I'm afraid to fail with Nutrisystem

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How weird is that? I am sitting here all anxious and scared.

My name is Renee, I lost over 100 pounds 2 years ago but totally bombed any kind of maintainence so I am not starting over but definitely starting anew. I decided to try Nutrisystem after reading through the forums and looking at all the before and afters. To see all these REAL PEOPLE that have lost weight and kept it off is what tip the scales for me. The pictures are so awesome and made me tear up. I must be PMSing.

I know I am going to be relying heavily on the support of all you wonderful people. I want to get in a group and build bonds with others like me.

I guess the reason I am so scared is because I am afraid of failing myself again. I am a very motivated person and know I will be able to lose but I am, at the same time, my own worst enemy. I don't want to let doubts hurt my progress and I want to be able to do this with my family behind me. It is so hard to try to lose weight with my husband home! Last time I lost weight he was in Iraq and it was so easy! Can I do it now with him home?.

So anyway, I look forward to getting to know everyone. I just ordered today so I will hopefully start on the 1st of Spetember..

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Welcome Renee! You will find plenty of support and encouragement here. Congrats on being able to lose over 100 lbs two years ago. We're here to help along the journey..

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Hi Renee, Welcome!.

I too am starting anew. I have 40-50 pounds to lose. I lost a little over 10 on Nutrisystem about 4 years ago. But, alas, I didn't keep it off. It all came back and then some. I am really determined to win the weight battle this time.

This is a great board. Any and all questions that you have will be answered. It is a very helpful group..

Good Luck! You (WE) can do it!.

Comment #2

Renee, you did NOT fail. You merely had a slip. Life is a VERY slippery surface, and all of us have the potential to slip now and then..

You just need to improve your tools to help keep you from slipping or to stop you before you slip too far..

You can get some great advice from the forum, and really make use of the counselors. Follow the program and pay attention to what you are doing while you are on the program. That will be the best way to make sure your tools are of much higher quality when you head into maintenance again.

I actually am starting to strongly dislike the term "maintenance." I think we need a new word that sounds less dreary and unattractive.

I think Nutrisystem should be like our job and living our lives in our new bodies after we are done with the program should be vacation. I could look forward to working hard to have a lifelong vacation. hmmmm...perhaps I am on to something.....

Comment #3

Cautiously Wary,.

If you haven't already seen them, you should look for the threads by Coach Mark on the Food Tips thread about why he stopped using the word Goal. He had some great insight into the whole process of changing the way he eats and what to do when he reached the weight he wanted. I'm sorry I don't have the link for you I'm not the most tech savvy person on these boards!.

Comment #4

Welcome Renee and good luck!.

Maintenance can be a huge problem for a lot of people.hence all the yoyo dieters out there. But few weight loss diets or programs prepare you for maintenance.most diets, etc., are about short term weight loss and are usually nothing you could reasonably apply to the rest of your life. Nutrisystem seems to be different in that respect..

I think a good thing about Nutrisystem is that the program helps you learn about portion sizes and what sort of nutrition you need each day. And it is a very balanced menu, including salty and sweet snacks.which helps you avoid feeling deprived. I've been doing it for 2 and 1/2 weeks now, and am finding it actually rather easy..

This is a great opportunity for you to renew your commitment to the healthy and active future you want for yourself. Since you already know maintenance was a problem for you, you can plan ahead focus on the skills you need to acquire and the changes you need to make so your efforts can reward you with lifetime success. For instance, get started now on the search for an activity or two which you enjoy to provide the exercise you need (you won't do it if you don't like it).buy smaller plates and bowls.take a healthy cooking some cookbooks full of tasty yet healthy recipes.learn how to create the future you want..

The maintenance phase is months down the road for me at this point, but I know that my genes and the modern American lifestyle will present some challenges, so I am already thinking about what it will take for me to be successful. I plan on being a thinner, healthier and more active me for the rest of my life..

Comment #5

Hi Renee, I am new here and very leary, but determined. I have fought the weight battle all my life. I have two sisters, one older one younger, both skinny. They ate, I gained???? .

Anyway, we are all in this together and we can create wonderful friendships here and find awesome support and encouragement as I am sure you have seen. This I believe will be the secret to winning the battle this time...the support that I see here. We will do this, and win!!!!.

Comment #6

Renee, .

I too am new (today) and have been there and done that like many of us. Now that I am 56 yrs Young, I want to loose my weight before getting any more tired and no energy. We will do this together!!!!.

Comment #7

Welcome, Renee! I'm on week two of Nutrisystem and enjoying it. But I totally relate to being scared of failure. I'm very hard on myself and have always had low self-esteem, despite having a family that constantly builds each other up. Many, many diets have fallen by the wayside in the first few weeks because I ate one meal off plan and decided I had 'failed' entirely..

This time I promised myself to take it easy. I'm vigilant, but not obsessed. For example, today I felt awful and didn't eat one single veggie. (I have veggie issues.) But I'm not beating myself up or using it as an excuse to eat whatever I want. So don't worry about 'failure'- that doesn't exist in NutriSystem World. I'm so impressed that you could lose 100 lb while your husband was in Iraq! If you can do it under that much stress, you can do it now..

And now I have to go find Coach Mark's thread against goals. I love goals- they are very positive, motivating things for me. I have to see what his reasoning is..

Comment #8

Welcome Renee and others! I am on my second weeik and really love how easy this all is! We can all do this if we stick together!.

Comment #9

How wonderful that there are so many others like me! I am so excited to be able to start on this journey knowing I am not alone!!!.

Comment #10

Hey Renee - Welcome!.

I too am a person who wasn't as good at maintenance as I was at losing. I lost over 100 pounds three years ago, and I joined up with Nutrisystem to take off 44 pounds I regained. It's disappointing when we lose ground after such a great accomplishment, but it's not an irreversible situation. We both know we can do it, when we set our minds to it..

You have lot's of good company here. I know I've been looking at some pictures of myself at goal, and telling myself I can get there again. This time I'm learning how to stay there for good!.

Comment #11

I am starting Wednesday and am scared. Let's do this together.

Comment #12

I am so glad to see all this support. I just signed up now and I have been known to do the yo-yo. I have had bypass surgery and still I'm heavy. I was 400 lbs. so I am better than I was, but I have never been thin. To be`on maintenance would be my dream!.


Comment #13

Hi Renee, I know how you feel about being scared. I got my food in tonight. I feel like I am trying to save my life. I have 35lbs to lose. but it feels like the weight of the world sometimes. I take meds for cholestral, high blood pressure, and blood sugar.

I have had two people in my family die one age 49 and one at 50. So I have got to get rid of this extra lbs. I hope we can share and get though this journey together and anyone who has tips about NS. I hope to get support here and I will be there if you need it..

Comment #14

How many diets have I been on in my life... lots. How many worked until now. I welcome you to diet restarters annonomous. Lets do this as a team. My second week in my new life.

We can do it.. stick with it and remember what it felt like to be lighter. There are some great people here and we all want you to succeed.

Comment #15

Maybe we should start an "August/September Starters" thread. It seems what works best is to get a group of people together who have commonalities and who will stick together. Not saying that we don't need the support and knowledge of those who have made it, they are SO helpful and inspirational. But it always helps to have people with you who are in the same situation and understand exactly where you are. Anybody in?.

Comment #16

Had my weigh in today and after 2 weeks, down 8 lbs and I am thrilled so Scott you must really be thrilled to be down 20lbs! Yikes! Congrats to you!.

Comment #17

I got an email this morning that my order has shipped!!! That was super fast!.

I taped and recorded my measurements last night and will take my before picture soon. I guess I am just about ready to begin!.

Comment #18

How do you get those tickers on the threads? I have tried twice and don't seem to be able to get it..

I am so happy for those of you who are loosing the pounds. I should have my first shipment when I get home from work tonight. Can't wait to get started, but then again...afraid of failure like before. I think we can all do this together though. I am here for all of you if you will be here for me. I promise I will be totally honest from day one, if you promise to kick my butt but also inspire me when I make the wrong choices.

We WILL do it together!!!!!.

Comment #19

I finally located the thread by Coach Mark that I referenced earlier about why he stopped using the word goal and started using target instead. It was helpful for me. Here's the link:

He has another post on the Food and Tips board about why he doesn't use the words cheat and diet that was also very helpful. Here's the link:

Comment #20


Click on the Weight Loss Ticker above and go to their website. It will walk you through creating your ticker. Then copy the info in the first box with all the code info and come back here. Go up to the top right corner of the page to Quick Links. Click on that and choose edit signature. Paste the code you copied in there, and save it and that should work, I think..

Comment #21

Yeah!!! I picked this ticker because I plan to look better and be healthier by this holiday season. Thank You very much Pam. I read those posts by Coach Mark and they helped me also. Thank You for posting the links..

Comment #22

Yay! I am glad you got it all figured out. I am sorry I missed that you asked for help.

Does anyone have a recommended thread(s) to read?.

Comment #23

Boat Baby You're welcome! Glad I could help..

Comment #24

Hello and welcome all new members!.

Participating in the community is an excellent idea! Many members agree that the support, information and advice they exchange here helps to keep them on track and accountable, so be sure to check in often! Also, try joining in on a weight loss challenge, under Challenge Central, to help add an extra boost to your routine and results, and keep in mind that by searching the Food Talk and Tips forum you can gather ideas and suggestions for preparing the program foods! Feel free to start new threads as well! After all, it is the best way to get your specific interests and concerns addressed!.

To create a thread:.

-Click the Community tab and then Discussion Boards to view descriptions for the different forums.

-Go to the forum you would like to start your thread in..

-Select the orange New Thread button.

-Type your title, your post, and then hit Submit.

If you need any assistance at all while navigating the site, we are here to help, and can be reached via email at , or in the Ask the Mod forum..

Best wishes on your weight loss journeys!.

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