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I read the review and there's not much said about the quality of the movie recording for the Coolpix 4800. I know it's only limited by the memory size, but that's about it.

This is my first time buying a digital camera, but I want a long zoom on it and my girlfriend wants to record good quality movies. I do want an easy point and shoot camera with the room to explore into a little of the expert side. I also read the Canon PowerShot S1 IS and i'm battling which one to buy; the Coolpix 4800 or the Canon one??? Anyone out there who can help me??? thanks..

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I dont think buying a camera for it's video quality is a smart idea, it's meant to be a camera but I think that any video taken on a camera is mostly for posting on the web so as long as it is decent, I think it's okay...just my two cents. What I would like to know is when this camera is going to be release (specifically in Canada). I am waiting patiently for it has most qualities that I want (ie. a good zoom and a good macro)...

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Well, the video feature is certainly a plus and something good to have. But thanks for your reply. Jermaine, do you know if the Coolpix 4800 has any image stabilizer for it's long zoom like the Canon one??? It should right? Otherwise, it'll be kinda hard to take a good picture for a beginner...

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Hi Ricky Image stablizer? No it doesnt..funny, niether does it's big brother the 8700. The Canon Powershot S1 does... Is this a common thing?? I guess there's not an ideal camera... I would like it to have aa battery supply instead of the NiHI Battery though, easier and cheaper to use and get.....

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No image stabilizer??? hmmmm...then in long zoom, pictures would be really off, no? but it can't be, otherwise, the review will mention this major flaw. now i'm really confused how this works. yeah, the battery supply is not ideal either. I want it to have AA batteries since they're so cheap and convenient, but oh well...

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Now the question is when will the camera come out.... I think it's a good camera (all around) but maybe good for only the point and shoot types, but if you want more control, maybe we should consider the 8700 (but the price tag makes me weary) have you bought it yet??..

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  I too am thinking about buying the 4800 and this question of a stabilizer for the long zoom is worrying. I wonder if the reviewer was using a tripod when he took his pics? If anyone has knowledge about this issue, a heads up would be great...

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This is to Ricky, Jermaine and Tim, Long winded answer due to all my research and actually working in Silicon Valley and on some of these projects. Bit of history.........first autofocus camera chips were invented by.......Honeywell, not by the Japanese. 1. First off looking at the same camera since my Aunt loved my Canon S50 so much I ended up giving it to her. Took fantastic photos but only 3x optical zoom (forget digital zoom even with 5 megapixels, unless you really need to blow something up you are not going to be using it much) and could only record up to 3 minutes of video. So I am looking likewise for more zoom and video capability since Cameras and Camcorders are reaching technology convergence of features.

2. The camera is out, I saw it or (same company) and Ritz just got it in stock this week AND so did Circuit City. I also looked at the new Fuji 5100 since the sales person (who is a Nikon nut) recommended that as well based on some of the features I was looking at. This camera also just came out and is the same price, has a 10x zoom and has full VGA @ 30fps which is TV video (640x480 frames) some new cameras are now as high as SVGA or 720+x480. AT 30fps you are now watching the equivalent of DVD or VHS tapes on your TV.

If you find one with the higher SVGA you are now at mini-cam frame rates. So I think you can have your cake and eat it too. The Canon 3. Image stabilization, MOST CAMERA'S, even the digital SRL's don't have this feature yet, the Canon does but many of the Canon's don't which I don't understand why, since it is a great feature. The Panasonics also have them as well as the Nikon 8800.

Unless you are shooting at the absolute maximum of the focal range you should be OK using one of the scene modes or using a mini-tripod. I like the Canon Powershot S1, just wish it had 4 or 5 Megapixels since it has stabilization and full VGA TV Mode and I could use my CF cards I now haveBut other trade-offs. Not as compact as the Nikon is 4. Make sure the camera has AF assist which is even more important in low light. 5.

Also I like going to to read the specs and customer reviews and is another source of material. 6. Couple of my buddies who have shot professionally likewise are Nikon Nuts due to the great Nikor lenses and macro as one of you pointed out, In general Nikon has great lenses that are true to life color. 7. I also like Olympus since they have great lenses but not fond of the proprietary XD format if you want to do photo stich which is very expensive and you can't get in FAT 32 format for those large Flash memories coming out now.

Right now the Flash Memory guys are woking on 12-16 Gig Flash cards such as Fujitsu. So if you don't have IBM Microdrive or the FAT32 format in the camera, you may be limited to a MAXIMUM of 1 Gig Flash memory cards. Of course newer cameras will have them down the road. 8. Also may want to take a look at the new Olympus C-70 coming out.

Due out in November. Again you can read about it on this or the other websites I have provided. Gentlemen good luck and let me know if you purchase the Nikon 4800. Regards,.


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Wow! Thanks Mike, a whole lot of stuff to ponder. I have gone to the suggested sites and have done a ton of reading. It helped a lot. I am now waiting to get the 4800 in my hands for the feel. I too liked the Canon s1, that's my other choice. The specs show it as heavier and having a small LCD yet it has stabilization...all a trade off, I suppose. Does Nikon have an official release date for the 4800?.

Thanks again for all the detail....


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Wow, nice looking out, Mike, especially on explaining the stabilizer and the long zoom thing. Thanks for the detailed info and i'll look into the suggestions you offer. Canon S1 IS was my first choice cuz of the stabilizer but it looks a lot bigger than the Nikon 4800, which made me have second thoughts. hmmmm..... Oh well, thanks a lot...

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And Circuit City just got them as well. So they are trickling in to camera stores now. I have to admit for a point & shoot, the 4800 is looking very good. I travel a lot sometimes, including globally to Asia and Europe and I like to Hike/Backpack, so having something smaller and more portable makes a lot of sense to me...

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