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Netbook enthusiast web sites getting C & D using term netbook.

This is very preliminary but we are hearing that some netbook enthusiast sites are getting cease & desist letters from a firm in the UK ordering the sites to stop using the term netbook. The letters claim that the term netbook is trademarked by the firm that produced the Psion netBook in the early 2000s.

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Comments (33)

Psion is too late out for this one. They should have protected this term before it became a universal generic used term.

The other netbook producers also use the term when describing there products.

Intel owns the domain

Comment #1

That's what I was thinking..... it'a a kleenex or tissue..

Comment #2

Sounds like sour grapes... another out of touch company....

Comment #3

Sucks for them... I hope those sites don't buckle. Introduced as a generic term... too late, it's public domain now...

Comment #4

That could have been my domain, but I passed on it at 25k. Literally two weeks after declining to buy it, Intel became the new owner. As it turns out, it was a pretty good thing I did pass on it.

There are some great Netbook names available still, and it surprises me that more haven't taken the opportunity to get a couple. I think these names are safe as this is becoming more of a generic category of ultra portable laptops, and commonly used. Still, at 25k, it was not worth the risk...

Comment #5

Risk? Why, cause Intel claimed ownership of the term? Did they forcibly take the domain? Perhaps it could have been good... they probably would have offered you a lot more...

Comment #6

A lot of "netbook" users don't like the term "netbook" which has prevented them from using it in their website name. They prefer the term "UMPC", and think the word "netbook" is rather degrading when the computers can clearly do so much more than surf the internet...

Comment #7

"umpc" - 18,5 mio. Google search result.

"netbook" - 23,6 mio. Google search result.

[umpc] - 3.74$ cpc - very low advertiser competition - 60,500 nov. seach volume - 74,000 avg. seach volume.

[netbook] 4.78$ cpc - high advertiser competition - 246,000 nov. seach volume - 40,500 avg. seach volume.

And look at this Google trend with these two terms compared:

So it seems that the term "netbook" may have not been the favored term used before, but "netbook" is now sky rocket and is the most used term between these two terms.

And a personal thought: Its way cooler and easier to say "netbook" then "umpc" (ultra-mobile pc)..

Comment #8

It's not complete nonsense at all. Have you ever been to one of the many UMPC/Netbook forums? I've read many posts of how people perfer the UMPC term more than the Netbook term.

And if Psion is going to go after those with netbook domains, they might as well go after Intel as well, since Psion owns the trademark. Intel should get sued, and they should have to find another name to use for these portable laptops...

Comment #9

One thing is what people prefer, other thing is what is been used.

Look at the stats given in my previous post.

Many (read as I ) prefered hddvd but it was bluray who won in the end...

Comment #10

Yes it's because that's what they are being called, but Intel doesn't own any trademark on the term "netbook". They might be called that right now, but will most likely have to be changed. Last time I checked netbook isn't a general word or term. Psion has owned the trademark since 1996, and it's not DEAD. Intel should get sued bigtime. It is protected.


They have a strong case, I hope they sue Intel...

Comment #11

Almost every major computer retailer now has the term "Netbook" as one of it's computer categories. It does not use the term NetTop, or UMPC, but only NetBook.,, etc. All have Netbook categories when searching for this category of computer. I have a subscription to PCWorld and Computer Shopper magazines, and they are always discussing and featuring new netbooks. Never once have I ever heard it refered to anything else.

Early on, a little after Intel coined the term "Netbook" (as we know it now), there was quite a bit talk on various blogs (Engadget, Gizmodo) where people voiced their dislike for the name Netbook, but that has all changed, and now virtually everyone refers to these ultra portable laptops as Netbooks. There is no going back now...

Comment #12

They've had underpowered mini-laptops for at least a decade in Japan which have been known as "subnotebooks" not sure why Intel needed to come up with a new word (only difference seems to be Atom processor versus low power Centrino), however the Netbook advertising is everywhere, even in here in Canada.

Not a lawyer but it does come across as being generic. Doesn't mean corporations can't try to bully people into giving up their names unfortunately..

Comment #13

I have which gets spill over typo traffic...

Comment #14

The link expires, but here's the exact info: But according to the WHOIS creation date for Unless Psion can demonstrate Intel maybe acquired that domain after the TM.

Existed or so. Or did Intel register that since 1994?..

Comment #15

Intel bought from the owner most likely only within the last 2 years.. use to be a directory to look up names and addresses....

This was from 1998...

I doubt Intel owned it then... You can even see on this archived page from 2007....

Look what shows up for link ads...Psion related computers...

Intel could of been making money off them then if they owned the site in 2007..not cool..

Last time I read is that if someone has a trademark for a name in the same business that you work in (laptop computers), and you use their trademarked name..they can sue you, and get that name from you...

Comment #16

As Giode said above: , was a recent purchase. You can sue for just about anything you might win, you might not. Just because you have a TM on a domain does not mean you will (you may, you may not) win, even in a case as you've described above. Good read here:

Comment #17

Exactly Reece. This past August is when I was contemplating buying it from the previous owner. So Intel purchased it in early September...

Comment #18

That makes it much more interesting! Psion definitely has a case to'd think Intel's lawyers or protection team would of at least checked for trademark issues to make sure another computer-related company didn't trademark it...

Comment #19

The most Psion will get out of this is a deal with Intel. If even that.

The term has become public now. Psion should have defended this a lot sooner, it's too late now...

Comment #20

I's not too late at all for them to make a few million from this downright trademark infringement by Intel. I hope they win a settlement if they even decide to start a lawsuit against Intel!..

Comment #21

Well, better late than never. And it'll indeed be interesting to see how this will.

Go if Psion decides to sue Intel for trademark infringement...

Comment #22

I don't think they can win... they have let the term become a generic term over the last 10 years with no enforcement... the saying goes, use it or lose it. I concur that they are too late out of the gate to try to enforce this one. They have little to no chance imo, witha pretty fair chance of getting their tm revoked.

Even says: The cat is outta the bag, and they won't be able to get it back in imo...

Comment #23

The term "netbook" has only become a generic term in literally the last year and 1/2 when asus introuduced the EEE pc. So.....

Comment #24

An "Apple" would be a generic term for all computers manufactured by Apple Computers, Inc, no?.

Just because a website somewhere uses the word "generic" when describing the term does not mean that enforcement rights have lapsed for the registrant of the TM. There may be other issues, but just a casual, "my, I think that term has become generic (Implicating "genericide")" is not sufficient.


Comment #25

I am thinking of developing a netbook domain. Is it wise to proceed, I definitely do not want to receive a CnD from Psion. I hope Intel wins in this instance.

I think Psion waited for a bigger target to Sue...

Comment #26

Just saw this news, where Intel, Dell and others are commenting the "patent":

Comment #27

I think this bears repeating ^^^. No question about it, Netbook names will soon be fair play to all you trend fanboys. There are still some pretty decent names available...

Comment #28

I agree with that.

Places like Newegg, Dell, and Amazon use netbook as a desriptive term.

Psion doesn't have imho any rights to the name anymore and if they think they will gain it back it's actually humorous.

I have a mini9 and I love it. I used it yesterday and on-the-go I was SSH and fixing my server without a hitch. It does exactly what I need it to do.

EDIT: btw I just decided to type this in and see if it was registered:

Great for a giggle...

Comment #29

Part of having TM rights is not just registering it and having it be live but you actually have to use it and protect it from becoming generic otherwise your TM is no longer valid and you can basically lose it. This is why large companies go after domainers and others who infringe on their TM rights so it shows they are protecting their TM so they can keep it. I think psion has no chance. They did nothing to protect their TM for 9 years and now it has become a mainstream generic word. Even the word "Bikini" used to be a TM but was not protected from becoming mainstream so it was lost...

Comment #30

The term "Netbook" is now fair game: Psion cries "uncle" in netbook trademark beef - Ars Technica..

Comment #31

I just wonder how many zeros make up an "amicable agreement"..

Comment #32

Funny, estibot appraised at $5,400 and at $4,400 ???.

Not sure why, and their numbers all seem to be way off ... frequency, searches etc. Am I missing something?.

With the growing popularity of netbooks, I would appraise it for six figures easy...

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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