Need some help - Nude photography
Not really sure where to start on this one. I've been shooting for barely over 2 months now, mostly urban and nature stuff. I've done 1 planned shoot with a nude model sending a package to suicide girls. She's a friend and asked me to do it for her..

2 weeks ago, I did some nude shots of 3 girls who asked me to do some soft shots for them..

On Monday, I was asked to do some more nude shots of a girl who used to do alot of modeling. She's mid twenties and is honestly the most attractive girl i've ever met in person. I'm not nervous about being around her when she's naked, I'm pretty comfortable around women. Not worried about getting turned on or anything, So far i've done a good job of keeping the situation professional..

What I AM nervous about is making the photos look good. I started getting scared when she said she's done modeling before. To me, shooting a model is like losing your virginity to a porn star..

I've explained to all of these women that I am extremely new to photography, have no training/education in it and have the absolute basic gear, but if they are comfortable with that then I am willing to give it a try for the sake of learning..

So, I'm trying to find some good guides on shooting nude models. She wants it to be playful/sassy. I'm just looking for general tips here..

I posted a thread like this on offtopic, and most of the replies were "post nudes!" or "they just want to **** you!". Doesn't really help..

I'm just a bit overwhelmed here. I went "on assignment" for a small local newspaper last week for a timber sale, and the editor was pretty happy with my pictures and asked me to come back in a week (which is tomorrow). It just feels like everything is coming at me very fast..

Any help is appreciated. thank you...

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If this is something you would find enjoyable to do, then we can be happy on your behalf that things are working out for you. Your potential models also seem to be fairly cool about it, which is just great! .

So, why don't you ask the girl to provide samples of the "sort of thing" she is looking for? That way you can treat ther as a kinda "client" with a "brief" which will help you to remain professional, with her involvement in the planning stage doing a lot to enhance her confidence in you even further..

Looks to me as if you are all set for a very enjoyable time.. with an end product that may also generate a good deal of (shall we say) "satisfaction" all round???.

So, be relaxed and confident about yourself the way these girls obviously are, use the sample pictures as an inspirational starting point.... and then go for it, man!!.

Hint: Try to make it good time for all concerned ... including YOU! .

I'm not going to wish you good luck! Seems to me you already have your share! Regards,Baz..

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Photography is something I'd love to do professionally, eventually. I am more interested in wildlife photography though, specifically large predators..

I don't mind doing nudes, as i've said. It is just another chance to learn about photography, and naked women is always fun. Like I said though, Nude photography is not the direction I want to head in the long run..

I don't think comfort level will be a problem. I've known this girl for a month or two and we've hung out a fair bit..

Having her show me what she wants is a good idea, though. I'll see if I can get her to show me some samples..

This will also be her first time doing nude photos. She's a very confident woman, though. I don't think she'll be scared. Her roomate (who also happens to be gorgeous) will be there, too..

I'm mainly concerned with lighting and angles. Any tips there?..

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I know someone out there has some general tips for me. Fetch the pros!..

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One suggestion - keep the model comfortable - if indoors, up the room temperature (amazing how much that helps!).. work with the model toward poses that she is comfortable holding and moving into and out of...

Lighting - you will get a dozen different answers on this one.. my preference is for one or two lights, not in softbox, to emphasize the form - but I look at nudes from a fine-art perspective, which may not be what is desired for SG... go to the SG site and look at what they have up - see what kinds of glam they are looking for... this will be your best clue as to what to work toward.. I would imagine that they are not looking for the 'peachy clean innocent' look, but I could be wrong - also maybe not the 'playboy centerfold' airbrushed, clean, sweet look...

Cheers,S.**My XT IS Full Frame APS-C/FF of course!*****So is my 5D 35mm/FF**..

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I think you are already well on your way. She knows you are a relative newbe, so she probably does not have high expectations for super professional results. Has she seen any of your other shoots? If not, show her and let her see what you have done..

If she is experienced as a model, she will know how to pose - and THAT is a BIG plus..

Most important rule - keep it professional at all times. Otherwise, just make it a light and fun atmosphere..

Experience is what teaches us most. So try something new with each shoot. Not necessarily for the whole shoot, but for a part of it..

Whan I shoot I will spend some time experimenting with lighting, or with new props..

Anyway, have fun..

The greatest of mankind's criminals are those who delude themselves into thinking they have done 'the right thing.'- Rayna Butler..

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