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Own a 995, and i'm thinking of upgrading to 1 4500. apart from the resolution, which doesn't make much difference at all, to me, cuz I only print 4R/3R images. (but it might be useful when you need to crop my image).

But here are the reasons I think I should upgrade, being well aware that there're not much differences between 995 and 4500 1. size and weight. I always think that the 995 is wayyyyyyy too bulky. i'll have to grab a 4500 in my hand and compare before I could draw my conclusion.

2. new image processor. oh, talk about speed, i'm not very satisfied with my 995. < that's the whole point.

3. design. this one looks better, and my 995 looks like a monster LOL.

4. bulb exposure.

5. image size altering feature added.

6. supports microdrive officially. 1G of photos will kick so hard!!.

7. panorama feature, which is not included in 995. that's why I had trouble deciding between a canon and a nikon last year.

8. 1/2300 shutter speed.

9. 5-direction joystick, as seen on sony-ericsson T68i mobile phone.

10. much better screen (though it's smaller) but there are some drawbacks.

1. no AE assist lamp!!!!!!!.

2. the viewfinder is just... bad.

3. control panel display "sacraficed" for size hmm... I think i'll really have to think about this cheers,.

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Comment #1

One more thing I love about the new 4500. is the voice recording feature and the movie+sound feature!!..

Comment #2

I really wanted a Canon G2 and I was about ready to buy it, but I held out for the anouncement of the 4500 and I'm so glad I did. The 4500 is really tough competition to the G2 and I can't wait to get my hands on both of them at the same time! By far the most outstanding feature of the 4500 are the 16 scene modes, especially the museum mode. I once borrowed a friend's Canon S110 to go to the MOCA in LA and I accidenly flashed a Piet Mondrian head on...

Comment #3

Coolpix 4500 release dates officially finalized and announced june 20 in japan..

Comment #4

Have a question about the review it says the min macro coverage area ius 51.1x38.4mm????.

And so thr lens should be different from 995's and the the macro perfomance is not as good??..

Comment #5

Erk! That's a Dave-goof of some sort! Not sure how I ended up with such an error on the macro coverage. - My helper may not have had the camera lens in it's best position for macro shooting, or we may have been fooled by an incorrect minimum focusing distance in the draft manual we got. At any rate, it does in fact focus quite a bit closer. I'll retest this when I get a production model to shoot my actual test images with, but meanwhile I did a quickie test today, with the following results. (Excerpted from the corrected review):.

Macro fans will be pleased to learn that the 4500 is every bit a Coolpix in that category: Its minimum macro coverage area is approximately 0.63 x 0.47 inches, or16 x 12 mm. (I'll double-check this number when I shot the actual macro test shots with a production model.).

Thanks for calling my attention to this, apologies for the error!..

Comment #6

First look at the NON-pre-production coolpix 4500 model.

Hongkong version is already out! it's between HKD4600-5000 (USD1=HKD7.75) varies from shop to shop. the official launch should be on the 30th june. oh well... this is hongkong, sometimes we're too fast LOL.

There're a few things I notice about the camera.

1. physical views.

A. 4500 looks a lot more handome than the 995.

B. it's A LOT smaller when you take it in yer hands.

C. the grip was smaller, and hence, less stable for bigger hands?.

D. CF compartment improved.

E. the connection ports (and the plastic cover) looks a lot sturdier than 995's 2. control.

A. the new joystick was easy to use but poorly positioned. i'll have to bend my thumb or move my hand to a lower grip.

B. I miss the dial on top for switching between modes.

C. it tok me a while to get used to the ISO/flash control button at the right above the lens.

D. the information screen on 995 was sacrificed. but it's ok.

E. manuals look a lot nicer.

F. reaction speed increases. it takes less time to switch between photos and to store photos. (i'll talk about the shutter lag later).

G. the 1.5" screen was very sharp and easy to read under direct ilumination, but I think it's a lil too small...

H. I seldom use the optical viewfinder, no time to compare 3. movie and sound recording.

It was as good as sony's, to my personal experience. I also got to play with the sony P9 and compare. 4. white balance and focus.

A. AF is noteceably faster than the 995 (esp under darker conditions).

B. auto white balance works pretty well (at least much better than the 995) indoor, under different lighting.

C. I prefer the manual focus on 995. I wish that the distance could be displayed. 5. lens and shutter lag.

A. I feel that the zooming speed is a lil faster than 995 (i might be wrong).

B. shutter lag is about the same as 995, but I think I place more attention to the fact that the 4500 can process pictures MUCH faster than 995.

C. the lens is LESS noisy than that of 995 6. image quality?.

A. the macro performance is as good as 995 at first sight (*relax*).

B. at ISO200, with noice reduction on, I notice the noise is a lil less than 995's 7. what's still missing.

A. AF assist light!!!!!!! please please please please oh please!!.

B. a faster lens. take a look at carl zeiss'/leica's. OMG i'm so jealous!!.

C. iso 50 fuction just like canon's.

D. nightshot mode just like the sony F707 (that's fancy, I know).

E. better movies. (35 seconds with sound is already not bad, actually. but sony can do much better than that).

F. wider lens. er.... can you squeeze a 28mm?? only have about 15 min to play with the camera at the shop, I have no time nor any instruments to perform detailed and accurate photographic tests. so I might be wrong, k? as a 995 user, I understand the 4500 might not be a vital upgrade. but still, i'm gonna upgrade. and here're my reasons.

1. when I first bught the digital camera, I had always wished that it could take movies with sounds. that's why I have prob choosing between the sony P1 and the 995 at that time. the 4500 fulfills my dream.

2. I don't really care about the resoultion. 3.34Mp is already VERY adequate for me. but what i'm looking for us image quality. lower digital noise, better focus, better lens and better color.

3. I always think that the 995 is too big. now the 4500 is not to big nor too small.

4. the swirvel design kicks so hard!! there're no other brands like this (except the casio ones, unless you think the image quality of casios' are ok...).

5. it's inexpensive. comparing to the price when 995 was launched. now I only have to add HKD2200 (USD284) trade in my coolpix995 and I can exchange for a new coolpix4500!!.

6. microdrive officially supported. 1Gb of pictures will be so cool!! and of course, i'll have to wait for the detail reviews to come out. (stay tuned to imaging resource, dpreview and steves') I might not get the 4500 if the lens is worse than 995's or the digital noise is higher than 995's. in that case, i'll have to look forward to the coolpix45XX next year. it might be a 5.12megapixel. sweet.....

Comment #7

I've already seen coolpix4500 (and 2000 and 5700) on shelves for 5 days. so when will the complete reviews of the 4500 be available?.


Comment #8

I need to know, have Nikon sorted out the autofocus problem in low light conditions? Also are the write speed and start up speeds faster than on previous models? Thanks for a brilliant site, looking forward to the production model review...

Comment #9

There's NO AF assist light on coolpix4500.

But I find theat the lens speed and the autofocus was noticeably faster than 995's. cuz the chip (cpu) has been changed?.

That's how I feel when I tried it at a shop, without timer..

Comment #10

Hi folks - Sorry for the delayed answer, pre-vacation craziness as I get ready to go out the door. Nikon's said that it looks like it'll be the week of 7/8 sometime before we see a production model of any of the new Coolpix units. (4500, 5700, 2000). I'll certainly try to turn the review update asap once one comes in. I'll also try to do some testing of the low light focusing capability, as that seems to be a hot topic these days. - Dave (going out the door)..

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