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...what would it be?.

For me...PIZZA! Medifast needs to make a little tiny pizza bite..

Comments (53)

I so concur with all who said Pizza! or at least a premade "crust" that we could top to our own taste! Cookies would be wonderful too, though I make some using CodyJo's recipeand two shake packs, and they really are wonderful!..

Comment #1

You know, I worry at times about eating Medifast replacement junk food (pretzels, puffs, pudding, shakes) because once I get to goal I can't eat the real and expect to keep the loss off...

Comment #2 have a disturbing and HORRIFYING point!.

Way to bring the room down! Hahaa...

Comment #3

My reality is the same as Sassyhope. I know in my heart I cannot eat the way I did before - that is what got me in the obese category. Sometimes it scares me as well to eat the pretzels and puffs - so I limit myself to 2 boxes per month. That way it CAN'T be an every-day treat for me. In the real world I cannot eat the wonderful cookies my sister makes in her Sugar Cookie business (she ships nationwide). But I do get a high from smelling them.

STAY AWAY - JUST SAY NO - all those things we learned about drugs. Food is my drug of choice. That is why I am here - changing my lifestyle - not just on a diet. This will be a LIVE-it for me!..

Comment #4

Yes even pizza bites would be wonderful (since cheese would probably make it difficult to create an actual little pizza as a Medifast meal)! I've thought about that and you might be able to top something with pizza seasonings in order to at least give it that kind of taste perhaps the Parmesan Cheese puffs? I can't think of any other Medifast meal that might be appropriate, unless you're one of the folks that likes to try to make "bread" out of the the soups (which I've never attempted). In that instance, perhaps tomato soup turned into bread, topped with pizza spices might work?? Let me know if any of y'all try it!..

Comment #5

Seasonal shake flavors - like egg nog or pumpkin flavor..

Mini choc chip cookies. Definitely..

Crackers - like the snack crackers but as a meal..

This might be gross but savory crunch bars - similar concept to the flavored quaker rice cakes - like sour cream & onion or butter popcorn flavor...

Comment #6

CarrieSue my mom and I have made BBQ chicken pizza several times:.


We cut the cheese in half and use half chicken instead, and then use BBQ sauce instead of marinara..

The soups and eggs turn out a great crust. It's just a pain in the butt,..

Comment #7

Seriously mellawach - a butter popcorn flavored crunch bar would ROCK! And I don't even put butter on popcorn!.

(Probably they would make it that yucky white-cheddar popcorn flavor instead...)..

Comment #8

Mellawatch actually you can make seasonal shakes on your own!! Just make the Vanilla Shake and add Capella flavor drops to it! Look them up online they have very concentrated flavorings and you only need a few drops to get the taste. I'm pretty sure Egg Nog is one of the flavors, believe it or not! You would enjoy checking out all of their flavors, though. Also, if they don't have Pumpkin, then you can easily use Pumpkin Pie spice to add to a Vanilla Shake! Try it out and see how it works!.

Samerz thanks for the pizza recipe, I will definitely have to try it!!.

And YES I second more savory options! I love sweet stuff, but sometimes it's just too much!..

Comment #9

Glad I'm not the only one that has these concerns!..

Comment #10

But how about popcorn flavored soy chips? That is the only thing.

I miss is popcorn, on this diet. I suppose that still would not be.

Good for me to have that flavor as I wouldn't be able to leave it.

Alone....that is after all why I'm here doing this diet.....

Comment #11

I love the popcorn idea too! And another great idea would be for them to package something like the pancake mix without any flavor at all... so we could make it savory or sweet for the pizza crusts or rolls, or crackers... just a universal mix... they could even sell it by the the can, unmeasured out.... kind of like flour.... I would LOVE THAT!..

Comment #12

Almost forgot to mention I know they are just snacks and not full Medifast meals, but if you have not tried the Soy Crisps, they are out of this world!! I like both the regular Cheese flavor and the Ranch flavor. Haven't tried the Apple Cinnamon yet, though I probably will in my next order. Seriously, they remind me of little flavored rice-cakes (but they're made of soy) I honestly think if more people knew that they tasted like rice cakes, they would order them! They are SO good!..

Comment #13

Not to worry. I was in the same place; I was even afraid to try the puffs, pretzels and brownies because I thought I would want them all the time. I did try them, I liked them and as time has gone on, they've become less and less important or tempting to me. I'm now in Transition and adding more 'real' food back into my diet. So far, so good and I'm actually excited to move along into Maintenance.

If you stay on plan (yes, 100% works best), and pay attention to the lifestyle education part of Medifast, this will be your outcome too. You will not be able to eat like you did before, but you won't want to if you 'do the plan'. If you have to grieve for certain foods, do it now and move on. By the time you hit T&M, you'll be in a whole new frame of mind and loving yourself for it. Hang in there honey, you'll do fine...

Comment #14

Hey, someone should notify Medifast headquarters to use this thread for product development ideas! Actually, I'm not totally kidding Medifast would really stand to benefit from asking members to submit their ideas and then they could see what the most popular/frequent requests are, as well as what ideas are most feasible to manufacture (not counting beer! haha). Whaddaya think?..

Comment #15

Pizza and Cookies! If they could expand their GF choices (to include the Cookie & Pizza that would be heaven..

Comment #16

I'll add another pizza answer to the mix :-).

That is my "stranded on a deserted island" food..


Comment #17

Sounds like a great idea I think you should do it!..

Comment #18

When I am in Maintenance, I plan on having some Medifast "junk" meals on hand. I probably will forever. I like the brownies, puddings and bars (haven't tried the puffs or pretzels) enough that they will satisfy me when I want something sweet..

I would love mac and cheese, pizza, potatoes au gratin and mashed potatoes...

Comment #19


Comment #20

I Love this idea. It would make things easier.....instead of using Cream of "whatever" for mini-quiches, or a pizza crust, cinnamon the list could go on and on. And it seems totally feasible. Would be heavenly!..

Comment #21

Of course they are. If you look at my post you'd see that the meals that I have concerns about are the Medifast 'junk food-puffs, pretzels, pudding, etc...

Comment #22

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich..

A kid at heart I guess!..

Comment #23

I can see the concern about the junk food factor. I have a mean sweet tooth and if I didn't have access to these things I would totally fail the diet. That being said, I actually fantasize about eating regular food, even healthy ones. Hopefully it stays that way and as Melanie said, hopefully I can maintain my sweet tooth on Medifast supplements once in maintenance...

Comment #24

I second the butterscotch pudding, pizza and buttered popcorn flavor puffs or soy crisps. Wow that would be so good...

Comment #25

Exactly! This is why I do not even try the soft serve. Haagen Dazs is my nemesis. We all have our demons....

I was in two nice grocery stores yesterday, what I miss right now is actually fruit and veggies we can't have. Apples, figs, brussels sprouts. All those apples they are pushing for Thanksgiving smell wonderful, chestnuts, and I would really love a ham, egg and cheese on a hard roll with poppy seeds. Oh, and blueberries, and pomegranate juice. And milk, I would love a nice cold glass of skim milk.

So, I think maybe I wish Medifast would make some applesauce for me. )..

Comment #26

Any thoughts as to how dehydrated powdered pizza might actually taste? Be careful what you wish for.......

Kiki - That may be by far the most reasonable food I've seen listed, EVER!! How cool would that be! Or maybe some kind of naturally dehydrated, lower carb fruit slices?..

Comment #27

I miss real fruit. I went a bought some Ocean Spray packets, same as Crystal Light, in the blueberry- pomegranite flavor. Better, but not the same.

I also miss orange juice. I wish they would make a calorie burn drink in OJ or grapefruit flavor.

I third the request for beer. LOL.

I miss pasta the most. We really don't eat a lot of meat but we eat lots of veggies and pasta/rice. I wish they could figure out a way to allow us some low-calorie, low-carb pasta...

Comment #28

Hmmmmm, don't know about the rest of you but pizza is a real trigger food for me. I hesitate to even attempt to try the Cauliflower recipe....that is someplace I don't want to go, at least right now. I'll wait til Maintenance to see how I handle it..

Most of the Medifast food is satisfying but I agree about fruit...I really miss apples, 'specially this time of year. Can't wait to get to T&M so I can have them again.

BTW, I agree...the Medifast soy crips are really good, my favorite is the cinnamon but I don't get them alot cause I could eat them all day!..

Comment #29

I've had that thought quite a few times as well and try to limit the "junk" food type Medifast foods to a certain number and make sure my brownie is an after dinner snack - not dinner itself. I know they are all interchangable but psychologically I think it makes a difference - to me anyway. It did occur to me though that by eating brownies and pretzels, I am practicing certain skills I will need to maintain - like having ONE reasonable portion of brownie, not half a plate of them in one sitting! I think all of the meals have their place and can be a valuable part of the program...

Comment #30

I love the savory bar idea, that was fantastic. In general, anything savory beats another fake-sweet thing. Although butterscotch pudding sounds delish..

I love the "universal base" idea tons!!! In a can like flour would be awesome. "One scoop per meal" kind of thing. Because yes, baking happens...

Comment #31

I know that for me at least, I am most likely to be fine. These foods are far enough from the real foods to not temp me. I also think that Medifast has taught me that while I may not be able to eat a bag of chips, there are other food I can find to munch on that will satisfy that craving while not being horrible for me. Has anyone ever tried quakers minidelights? I think when I reach goal those are going to be a common snack for me.

And I would love to see some sort of Medifast candy or chocolate bar...

Comment #32

***************************COCONUT**************** ******.

Give me a pineapple-coconut shake (think pina colada).


A chocolate-coconut crunch bar (think almond joy)..

Or put those flavors in a pudding.

Pretty please??????????..

Comment #33

4 words for you, lady! Caramel. Nut. Maintenance. Bar...

Comment #34

I would love a chocolate chip cookie or really any other flavor of snack style cake I can make in the microwave at work. I can't seem to master shake cakes and I don't like to use up condiments with a Medifast meal. Really anything that comes with the cooking container like the brownie would be great. Cheese cake flavored pudding would be good too, cant find any drops that make me happy in that department. There are actually sources out there for calorie and carb limited mac and cheese, if anyone needs more info I can get it to you..


Comment #35

I'd say we have enough chocolate, so no more thank you. My weakness is pizza so I think pizza bites would just make me want for the REAL thing! and since every freakin' friday is pizza/movie night at our house I'd be a goner for sure!.

So - I'd have to ask for better soups. I don't hate the flavors - but I do hate fixing them. So, I don't order them. But, they do make a nice lunch - but MORE please! 1 cup of soup just doesn't do it for me. Especially with the winter cold setting in......... that warm soup feels so good going down - but it's gone way too soon!..

Comment #36

How 'bout cheese enchiladas w/sour cream & guacamole?! Mexican food was my undoing.....

Comment #37

I wish I may I wish Medifast might....

Make some type of FRUIT all I want is a bite.

Oh how I am missing my strawberries, apples, pineapples, oranges, pears, grapefruits.

Can't wait till I can have them back or Medifast makes a yummy medifruit..

Comment #38

I'd like to see puffs in more flavors - chocolate, sugar and cinnamon, caramel? But without all the chemical tastes...

Comment #39

YES! Just as long as it doesn't come dehydrated in a packet. A dark chocolate stout beer bar!.

Heaven...I'm in HEAVEN!..

Comment #40

I second this - and chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes...

Comment #41

I can't believe I am saying this because I love, love, love sweets; but I too would appreciate more savory options and more crunchy options that are not sweet. I think the popcorn crunch bar sounds interesting and maybe a pizza flavored puff. As long as they got the flavoring right....I'd be willing to test out new products...

Comment #42

Low cal, low carb, low fat movie theater popcorn....please. Only in my dreams...

Comment #43

Yes! I'd have that with the in my dreams Medifast movie theater popcorn!..

Comment #44

I'm all for the Medifast popcorn. Bring it on.

MF wine would be good. Perhaps a nice Shiraz..

In reality, I would really like to see more crunchy options in non-soy. Okay, any crunchy options in non-soy. There are none. A bar, brownies, pretzels... something in whey...

Comment #45

I agree with the pizza idea. Surely they could do that, given that we have pretzels and other "bread-like" options...

Comment #46

Yep, I'm with you on that but I'd settle for an apple or a banana!..

Comment #47

LOVE IT! I'm laughing so hard ... and sighing too, because I agree! Peaches, McIntosh apples, plums ... mmmmmmmmmm..

Comment #48

I am loving this idea - yum! I saw sugar free Torani Coconut at the store and didn't get any because I couldn't think what to add it to. Duh - chocolate shake, that would be yummy!..

Comment #49

More whey options please please please! Totally agree with the poster who wanted a crunchy whey option!.

Berry compote in those little fruit cup lunch sizes. Either blend in whey or soy in the fruit mix, or make some sort of a cookie/crust base out of soy or both. I would love something that wasn't the fake strawberry, and most of the other berries aren't quite as high in sugar either, so it should be possible to make something awesome out of them. Oh fruit, how I miss thee!.

I eat primarily the sweet Medifast meals since I can't stand the soups and oatmeals. I didn't eat many sweets prior to MF, and frankly, my taste buds are crying for some of the things I used to eat in the healthy realm that are currently not on plan...

Comment #50

Peppermint Shake.

Hot Apple Cider Drink.

Chocolate Mint Pudding.

Peanut Butter RTD Shake.

Coconut-Almond Crunch Bar.

Macaroni n' Cheese.

Those would be my choices if Medifast asked me to recommend some new products...

Comment #51

Ooooohh! I LOVE the idea of a Hot Apple Cider drink! The coconut-almond bar sounds good too!..

Comment #52

OMG, that's hilarious!!! I'd buy it!.

I'd like to see some bite sized chocolate pieces. Something to pop in your mouth and suck on..

Nutrisystem has some and I just loved them. I could make a bag last a looong time..

I know we can make them out of hot coco or whatever in the freezer, but they are really messy and melt too fast...

Comment #53

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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