How is the first week on Nutrisystem?

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Hello, I am new at nutrisystem, so new that I haven't received the food yet. How did anyone do on there first week? has it been easy?.

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Hi. I just bought Nutrisystem for the first time today too. Good luck to us!!! I went to the doctor today and weighed. I want to lose 53 pounds. 43 be close enough;-) would I really want to hear what people have to say about the first few weeks too. Did you get the basic plan?.

Comment #1

Welcome! I just finished my first week and it was great. I was never hungry, enjoyed the food and lost 5 pounds! Good luck to you!.

Comment #2

I have been on Nutrisystem for 6 days and feel good. I'm adjusting well and you will too. We are all in the same boat. Good Luck..

Comment #3

Great Program!! I have been on it 3 weeks and lost 17.4 pounds. I have not felt this great in years!! Good luck to you..

Comment #4

Hi gooberbird - love your name! I have been on the program 14 days and have lost 10. Very excited! Most of the food has been great and I think you will like it. I find it easiest when I plan ahead for my veggies, fruits etc.....

Comment #5

Hello and welcome!!.

If you are looking for support, advice and information, then you have come to the right place! We have amazing members here, full of encouragement and wisdom! In addition to Newbies, be sure to explore the other forums and features! Through Food Talk and Tips and Nutrisystem Recipes you can gather ideas and suggestions for working the program, and in the General forum you can connect with members who share similar goals and interests! This is where the Search feature may come in handy. Click on Search and then Advanced Search as many topics of interest have already been discussed and feedback shared. If you cant seem to find whatever it is that you are looking for, feel free to start a new thread! Just in case you need a refresher:.

To create a thread:.

-Click the Community tab and then Discussion Boards to view descriptions for the different forums.

-Go to the forum you would like to start your thread in..

-Select the orange New Thread button.

-Type your title, your post, and then hit Submit.

If you need any assistance at all while navigating your way around the site, we are here to help and can be reached via email at , or in the Ask the Mod forum.

Best wishes for happy and healthy weight loss journeys!!.

Comment #6

I've been on it since the 1st and am really enjoying it. I like that I can ask questions on the forums here..

Comment #7

Yes I did, just waiting for the food, I have more weight to lose than you, I would like to lose 90 lbs.

Comment #8

That is great to hear, I am ready to lose some weight, I would like to lose 5 pounds the first week and maybe more if I can.

Comment #9

Thats good to know I dont know what to expect I hope my food comes soon I am so ready to start.

Comment #10

Well today is day one for me! I got all my food yesterday and I am amazed at all I had to pack to eat for breakfast and lunch today! .

I am very excited to start on this journey. I would like to lose 90 -100 lbs! .


Comment #11

So day one is going great so far...just had the red beans, rice and sausage and it was delicious! Had a nice salad with it and I am very full and satisfied!.


Comment #12

Hello - I too am a new member and just ordered my food today, so will wait impatiently for it to arrive. I look forward to all the encouragement I can get from these forums, and I am SO motivated! glad to be here!.

Comment #13

Congrats and welcome both of you! This program is FANTASTIC!! I'm on week 8 and have lost 27 pounds so far and it is so easy!!! Nothing else has worked like this...

Comment #14

Hiyas, .

I'm another newbie, today is my first day with the food. Doing well so far - though it's a LOT of food for me and I'm working to get all the water in..

Can't imagine loosing weight while eating more than I'm used to, but hey, if it works, it works!.

Good luck to you..

Comment #15

Wow Cheryl 27 pounds in 8 weeks! Congrats! I can only hope to do so well! .

Wendy it does seem like a lot of food, for me too, but it is all about eating right - which I can tell you - I was not doing!.

Comment #16

Hi everyone! I am new to Nutrisystem also. This is my 2nd day and things are going great so far. My biggest challenge will be getting in all the vegetables since I don't like vegetables, but I am trying my best to change that. I have 76 pounds to lose. Good luck to us all!.

Comment #17

I just finished my first week and was so nervous to get on the scale this morning but I lost 4.4 pounds and so happy about it! The first 4 days I was still hungry but I was also trying to figure out the program so between that and getting used to much smaller portions it was a bit tough. But day 5 and on was fine and I am not really hungry anymore and plan better. Food has been surprisingly much better than I was expecting reading some of the posts. There will be things you don't care for but so far only have written down 2 things to pass on next order and even those were so terrible. Just have lots of fruits and veggies and yogurts and eggs/egg beaters on hand to keep you focused and interested. Good luck to you!.

Comment #18

My food arrived today so tomorrow will be my first day, I am so excited. I have everything ready for tomorrow hope everything goes well. Hearing everyone say that they lost close to 5 ponds the first week gives me hope. I have tried several diets some did work but got in my bad habits. Will never do that again. Talk to everyone soon.

Comment #19

Hello, I got through my first day and the food is great I am excited to see how much I can lose in a week I will find out next thursday. It's pretty easy so far..

Comment #20

Hi Gooberbird, today is my second day too. So far so good! I too will be weighing myself next Thursday. I am anxious, but excited!.

Comment #21

Well I am finishing up with day 3, things are going good. I feel good and the food is great. I already fill I lost weight, can't see any change yet takes time, I will find out how well I do on thursday morning..

Comment #22

I'm restarting, just ordered my food on thursday will not be here til thursday this week. I have some food that I got off of e-bay so I think I will start tomorrow. I want to lose about 100, need a lot of help. I 've tried every thing but Nutrisystem is what works for in past so I'm back again.I think that planning is the best way to go. I'm going to sat down today and plan the week. Hope it woks..

Comment #23

Hey Fremont - .

We are all new here - so if we stick together we can do it! I live the recipe club - it beng the weekend I just made peach pancakes and they are yummy! Tonite |I ammaking the eggplant rollatinis as I hear the meat loaf and mashed isn't that good...but I fount a recipe on this site fir that and it will be a good way to aff a different veggie!.

My first weigh in is Wed...can can't wait to see how I did. The 1.6 I lost was between when I ordered the program and when it arrived..

Comment #24

I am on day two. I felt weak this morning at church but am feeling better now. I am spending a lot of time in the bathroom due to trying to drink the water. I only got 4 glasses down yesterday so am trying to work on that. I am 62 years and need to lose at least 75 pounds. I waited too long.

Due to this I am now Type 2 Diabetic.

I am looking for words of wisdom..

Comment #25

Hi everyone,.

I'm new too - just ordered my food today. Reading all your posts is very encouraging. I have 30 lbs to lose, so I can't wait to start the program. You all sound so positive - I needed to hear that! - keep up the good work....... I'm glad I finally joined NS..

Comment #26

Welcome! I've been on Nutristystem for 10 days and lost 8 pounds. I've only found a couple of foods I don't care for, the rest are really good. I feel great and really love this program! With all the food, I don't have a problem with hunger at all..

Comment #27

Yesterday I had the sweet and sour chicken - hated it. Today I had the lasagne, loved it.

Yesterday I went blueberry picking with my son. When we got home, my son asked me to make blueberry muffins. I did so - from scratch. And then had to watch everyone slather butter on them and eat them while I suffered with the sweet and sour chicken. I did not even sneak a taste - I deserve an award for that!.

Comment #28

Well today is my 6th day, tomorrow is weigh day. I feel good, it does feel like I lost some weight but don't know how much..

Comment #29

Well I made it through my first week it was pretty easy I lost 4.4 pounds now on to week two.

Comment #30

Hooray for you - I was wondering when you were going to post those results!.

Comment #31

Hello, I am a new starter too... Aug 7 I have lost 7.4 lbs at my first weigh in 10 days. I am not hungry, lots of food with the vegs and fruits. I am enjoying learning a new way of eating, especially portion control! I am looking for a support thread. We seem to be all beginning this month. I see there are lots but, where to begin????.

I have eaten out a couple of times, stuck to salads and was surprised to find I ate too few calories... what a surprise!.

One night I had fish 'n' chips with a family group... I didn't want to make a big deal about being 'on a diet' ...lots of calories there ! I still was OK at weigh in and feel good..

I have noticed I feel more 'awake' and energetic and optimistic.

There is so much to our psychological aspect of eating. I love the guilt free desert!.

Comment #32

Hi everyone! I started on August 15th, and now I'm on my 5th day. I'm looking forward to hopefully having lost a little weight this week, but to be honest, I won't believe it until I see it! .

I've worked out every day this week and have been drinking the water too. And I don't think I've ever eaten so many vegetables in my life!.

Anyway, I hope everybody else has a strong, focused weekend- I know the weekend is going to require more attention and forethought!.

Comment #33

Waiting for my food too. I'm alittle scared, but excited.

Comment #34

I am on day two and I keep waiting for the hard part! It has been so easy, no hunger and I can't believe how good the food is! I have about 60 to is early but I am feeling really good about NS! .

Good luck to you! YOU CAN DO IT!.

Comment #35

Hi! I'm also a new newbie I just got my food today and plan on starting the program on Monday! Can't wait to get started! I've heard great things so far and everyone is so supportive! Makes it seem like losing this weight will be easy! lol.

Comment #36

Hey! I'm new, too! I just got the news from UPS that my first box will be here on Wednesday. I can't wait!!! .

Eightiesfan - do you buy a week at a time re: the fruits & veggies? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated..

Comment #37

Welcome to katelynx3 and moongyrl..

There is a thread in the General Support called "Tips for Newbies from Nutrisystem Elders that you may find helpful.

Keep reading the boards for hints and ideas. I have learned so many things and found ideas for different ways to prepare foods that have helped keep me motivated..

Good luck to you on your Nutrisystem journey..

Comment #38

You're not the only newbie here so don't feel alone. I'm bluehair61 and I'm only on my 3rd day. So far the food on the Silver plan is good and I'm LOVING the chocolate desserts. I'm also loving not having to stress what's for dinner and dinner is ready in less than 10 minutes. Can't beat that..

Nice to have you aboard..

Comment #39

I'm in my first week and I'm happpy with the results I'm already getting. Before I started eating the food I measured myself, arms upper and lower, bust, waist, hips, thighs and calves and I'm keeping a log. In the first 2 days I'd already lost 1 lb. but I also lost a half inch off my lower arms and a quarter inch off my waist. That made me pretty happy..

Comment #40

Wonderful number for week one. GOOD JOB! I find the food good myself which really helps. Today is day 3 for me and I was never humgry until this afternoon so what I did is made myself a hot cup of coffee with a little cinnamon in it. The warmth took away my hunger and I was able to make it to dinner time..

Comment #41

3 cheers for Spunky! Great job. I hope I can follow in your footsteps. I'm working hard at it..

Comment #42

14 days and 10 lbs gone. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep seeing people on TV and now lots of you guys on here saying they are losing nicely on NS. That gives me the OOMPH to push on. Thanks for sharing the good new. You have to be feeling great..

Comment #43

So, question for all the recent newbies. When the food gets here, I'll want to start immediately. I understand there's a lot of supplementation with fresh fruits/veggies/dairy, etc. How do I know how much of what to buy? Or should I just wait until the package arrives? Are there instructions? .

I'm anxious but really, really excited. I haven't told my family I'm doing this and will be going home for Thanksgiving in November. That gives me 3 months to really surprise them. I have told some of the folks at work and they are all really supportive and a few are doing the "watch and see" before they may try! .

Anyhoo - I just want to really start off strong, so all help and tips are appreciated..

Comment #44

Good work Geekyone. I'm feeling more and more like I may have FINALLY found the secret to weight loss....NS. Keep it going girl..

Comment #45

I swear that sounds like it could've been the catch phrase for one of their testimonials! Almost slogan worthy and everything..

Comment #46

Hi all! I have been on the Nutrisystem food for about a week now and have lost 7 pounds. I have 18 left ......

I actually started doing my weigh in's the day I ordered, but my order was delayed by UPS... it took almost 9 days to get delivered.

And... I had a short business trip out of town that derailed me a little bit....

The food has been a pleasant surprise. I have liked everything so far except the chicken alfredo.... and I won't order that one again. My favorite thing so far is the chicken tortilla soup... yum! Good luck to us all!!.

Comment #47

Good morning, just finished the 2nd week, lost 2.0 pounds this week total of 6.4 so far I feel great how is everyone else doing?.

Comment #48

Hi again...I finally figured out how to find my posts and this site again. There are a lot of discussion boards... fun to read, encouraging but I got lost trying to find my way back. I finally figured out to look at my personal page! .

I find myself obsessed with what I am going to eat and take with me when I am running around. I find an apple works for the in-between meals, is simple and can take the abuse of the purse!l Not skipping and getting too hungry seems to be the trick for me. I often stretch the meals out having my fruit an hour later... I am loving snow peas dipped in non fat sour cream mixed with powdered ranch dressing.

Now, how to post my pic and ticker...

Ahhh there's the ticker!.

Thanks , Linda.

Comment #49

I am on my third week of nutrisystem. I have lost 10 pounds and have 15 to go to reach goal... thinking it would be nice to lose 20 though. Reading the threads and having the support of allthe nutrisystem people has been invaluable. It is the first time ever that I feel like I can stick to a life plan for eating.... feels so GOOD!! The food has been good.

Good luck to everyone. Does anyone have good ideas for their protein servings? I don't really like dairy products but suffer through the yogurt...


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