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Can anyone tell me if the accesory battery back that fits the 5700 will work on the 8400 or 8800? What about the lenses? Thanks. I have quite a bit invested in the 5700 accesories and need to make a decision...

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Can anyone tell me if built-in 8400 flash (i-TTL) support remote WIRELESS firing of SB 800 Nikon flash AND correct exposure control, same way as D70 built-in flash? Lots of thanks. MA..

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I usually participate in the Olympus Talk forum, but I came over here to find out what kind of impressions you folks had of the 8400. It appears to me to have great potential, although Ill be able to evaluate that better once we have full reviews of production models. I also think the 8400 is very handsome, but Im a little prejudiced: I own an Olympus C-4000 & a C-5060 and I think the 8400 looks a lot like the C-5060. I was tempted by the new, "budget" digital SLRs for a while. (I owned a Canon EOS Elan, which served me very well for many years, but I recently gave it to my daughter, who still prefers film) However, after my experience with the C-5060 this summer, I'm going to continue to watch developments in the all-in-one category before taking the dSLR plunge. I'm very pleased with the C-5060: It delivered great results in Italy & London this past August, and it was extremely convenient to travel with.

It looks a lot like the C-5060 and I expect it handles very much like it as well. In fact, in a side-by-side comparison, the two cameras appear very similar. However, the 8400s 8 megapixel CCD, EVF with 97% accuracy, 5m built-in flash guide number & 24mm wide angle, among other features, make it appear very attractive. Im an architect & planner, so most of my pictures are of buildings - both exteriors and interiors - and open spaces. As a result, the long tele isnt that important to me but the wide angle is, which is why Im interested in the 8400 vs.

I posed this same question on the Olympus Talk forum, and the person to whom I directed the question responded with the opinion that the next step from the C-5060 would, in fact, be a dSLR. Thoughts? The 8400 is a little dear at introduction - $899.00 MSRP  but by summer 2005 itll probably be available for 60  70% of that. Im also waiting to see what Olympus answers the 8400 with although, at first glance, Im a little disappointed by the C-7000. Best, Ed..

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I would like to know the startup time of coolpix 8400, but cannot find this information. for point and shot, the startup time is critical on buying consideration. could anyone know this information?..

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Since the camera can record movie quality VX std ( 329 x 240 15 fps ) with sound and duration only limited by available memory storage, I would like to know how the picture will look on a 53" TV screen. Thanks..

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Go to, there is a previes of the 8400 with a separate page that has all the timings...

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I too was interested in the new 8400 so much so that I took my flash card to my local dealer and asked if it would be ok to 'test drive' the camera , he agreed and we walked out of the store and started shooting , typically at the 24mm range with the resolution set to max and the image quality set to 'fine' all was going well until the battery said it was out of power , that was that , but I did manage to get around a dozen shots on the card, which I promptly downloaded on my PC.

 My first impressions were very good with no visable sign of the 'Dreaded purple fringing' which so many digital cameras display , it was a dull overcast morning and I would have liked to have seen how the camera performed in bright conditions, verticals were fairly straight if the camera was not tilted ,(I like to create dramatic images, and I don't mind if things are not straight) It felt good seeing those wide angle views again (like my SLR) generally I was excited about this camera and the images it produced, it was quick in response and was great to hold. I would probably go for the optional Battery Grip as well, Here in Melbourne Australia we can expect to pay around A$1500 for the camera, for someone who wants the lightness of a point an' shoot with a true 24mm field if view, this may be the answer, of course a full blown digital SLR is great but lugging those around is a pain.I felt it 'delivered the goods' Att:reduced in size to send here. Best Regards.

Anthony Conroy.

.au Attachments:.

Street Scene 24mm.jpg..

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Ed, Since you are a current Olympus owner, check out the Olympus Evolt E-300 dSLR that is coming out in December. It is the first dSLR built from the ground up that deviates from the traditional SLR form. It is a little smaller and lighter than the other dSLRs. It has interchangeable Zuiko digital lenses (also smaller and lighter than 35mm equivalent) and comes packaged with a 14-45mm (28-90mm equivalent) zoom lens. It has a built-in flash (also unique for a dSLR) and still has a hot shoe for attaching an external one. It is an 8MP and, although not official yet, price is rumorred to be under $1,000.

I think I am finally ready to upgrade to something with higher resolution and this one look sweet.


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Anthony, thanks very much for the Street Scene CP 8400 image. It looks pretty impressive to me. Steve, thanks for the Evolt tip. I remember seeing a news blurb about it somewhere, and I just looked at it on the Olympus web site. Ill certainly seriously consider the Evolt when the reviews are available, but I guess Im just spoiled by the C-5060s features and incredible travel convenience. While I was in Italy & London last July I routinely carried only the C-5060, a hard CF case and a spare battery, all in Olympus own, very compact Nylon C-Series Case.

Im attaching a picture I took of the magnificent dome at Basilica San Pietro, Vatican, and a picture of one of the Raphaels in the Vatican Museum, both of which pictures would have been extremely difficult w/o that flexible LCD. Best, Ed Dome, Basilica San Pietro, Vatican One of the Raphaels, Vatican Museum

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Hello, here are some samples from a Nikon CP 8400: and some test shots from a Kodak Q60 at different ISO values: All were down sampled from 5 MB files and had some final sharpening applied. Also, the saturation was bumped a bit. - JG..

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These are beautiful pictures JG. After seeing them I have very few doubts about the 8400's capabilities. I'm enthusiastically awaiting the professional reviews. Thanks for posting. Best, Ed..

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Thanks! Meanwhile I was on a short trip to Marrakech, Morocco. Beautiful light there and some pictures on: Enjoy - Jos..

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