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I bought bunch of new foods with this order to try things that I thought would be easy for my short vacation this week. I've got to say, I'm really happy with the new stuff and it will make it easy to stay OP in the hotel. Staples this week will be tropical punch, puddings, and puffs. I'm probably in the minority, but I really dig the vanilla pudding.

Have you tried new foods lately that have been pleasantly surprising...

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I ordered vanilla shakes which are new to me, and very much enjoyed making shake cakes out of them! I also have tried some new recipes making breads and cookies from Medifast packets from the recipe forum and that has been a fun distraction for me..

Comment #1

I really like the Vanilla pudding as well! Especially when I first tried it. After awhile I have became rather frusterated with the texture but it still is good. I like to make 1/2 a packet of VP and put it on a pancake (made with 1/2 the package obviously for one meal). It is almost like a crepe. Warming up the pudding for that is good as well..

I love the chicken noodle. So good. Has anyone tried the Maryland Crab?.

The ice-cream is great and so are the chili nacho puffs...

Comment #2

I've tried most meals and the only one I'm not a fan of is cream of broccoli...I love broccoli so I was optimistic that it could be really good, but man was I wrong!.

I'm also interested in Maryland Crab I havn't tried it yet but ordering it for next month!..

Comment #3

I'd heard bad things about the cream of chicken, but got some to make bagels out of. Tried some as soup (letting it soak, adding some bouillon & hot sauce... as I do to all soups) and it was tasty!.

BTW: Cream of broccoli with the above additions & either a little pico de gallo or left over chopped broccoli makes a world of difference!..

Comment #4

I love the vanilla pudding too! I like the pancakes with Walden Farms Syrup (0 everything). I also like the Peanut Butter Soft Serve and the Honey Mustard Pretzels!.

Actually, I like all the Medifast food I have tried. And yes, I re-purchase Oatmeal!..

Comment #5

I just had this conversation the other day at work with a lady. We were discussing how the food was with MF. I have liked pretty much everything I have tried. There are a few I don't like and a few I cycle in and out as I get bored with them. But for the most part, I like the foods. We werre comparing it to JennyCraig (I had tried) and NutriSystem (She had tried)which we found numerous things we didn't like.

PS. I think the vanilla pudding smells like cake batter so it is extra yummy to me!..

Comment #6

I was just saying how I tried the chili after hearing horror stories of how awful it was and LOVED IT! Maybe it's because it's such a new flavor from the other Medifast foods but I was really digging it. I also added a little extra water to it and made it like a chili soup with some veggie soy crackers (snack option) and it was great that way too! I didn't even have to add anything to perk it up..

Comment #7

I just tried the smores and peanut butter crunch bars and thought I went to heaven. Yummy..

Comment #8

Lately my new fave has been the chocolate pudding mixed with a bit of egg beaters and cooked in the microwave as custard. I love it, and it tastes just like warm choc custard to me!..

Comment #9

The lemon bars were a pleasant surprise this week! I wasn't digging the strawberry so I figured another fruity bar wasn't going to be favorable either. Just decided to order a box to prevent getting bored. DH loved them too so we're kind of giving each other dirty jealous looks when the other eats one since we only ordered 1 box...

Comment #10

I just tried the S'mores bar for the first time today. Thought it was pretty good. I didn't really think it tasted like S'mores but I liked it..

I really disliked the Nacho Chili Puffs and Parmesan Puffs the first time I tried them, but I found I started liking them better and even reordered some because I like the whole idea of using them for my midafternoon meal when I might otherwise have a snack attack...

Comment #11

OMG~I love each and every product that Medifast offers except the MCS..

For the love of.....stay away. I will preach it 24/7! LOL N/K!.

Alot of us in 2006/7 literally wanted to HURL! it is so bad, I cannot believe it is still available..

But, then again, we all must keep an open-mind and always try the products since our tastebuds are forever changing. So.........

I tried it when it came out, it sucked..

Months later, it sucked..

Year later, it sucked..

Tried it even now, stuff that came from friends locally who gave me their unwanted MF.......

Guess what, it still sucks!.

PRoceed with caution if you want to try this soup!..

Comment #12

LOL, that's funny. Thanks, that is about the only thing I haven't I know why!.

I like almost everything as well. My favs/staples are Capps, hot chocolate, pancakes and oatmeal. I'm on maintenance and still have 3-4 Medifast meals per day. Love them and the convenience...

Comment #13

I like just about everything Medifast offers except the Maryland Crab Soup and Chai Latte. Those two items I can do without...

Comment #14

Maybe.........but.....By itself, as a Medifast meal, it is very NASTY ! :-{..

Comment #15

I love the peanut butter bars. I was doing the optifast diet before Medifast and their pb bars tasted like chemicals. This one almost tastes like a reeces pb cup, mmmmm. I also love the cinnamon pretzels and the parmesan puffs...

Comment #16

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