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I put an order in today, I'll be waiting for my fresh start...

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Congratulations on your decision! You will find a lot of support here. Good luck w/ your journey!..

Comment #1

Welcome!! I just started on's to a new healthy life is right :-) glad you're here...

Comment #2

Hi there,.

Welcome on board, it's a great journey to take, enjoy the ride..

Comment #3

Welcome. I'm fairly new too. Started on October 2nd. You will learn a lot here. There's a lot of good people with good information. Just read and absorb!!..

Comment #4

Thanks a bunch everyone, I look forward to our journey together..

Comment #5

Welcome! You made a great decision to start this program and to come here to meet people and find support.

While waiting for your order, I suggest you read the Quick Start Guide (download a copy under "learning" on Don't print it out...they will send you a copy of the guide with your first order. It is important that you really get a good handle on the program and this guide contains everything you need to know to start off right!.

Glad you are here!..

Comment #6

MerryHeart your link didn't go through for some reason....

Try this link. When you get there, over on the left in the third category or so you'll see a list of items for Plan Materials. You'll find the Quick Start Guide there as well as some other links. Hope that helps...

Comment #7

Welcome to the Medifast family! Just keep an open mind. You may not like all the foods at first, but they will grow on you. Fortunately, I liked everything from the get go...

Comment #8

I'm new to Medifast and trying to deal with the initial hunger. Suggestions anyone?..

Comment #9

Thanks, Lin, for posting a working link. I appreciate that!.

Esther, how new are you? If you follow the plan 100%, with no "extras," the hunger and cravings usually go way down by the 4th or 5th day. It takes that long for your body to enter the "fat-burning state.".

In the meantime, there is some very good advice in the Quick Start Guide on page 8. Click on the link above in Lin's post. Hang in there! it WILL get better..


Comment #10

Hello. I'm new to the program. I actaully just got my food today and plan to start tomorrow. I have a question I hope you can help me with. I got seven boxes of bars. I thought you could only have one bar a day.

Please help...

Comment #11

Welcome! The crunch bars (yellow wrapper) can be eaten up to five times a day! It is the Maintenence bars (green wrapper) that you have to limit to one time a day! Hope this helps...

Comment #12

I take it you got the variety pack? Not sure why they send so many. Most people can only handle 1 or 2 a day due to the sugar alcohols. Next time you can order whatever you like. I started with the variety pack as well. Then ordered early to get some other stuff..

You can send some back to exchange them if you want. I think you need to call them first..

I only order about 3 boxes a month now. Good luck, this program works like a charm if you follow it 100%! I never really felt hungry...just a empty feeling. After 3 days, I was fine hunger wise, but was tired for the first week. After that it was energy city. The biggest thing for me was eyeballing my L & G...I was way off! Buy a scale and weight your Lean!! You get a lot more than you think...

Comment #13

Welcome - congratulations on taking that step.. Wishing you much success. Just follow the plan and the lbs will melt away..

Comment #14

Welcome my3labs! After you get over the 72 hour hump, you will agree like the rest of us that this diet is amazing. I have had to watch my weight my whole life and have tried many diets, but none as amazing as this one. I have been on the diet now for two weeks today and down 15.5lbs.

I am feeling less hungry and the diet has become quite easy to deal with. I have also found my favorite Medifast foods too and some I just can't eat (oatmeal...yuck). The chicken noodle soup is amazing! And so is the wild rice and chicken. I am using my new Big Green Egg grill just about every single night. Grilling chicken, bison steaks and hamburgers, and a multitude of different types of fish like grouper, tilapia and catfish. Accompaniments include collard greens from Publix (out of the can).

I love collards! Also, grilled portabella mushrooms with a touch of balsamic and garlic, heaping bowl of salad with fat free dressing. I am beyond full each night after my lean and green meal and my wife loves the fact that I am on this diet because I am cooking for her every night too, albeit a slightly different meal than what I am eating..

I save two of my Medifast "meals" until after dinner. I have my honey mustard pretzels as a snack about two hours after dinner at which time I also make some pudding. I eat the pudding as my final snack about an hour or so later..

Resist the temptation to weigh more than once a week. You don't want to get frustrated if you weigh every day and don't see a drop one day. I guarantee that once a week will blow your mind. It has mine. So, good luck to you. We look forward to seeing your progress!..

Comment #15

I do that too, but it's normally a chocolate bar...then pudding, Coco or Cappuccino...

Comment #16

Hey everyone,.

I am excited to be here! Tomorrow is day 7 of week 1 and I am doing very well. I am amazed at myself. I can't wait to see my weightloss. I have a health coach for additional accountability. I reached a point that with my hectic schedule I just couldn't plan 3 healthy meals a day with snacks. Medifast works well for me.

I am encouraged that this plan may really work for me. I need to lose 80 pounds and am focused on 20 pounds right now..


Comment #17

HI, I just started the program this week as well. I'm having a really hard time cause I find myself hungry about every hour. Five Medifast meals seem to last me only until about 4pm. I usually do a bar, then the oatmeal then two shakes and then another bar. I'm not sure how everyone is able to do it......

Comment #18

Gossip Girl,.

Where is your Lean& Green meal? I find that if I eat oatmeal or eggs in the morning I am full much longer than if I start the day with a shake or bar. A mistake I made the last time I was on Medifast was having a bar or shake as dessert right after my L & G. It's not a problem now but in the first week or so I needed to space out everything by about 2 hours to stay reasonably full..

Good Luck!.


Comment #19

Today was my first day. I chose to have my L&G at lunch time and that helped me get through the day pretty easily. Then for dinner I had one of the soups so it was still kind of like eating a real meal. I also followed their suggestion of eating slow. I spent at least 15 minutes eating all of my medifast meals..


Comment #20

The first week is hard. The intense hunger does subside though. Don't forget the one optional snack you can have: sugar free jello, a sugar free ice pop, 2 dill pickles, a cup of boullion, 3 celery sticks, 3 sugar free mints. Also, drink your water! Also, you're allowed 1 diet soda a day, and sometimes a bubbly beverage holds me over between meals.

For your lean and green, make sure you are measuring out your veggies correctly. I recommend getting a scale because usually people UNDERestimate how much is actually in a serving. Also make sure you are getting in your fat servings for the day. If you follow the plan as written you *will* feel some discomfort and hunger the first week or so....but it *does* lessen, and you will learn tactics for how to curb it and space out your meals in a way that works best for you as you go along...

Comment #21

I do drink at least 32 ounces of water in the car on my way to work. Even as I end week 1 I have had 2 Medifast meals remaining at the end of the day (after work). I feel the urge to eat every 2-3 hours and once I eat the hunger subsides. I put half a diet sunkist soda in my orange shake which adds to the flavor with ice and blend it up real frothy. It provides a big portion to drink and I feel full. I had my lean & green at lunch today instead of dinner.

The soups are tough- still trying to figure out how to make them better. I tried mixing it up the night before but the chicken in the chicken noodle soup was still chewy..


Comment #22

Welcome!! I started a week ago and really like this plan. The first days I was not so sure so hang in there!! I am finding it easier now starting my second week especially because of the forums here! Enjoy the journey!.


Comment #23

Welcome to all the newbies. You have all made an excellent choice. You will be amazed at how this works. Like everyone said, just give it a week to get used to it and then it is much easier..

Good luck and come to the boards often. You will find great tips and encouragement...

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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