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Thank you for such an in-depth review of the Nikon 5200. The feature that I am most interested in is the auto red eye reduction and that was one feature that wasn't covered in any detail.

In fact Red Eye reduction on these small ultra compact cameras seems to be quite an issue. I have a Sony T1 and the camera's red eye is completely useless. I am looking at the 5200 as a replacement option.

(I have a Nikon D100 for regular use.) I need a small camera for indoor flash photography, dinner parties, night clubs, conferences. Lots of people shots, faces. etc.

After this review I am still not confident that the 5200 is a good choice. Can anyone comment on the auto red eye feature or suggest another camera that does excess for nightime indoor use?..

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I just bought a Nikon Coolpix 5200 and after smoe shots at night and indoor I can notice that the red-eye reduction is always there although I'm not using red-eye reduction flash mode. But then, the eye is not really turned to the original color, however the red-eye has been reduced and you hardly can see the red unless you zoomed in. I have to tell you that the red-eye sometimes failed to work as well and in that situation photo editing using software is necessary. That's all I can tell you for now...

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Is it possible to have coolpix 5200 hooked up to computer while sending images that camera receives through lens? That is, con I take images directly to computer without storing them first? How can I do this?..

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No You cant do this thing with the coolpix series cameras.some of the cannon or kodak (may be one of them)cameras are giving you the option to use your camera as a live view on the computer screen and then take the snap .u can also adjust some the features like WB,Focus ,contrast and others available on the camera while watching the live view screen on your moniter...

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Hi, I've had my 5200 since they came out in May. I am so impressed with every aspect. I carry it every where with me. Can use in any situation. In fact my husband just bought one too for him for his business and he takes really great shots, which I'm really happy.

Here's just a snapshot I took real quick last night of a sunset. Attachments:.


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I recently purchased the 5200 and quite disappointed with the focus. I took a hundred pictures around the house, inside and out, and found that I couldn't rely on the pictures to be sharp. Even when steadying against a doorway, an overall room shot was typically out of focus. An outside shot of my car was also slightly out of focus as were shots of buildings in broad daylight. After exchanging the camera (thinking it was a fluke), the 2nd unit had the same exact problem. I am a veteran photographer (both 4x5 and 35mm) and never, ever had that problem, even with my trusty (but ancient) Sony Mavica.

The Nikon 5200 has a lot going for it in terms of use and convenience, and of course the Nikon name. But if I can't trust it to take sharp pictures, it's not worth much to me.



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I sure am glad I found y'all. I have a horrible Canon. I have dogs and love sitting outdoors for afternoons and evenings on end taking pictures of them, but very rarely do I get any in focus. I thought this Nikon would be the camera for me, but I must have clear pictures, no blurring. Could someone recommend a camera a step above this one that will takes clear pictures? ALSO, whoever it was that posted that sunset picture, it's gorgeous and clear - so I see as with everything, there is a difference of opinion with this camera. Here's a pic I took of one of my dogs yesterday with the Canon.



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Whoppichuck: I forwarded your message to Dave and his response: __ Thank you for such an in-depth review of the Nikon 5200. The feature that I am most interested in is the auto red eye reduction and that was one feature that wasn't covered in any detail. In fact Red Eye reduction on these small ultra compact cameras seems to be quite an issue. We regrettably don't have a good test for redeye reduction. When we played with the 5200, we couldn't seem to get redeye even when the redeye-removal feature was turned off. That's not to say that it never produces redeye though, as I've heard from others that it indeed does.

I'll give some more thought to developing some sort of a redeye test that'll show the problem as well as how effective various schemes are at dealing with it. Dave __ Hope this helps. Forum Admin..

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I just bought a Sony DSCP100 about a month ago, I am going to sell it as I want the middle video recording option 320/240 whatever. I notices that the spec does not mention USB2, is it usb 1.1?..

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I just got the Nikon 5200 as a gift. Boy am I disappointed with it.

I have a Kodak 6340 and it takes clear sharp pictures but with this Nikon 5200 the pictures tend to be grainy. It is not out of focus butthe prints does not look fine. I have set it to the finest mode and the rest in auto mode. I thought with a 5.1 mega pixel it will be better. Can someone out there tell me what I am doing wrong or is it the camera?..

Comment #10

Hi, I just got the Nikon 5200 and is looking for a SD card. I am wondering if a high speed card such as Lexar 32X 1GB SD card or SanDisk 1GB SD card Ultra II is necessary? Is a normal SD card such as Lexar 1GB SD card or SanDisk 1GB SD card sufficient for short movie (640x480, 30fps) and high resolution pictures? I found out that the write speed for Lexar 1GB SD card is only 4.8Mbps(600KB/s). It seems that the SD speed is gonna be the bottleneck. Thanks!..

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Hey garrett, I bought the Nikon 5200 and have no problem with focussing. It's way better that the Sony W1 I gave back. Just be patient and hit the trigger slower, allow some time to properly focus. Here is shot of a kitchen ware, by intention I left the background out of focus but the main object the red stick is pretty sharp. Attachments:.


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Hi merizsa, can you post a sample picture? I've had the Nikon 5200 for a week and really it's a great camera. The LCD could be a bit bigger like 1.8' but other than that with this price range and size (only 155 grams) this is the best you can get. I tried Olympus C60, Canon SC300, Sony W1 - they are not as good. Also look at the LCD to see what part of the photogrphed object it is trying to focus on, maybe this is the reason.


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