New Years Eve Fireworks recommendations please!
I'm heading out tonight to shoot the NY Eve fireworks and am contemplating the best settings. Here are my options/thoughts:.

-D300 in VIVID mode-Sigma 10-20 (@20mm) else my 18-200mm AF-S VR @~20mm.

-Maybe my 50mm f/1.8??? I will be fairly close to the display (hence the desire to stay a bit wide) and will not have time to change lenses once the show starts-190XPROB tripod + Bogen head and long cable release (VR=off on 18-200)-ISO probably 400?-SS of 1 second at ~f11 to 1/4 sec at f~6-8 for single bursts-Bulb mode and and a higher F for multiple bursts.

Thoughts and recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks!..

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Your going to want a short zoom if you're close enough. Use a tripod, cable release use the view finder frequently to check..

When I shot the FWs last year I was 5 miles off of the Las Vegas Strip, on a hill, using my 1DM2, 70-200 2.8, tripod and timer. (I forgot the release).

Most shots were at 200mm, F4, 5 seconds at ASA 640. I chimped a lot and adjusted down because I was too bright..

Here is a link to one of them. It's a stitch of three..


It took three years (twice a year here they have fireworks) to get that photo..

The other years were just uninspiring. And I know I can do better still..

Jim Bianchihttp://www.thephotoop.comDigital guru in the making...

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What White Balance settings workds best for fireworks (I will be shooting in D300 VIVID mode)?.


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I don't think WB is an issue since the background will be black and the colors will be true regardless but I'd put in on Auto and around f8 or f11 to be safe. Also the shutter speeds should be longer than 1/4 sec to get a full burst, perhaps around 2-4 especially for multiple bursts.See here.........


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WB isn't an issue for me because I shoot in RAW. If using jpg, I'd choose auto WB..

5 to 10 seconds is almost perfect for fireworks becasue it allows a burst to unfold and another burst to also be shot, giving the appearance of more fireworks than there really were during a single frame..

Any longer and I found camera shake becomes visible. (IS lenses would solve this I know).

Jim Bianchihttp://www.thephotoop.comDigital guru in the making...

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First make sure you use a tripod. Take some test shots right away and check them to make sure you have a slow enough shutter speed to caputre the fireworks. Also, make sure you are far enough away to get the blasts from the ground That really makes the fireworks look great!.

Here is a bad example as I was on a boat bouncing around in the water but you can see the shot from the ground up. If you look close, you will see the camera shake .

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Good luck! Fireworks are great to photograph. Please make sure you enjoy them as well. I've found that when I'm shooting fireworks, by the end of the show, I find that I didn't really watch the show as I was screwing around with the camera and it's settings..


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Will type more once I get a chance, but with about 3 minutes to go before the fireworks started I got thrown out of a downtown parking ramp by an absolutely clueless security guard. To long of a story to type now, but I reported the incident to the building manager and he just about fired the security guard. Ended up with 0 fireworks photos as I didn't have time to relocate before they were over. Maybe next year. GRRRRRRRRRRR!..

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There is always 4th of July. If you're not in the US it's a good time to visit.

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