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Hi guys. I have the opportunity to acquire a few city related domain names. They mainly follow the format There are also some and the odd

Eventually they will have websites developed for them, but I wondered if you guys had an opinion as to whether or not the .net version were worth anything, purely as domain names and how these compare with the .com and .info versions.

There are loads of .mobi available to me as well but I think I might pass on those...

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Com is king!.

Then comes .net. Well at least in my book..

I don't bother much with .info unless I want to create throw away sites. Which I think is the association with .info's. Many consider .info's to be mostly spam sites (arbitrage sites). Even though I have heard of some success with .info's. But .info nor .net come close to .com..

Think about it, when someone tells you to go to a site name. The first thing you think of typing in is Then if that's not the right url you proceed to go to .net. This how many are conditioned on the Internets. This is mostly why I consider .com king..

Some say it really doesn't matter what name you give it. It really all depends on how well you develop and brand your site. Providing you have a sticky site. An example that comes to mind is (I still fudge typing it in)..

Also .com far out sells any other domain extension both in volume & price - hands down. Year to Date Domain Sales Charts.

As far with .mobi, some say that it has potential but the jury isn't out yet..

Personally, I think if you don't have a single word .mobi then it's not worth it right now. But that's my opinion. Another extention that gets alot of attention is .de. And .eu is up an coming..

But I'll say it again.COM is king then .net and .info is at the bottom of my list. Good luck...

Comment #1

Yep I only have one .info and that's a monkey page..

The rest are .com..

Comment #2

Excellent, thanks guys. I have the same opinion about .com and .net, but your opinions on .info were really useful and has pretty much made up my mind for me. Thanks again...

Comment #3

2nd that, nobody takes .infos seriously, so backlinks/linking would be hard..

Though you say it's city related? Id seriously consider a .mobi With mobile devices getting more advanced..

I saw an ad on tv today for some mobile phone network advertising their new city search feature, where you can find all the local clubs and events, street directions and stuff from your mobile..

Having a city related .mobi domain might be a good investment as this becomes more common..

Im too stingey to pay the $30/yr though lol I could be regretting that some day...

Comment #4

Something else to consider, anything with a hyphen is generally NOT a good idea. Surfers don't usually don't remember to add the hyphen, so if you have "", people that remember your name are probably going to remember it as "" no hyphen. You are actually better off (IMHO) with AustinTexas.NET or .ORG than a hyphenated .COM.

Just my 2cents.

Oh yeah (shameless plug) Domain Name HeadQuarters has $6.95 .COM's, and $6.95 transfers (includes 1 year extension)..

Comment #5

We're not talking about SEO you stupid, simple fuck!! Go the hell away!..

Comment #6

This is the problem with most SEO's. They're just fuckin' wannabe dumbasses..

SimpleSEO: Matt Cutts said this, soandso said that, I can't think for myself, SEO rules all, without SEO you won't make money.

NEWFLASH stupid: SEO is not the end all be all. My best sites right now have NO SEO at all! It's all paid traffic. So shut the fuck up, and learn a little more before you go running your mouth..

Oh yeah, and before you say something stupid like "You're SEO_Mike, whats the SEO mean then?" I only have SEO in my name because that's my fucking job. Doesn't mean I like it or want to do it forever, but when I signed up, for some stupid fucking reason I though it would be cute to have my job title in my name. Unfortunately I'm stuck with it, but it doesn't mean that I'm a little SEO bandwagon bitch like you...

Comment #7

I wish I had read these replies before I bought those domains and those domains..

Oh well. I'll park them for a while and see what happens. If anything...

Comment #8

Wayne, have you checked out NamePros or DNForum? Great resources for more domain name information. Lots of professional domainers...

Comment #9

Cool, rant at me when I'm trying to help noobs in the noobs section....

Comment #10

You're not trying to help though. You're throwing out SEO shit in a domain conversation. Do you have a brain? Seriously?.

If you're talking about domain names and their VALUE, SEO never enters the fuckin' equation. Since you obviously know nothing about domain names, stay out. You're NOT helping...

Comment #11

On top of which, this isn't the "Noobs" section, it's "Hosting and Domains". And YOU'RE a fuckin' n00b yourself. WTF!!..

Comment #12

Lol, they were talking about bloody domain names and extensions. So I though I'd add a comment about it...

Comment #13

So, remind me where he asked about the SEO value...I'm confused.

He was asking about the value in GBP or USD or fuckin' beads you dumbass. NOT SEO. Gawd you're a moron...

Comment #14

I'm done talking to "stupidSEO", you're not worth my time, and you keep reminding me why I hate most SEO's...

Comment #15

I'm pretty sure they all have equal weight in terms of SEO, but .com's are easier for the user to remember...

Comment #16

Here you go then, just to clarify. If I had say,, and and, would they be worth anything AS DOMAINS, and if so, how much more would one be worth than the other?.

(I know about the hyphen problem, but the names without hyphens are not available to me)..

Comment #17

Oh, and sorry Mike, I have been on DNForum, but whenever I post on there I usually get no reply whatsoever. At least if people think if you're asking a dumbass question on WF they tell you about it rather than just completely ignore you...

Comment #18

Dude mike chill out. Just ignore him is he is giving you a hard time...

Comment #19

Per mkrongel- Its an inbetween page from the search engine to the offer, it should be designed to help the offer convert for you...

Comment #20

It must be a page with monkeys on it..

Comment #21

Don't bother. I doubt they will be worth anythign being a .net.

.mobi is essentially worthless. Pass on them...

Comment #22

I'm not sure about DNForum, I rarely visit there, but NamePros is usually pretty decent. Usually, I just lurk and learn..

Okay, here's my take on .com, .net, .info, etc. Disclaimer: as with most, if not all things, there are varying opinions so valuations can be all over the board..

Obviously the .com of anything is the best choice if you are looking for just the value of the domain.NET, .ORG's have lost a lot of their value lately with the influx of all the new TLD's,, and the international domains..

Age plays a big factor also. I sold a .cc domain recently for $xxx because it was 4 years old with old backlinks and was still indexed. Normally a .cc is not going to get you much more that the reg fee (registration fee), but this was an exception. Also, I've sold .com's recently that were simple one word domains and only got $xx for them because they had no age to them..

.MOBI's are very speculative right now, because they are a new TLD. A lot of people aren't willing to spend $20+ dollars per year for a .MOBI when they could be worthless if the TLD isn't embraced by webmasters and / or the mobile industry. Some people are buying and selling the shit out of them..

So, back to your original question: is the .net and .info worth anything? In this case, I hate to say it, but probably not as JUST a domain name. If you develop a travel site around them and get some links...All things being equal, the .com will probably fetch 3-4 times the .net and the .info will have a hard time getting more than the reg fee..

Hope that helps...

Comment #23

Sorry. I'm just irritable today. Not really his fault, but he got the brunt of it. Still I meant everything I said...

Comment #24

LOL!! Thanks Jdog! You just brought a smile to my face!..

Comment #25

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