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I recently bought a Nikon coolpix S1. By mistake I inserted the memory card backwards in the beginning. Later I noticed that the monitor exhibits a grainy texture, especially when there is dim light. Now I am wondering if I might have damaged the camera or if this is a normal feature of the camera due to the big size of the monitor. I have to say that the pictures do not look grainy, only the monitor does. I would appreciate your input!..

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From my experience it normal nothing wrong with your camera..

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Am I correct that exposure compensation works only in automatic (point and shoot) mode? In scene mode (portrait, landscape) it looks like you cannot access the +/- compensation menu. My Coolpix 3100 allows this although it takes 6 or so button pushes.....

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I just bought the S1 a couple of weeks ago and have really enjoyed using it. My question is that while I have shot some interesting video on it, I don't see the movies come up on my computer. My old Olympus digital camera always came up as an icon on my desktop and I moved the pics from it to my iPhoto program. I use a Macintosh computer. If I could see the files on the desktop,I think I could play movies on the computer. Any suggestions? Thanks, T..

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I have been using my Coolpix S1 for about six months now and apart from the limited flash coverage, it has given excellent results. Now the S3 is available with 6 megapixels, would there be a tangible improvement in image quality over the 5 megapixel S1? Any input much appreciated. Bruce..

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Hi, can any of you guys advice me abt the nikon s1 coz I m wanting to buy one soon, so plzz give me your review. thnx.


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I have bought the Coolpix S1. The results are excellent. but I have lost the instruction manual. Can anybody help me out..........

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Now the S3 is available with 6 megapixels, would there be a tangible improvement in image quality over the 5 megapixel S1? Not for that reason, certainly. All else being equal, it is unlikely that you'd ever notice any difference in image quality between 5 megapixels and 6. Most people view their images either on a computer monitor or have 4 x 6 prints madein either case, even 5 megapixels is more than you can actually make use of. If you have 8 x 10 prints made you might be able to see some very small difference if you examined the prints very carefully, but I wouldn't bet on it. There might be some other advantage the S3 would have for you over the S1, but I wouldn't be concerned about having one more megapixel...

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I have bought the Coolpix S1. The results are excellent. but I have lost the instruction manual. Can anybody help me out........ Yep. You can download the user's manual as a PDF file.

Under "Product" select Coolpix Digital Cameras, under "Category" select Manuals and Guides, under "Search Text" enter "s1"and there you are...

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My Nikon Coolpix S1 cannot take pictures of my TV set. Is this normal with the S1?..

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I've had my coolpix s1 since December 2005. On some indoor shots I get white circles on my prints. My camera was sent back and checked over and returned, but I am still getting white circles on some pictures. I was told this was because of the design of the camera flash and lens being so close and there was nothing to do about it. I'm disappointed in the camera. Has anyone else having this problem?..

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Dear Joyce: I finally got fed up enough with these spots to call Nikon after I had half my shots (about 30 out of 60) ruined after a party by little white spots all over the place. Some people have suggested they're dust spots (on the lens or the flash or both) and Nikon suggested over the phone, initially that they may be "hot" pixels. In either case, mine began appearing early on and I got my S1 in July of '05, meaning my warranty has expired. I'm going to arrange to send it in and if it turns out they want anything more than $25 to clean it and send it back, it will be the last Nikon I buy. The camera, aside from the spots, takes nice pictures, but if I can't take shots in relatively dark environments without the camera leaving spots all over the prints, it's useless and needs to be replaced by something made by another company...

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I also got these spots, but they seem to happen when the shutter button is held down firmly. When I press the shutter button partway to focus, and than the rest of the way to take the picture, I don't get the white spots. Therefore this has something to do with the S1's internal routine for focussing and taking flash pictures. The distance from the flash to the lens, the size of the flash, the size of the lens have nothing to do with it. It is in Nikon's best interest to offer a firware update which corrects this problem...

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Good day I just want to ask what causes our nikon coolpix s1 no longer have display every time we open the camera. Though we could still view the pictures stored in it. Our only problem is that there are total darkness with the monitor. Every time we took a picture we couldn't see the person or the things we are taking. We are concluding that we might had touch something that had change it settings and we could no longer undo it. Hope you can help us...

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