 'sports' shoting mode whenever your outside, and use a flash whenever ur're inside.

I am sure once you get the hang of it (too), you will agree that it is probably the best 6 mega-pixel non-slr around. Regards SANVEER..

Comment #7

Oligomer: Dave writes: __ oligomer The Coolpix S4 does not seem to be a very good camera, given shot to shot times of 2.4 s, the resolution of 1200 lines (same as some 4 MP cameras) and the noise. The decision to make it a Dave's pick seems quite generous. Hi Oligomer -.

Apologies for the *slow* response, the fall/holiday review crunch was way worse this year than ever before, I got *way* behind on my forum responses. Other than naming some cameras as Dave's Picks, I don't further discriminate between the models that make the cut. I'd probably rank the S4 towards the lower end of the pile of Dave's Picks models for the reasons you mention, but it won a position there for delivering a decent 10x zoom lens in such a small package, for the convenience of it's swivel body, for generally good-looking photos, for exceptional macro ability, and for a nice range of features. So much depends on what each reader personally wants in a camera, which is a reason I've refused to assign "star ratings" to cameras (although the constant requests by readers to do so may yet see me weaken in this respect). If you don't need a 10x zoom, don't care for swivel bodies, or don't care about the S4's other features, it's quite likely that another camera (possibly one with fewer megapixels) would be a better choice for you. Dave __ Hope this helps. Forum Admin..

Comment #8

If only the S4 had image stabilization (or in Nikonspeak, "Vibration Reduction") I'd buy one in a heartbeat. But an unstabilized 10x zoom in a compact, lightweight camera seems like either a recipe for disaster (if used at the long end) or a big waste (if not). I agree with AT, Nikon should have limited the zoom to 5x if they weren't going to provide stabilization...

Comment #9


I was wondering between Nikon Coolpix7900 & Nikon S4.

S4: 10x Optical Zoom, swivel, no optical view finder & &.

7900: 7megapixel, great quality & great photos. Long Battery Life & &.


& both have same Price! Could you please let me now which one is better to buy? nvd..

Comment #10

Does the camera balk when you try to fire the shutter?.

Is the camera friendly to manual f/stop & shutter speed?.

Does the camera balk when you try to fire the shutter?.

Is the battery compartment prone to busting the door from the battery weight?.

Does the camera balk when you try to fire the shutter? The second and fourth questions are optional. The form factor I absolutely loved. If it doesn't shoot when I say shoot, somebody else gets to buy the camera. Sorry.

Had previous model, loved it, didn't love me.-Ed..

Comment #11

Jennifer,i will get an s4 next week so I will see the menu and I speak german, french, english an spanish so if you still need help let me know just in case you havent found the right language yet.


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