Nikon Coolpix 5700 or Minolta Dimage 7i
I am new to the forum and as an amateur semi-pro heading more now to digital than film SLR I am trying to find out the following: - From the reviews and information - Nikon Cool pix 5700 or Minolta image 7i? Pros & cons / opinions. Background - I currently have a Minolta 800si I/ 28 to 300 zoom, 100 to 400 zoom, 100 macro and standard lenses...

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Well.... if you need to take wildlife pics, I guess 5700 is better (8x zoom).

But if you need fast auto focus, I doubt the speed and response (irritability) of 5700 lens, as far as I experienced with my CP995. the other thing you have to know is that the 5700 comes with an adjustable LCD screen, that's esp useful for taking self-portraits or doing macros. and for the 7i? I think it's even bigger than the 5700? and I find the control a bit clumsy. well.. think about it. ok, talk about medias:.

Smart media (SM).

Pro: thin.

Con: lack of protection (worn out and get scratched VERY easily). and camera makers are switching from SM to CF or SD compact flash (CF).

Pro: cheap. the most common media out of them all. small sixed.

Con: some ppl think that it's still too big. data transfer speed not fast enough for some ppl.. 1Gb type I CF card is already out. typeII microdrive card isn't too expensive either. msmory stick (MS).

Pro: erm, if you have all sony products, it's pretty convenient.. small sized.

Con: lack of support. VERY VERY expensive, up till now. too big, for some ppl, that's why MS duo will be released in july. data transfer speed still too slow (for some ppl) that's why MS v.2 is under research, and v.2 will NOT support v.1. and where is the 256Mb version? they should be out by now!! so rite now, you should get the CF, if you are gonna take lots of pictures. SD and MS will still be competing, but the price won't go as low as CF within a year.

Get the CF...

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I also narrowed my selection down to two candidates Minolta 7i or.

The Coolpix 5700. I really don't know which one too pick, really difficult. So I also would appreciate feedback from more experianced people, since I'm a newbie, except that I have a Fuji MX-2700. Regarding the different Memory types I can say SM not again, I have them with the Fuji, the capacity ends at 128 MB.

And over the time you get errors since the surface is not protected.

At all, also easy to break. MS never in my live, did you know that memory stick for MP3 player won't work in a digital camera ? Due to the magic gate technology.

Thank you Sony, and since only they produce the sticks prices will.

Always be higher than CF. CF is for me the favorite format, capacity is up to 1 GB and there are.

Several producers so price is attractive and the format is fine too. best regards.


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Tks for the feedback, it sounds like the I want to head towards the Nikon 5700.....but......

I do a lot of Indy car racing photography and you mentioned a concern with the speed of the auto focus / lens.

Do you think I will be able to do panning action shots?.

How is the Minolta D7i as far as autofocus / lens speed? Tks again, Gene..

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I have a similar decision to make: Nikon 5700, Dimage 7i or Sony F707...? Today I have a CP995 and I got frustrated by the very slow lens and the not-so-good autofocus system. Yesterday I could try a CP5700 and I'm quite a bit disapointed! The camera body is almost to small - the handling procedure for the right hand is not very good - just not enough beef on the bone... What is more important: the LCD screen on the back is very small - too small for me. And as if this is not enough the brightness of this small screen is too low for outdoor use. The EVF instead of the optical viewfinder is another chapter - not bad, but I'll have to learn to live with it... After my experience with the slow Nikon lens on the CP995 I tried to find a better alternative.

It has an excellent lens (F2.0-F2.4) and a very good autofocussing system (with laser guide) and a reasonable zoom range of 38-190 mm according to SLR. Well - it's not 28 mm as with the D7i. The only real disadvantage besides the larger size is the Memory Stick - only 128 MB available now and more expensive then CF... Ernst..

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I have just bought the Nikon 5700 and the Photo quality is very good, easily big enough for the A3 prints that I sometimes print. I have used Smartmedia and compact flash cameras and would sway towards Compactflash just because I feel it is more durable. I can't say I've noticed any differnece in speeds between the two formats. Also I would say the size of the 5700 is just about right, it sits comnfortably in the hand and is easy to hold steady. The EVF is a good thing in my opinion (on any camera) as it gives more information without you having to keep looking up at the top panel. The LCD is a little smaller than ideal, but is adequate and is one of the best in bright outdoor light that I have used - the swivel design is such a bonus I don't know why more manufacturers don't use it...

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Nikon 5700 autofocus is really slow and will have trouble at telephoto end. It maybe ok at wide angle side. Worst under low light. It is worst than D7 D7i is very fast and always focused at the right point...

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I was told that the CF has the controller in the card while the SM needs the controller in the camera. So if you have to change the controller to get new features then the SM camera could never use it...

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I would recommend the Fugi s1 because it is a manual focus using standard nikon lens. Their about $1400.00+- I tried shooting action shots with an auto focus minolta 3xi and all it would do is try to focus as the cars passed. I just bought a 5700 and like it very much but I expect it to be a failure at the petit lamans in atlanta. By the way the Ritz quantaray 9500 dual flash works very well on the 5700 with the AF module. It costs a lot less the the nikon flash and does the same thing. $130.00...

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John, what has your experience been with your nikon 5700? I am looking into getting a digital cam. I now have a nikon fm of 25 years. I love the high quality pics but would like the quick print of digital, along with the ability to create new prints with the latest software. ( of which I have no experience) Is the definition satisfying to you? What about storage and retrieval? battery life?.

General and specific pros and cons? Thanks for giving me your feedback. Tom...

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