Nikon 200d vs Canon 20d
Just wondering what people thought of the two cameras? I'm thinking of getting a 20d but I'm also thinking that maybe it's worth spending a bit more on the 200d (I hear the kit lens is much better on the 200D so the price difference would be worth it). Anyway if you have thoughts on such matters, then let me know what you think. Have a great christmas, andy...

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I am interested in the same discussion. I will be buying soon, and want a camera that will give the highest quality prints of about 16" X 20", and the 20D and D200 are close in price. However, I have read that no one should buy the 20D because (though a wonderful camera) is more than a year old and very shortly Canon will have to come up with something as a "D200 killer". The D200 seems to have an edge in many areas. I'm a bit disappointed in the forums and photography websites where people have such a personal agenda toward a Canon product or Nikon product, and would like to get some objective opinions...

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8 megapixels is not enough resolution print 16x20 without seeing the.

Pixels from up close. I've printed images from the 20D up to 25x19.

And they do look nice from a normal viewing distance (3ft about) but.

I wouldn't call this highest quality prints. I mean you will be.

Able to see pixelization from any 8 MP starting at 13x19, that would.

Require a 10 MP camera (D200 maybe? - haven't used one yet). - Itai.

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Thank you for the input. Would the 20D (8 MP) print high quality prints capable of closeup view of 11" X 14"? Do you think that with only 2 more MP (D200), pics 16X20 would be of the quality I seek? 11 X 14 is a pretty good, convenient size, and may be good enough for my purposes, but I hate to buy a camera with that in mind and then decide I require 16 X20. Thank you..

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Ted, Are you printing at home on an inkjet or having them printed professionally? You may be surprised to hear that lower resolution professional continuous-tone prints usually look way better than higher resolution inkjet prints. I saw a 20"x30" print from a 6MP D70s and was astounded by the quality. Professional labs also upsample (or downsample) your image to the native resolution of their printer using very sophisticated resizers that eliminate visible pixels or jaggies. You might want to read more about this at: Maxx..

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Thanks for the info. I'm a long-time very amateur photographer but will be getting far more into it from now on, and will buy a camera this spring, probably a D200. No, I won't be printing at home. When you say professionally, do you mean from places like Pro-Ex or Ritz, or do you refer to some of the high end pro print services I've seen online? I want photographs suitable for framing and selling, but not really large prints as the cost would be too high. That's why I'm settling on 16X20" max size. I'll check out the link. Thanks.....

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After some years of novice photography, I find myself on the brink of an important question, just before investing in lens to any great extent: canon slr digital or nikon slr digital? And, should it be the second best nikon vs. second best canon, or should I mortgage the house and go for the first best, and if so should it be nikon or canon? I am willing to spend the bucks, since this is the main thing that will sustain me as a hobby into my retirement. I am obviously comparing lens options as well as cameras. One Idea I have indulged in is that perhaps Nikon will come out with a big gun to beat the top Canon. (No pun intended). Any thoughts from the other readers? Thanks for any input. David..

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David or Edward: (Which is it?).

Spending the extra bucks for the top models of a camera manufacture will not necessarily ensure you getting better photos. Lenses make the difference. Keep in mind the higher the resolution of the camera will require a sharper lens. People tend to buy more expensive DSLR's, and put cheaper third party lenses on them, thus not realizing the potential of that camera model. Canon is already discounting the 20d, and it is a fine camera. The new Nikon is a great camera also.

The old film body cameras are just the opposite; they stayed the same, the film improved. To sum up my long response: Buy what you can afford, put a good quality (same manufacture) lens on it, and fire away. Good luck.

Keep on shooting!..

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Nikon dude,.

It is edward david, actually. you gave me some sage advice. I have probably over-thought about this very interesting question, but I rather appreciate your experience and knowledge of the digital scene, much greater than mine, and will heed your advice. Thanks. Do you use Nikon or canon digital? David..

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Hi edward david.

My son's name is david.

I shoot digital with a Canon S50 'point n shoot' It can take Compact flash 1 & 11, and supports microdrives. It also features raw. Dont let people kid you, just shoot jpegs most of the time. Raw is handy if you have tricky lighting and such and want to 'post process' it later. Ihave shot Nikon and Canon film cameras. I buy and sell on Ebay.

I am playing the waiting game, as I still shoot a lot of film(am getting into 4 X 5 as well). I have some nice Nikon glass; how it will perform in a high resolution digital SLR is in question. Canon is an innovator and marketing based company, whereas Nikon is all about photography. People prefer Nikon for the way the bodies 'feel' in their hands, and the control layouts. Canon tends to bury things in the menu, such as WB, ISO, etc.

Very subjective it is. Go to a store, handle the two side by side, see which one feels better in hand. Which camera allows you to change things easier? maybe take some memory cards and snap photos? Good luck and let us know how you do! The general consensus seems to be Nikon's D200 triumphs over the 20d. This is kinda like, very good getting beat by very very good! My personal opinion is three areas in general have to be improved in all digital cameras: Battery life, LCD sizes and resolution, and the ability of sensors to handle higher ISO settings and high contrast scenes more like film. Check out Ken Rockwell's site.

Canon, based on their previous market releases, is due for a successor to the 20d very soon! I am waiting on Canon to see what they will do! Decision, decisions... Hope this helps! Forgive my long diatribe!.


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One correction: the 20D is absolutely easy to use. All changes of 'film' speed, white balnce, exposure compensatio etc. can rapidly be changed by pressing one button and selecting the desired setting with the turn of a dial. And the menue with the more complicated settings is invoked by pressing one button and it is only one level deep. No sub-menues.

I couldn't think of any easier way of controlling a camera except mind reading..

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Point taken. I offer this:.

D200 has the three 'kings' all on one dial. ISO/ Qual./WB are right together, easily changed. ISO shows up in viewfinder as well. All manufacturers should do this. Why does Canon make MLU so bloody hard. It would just be a few lines of code to make it work with the self timer on the 20d? There is no doubt the 20d takes great photos. Do you know anything about the sensor cleaning function on the 5d? Anyways, peace and happy shooting!.


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