Need more variety for Medifast Breakfast!?

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I do not know about the rest of you, BUT I need more variety for my Breakfast meal. I've only been doing this 3 months and need more choices. Anyone else feel the same?.

I am not one to drink a lot of shakes and the oatmeal, I can only tolerate for so long. I was thinking of just eating the bars and or twice a day since I usually eat one of them later in the day...

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I love the sugar free syrups to add variety to my meals. I use the SF cinnamon/brown sugar along with the pancake syrup (maple) in the pancakes to make wonderful french toast flavored pancakes or muffins...

Comment #1

I have a bar almost every morning for my breakfast. It's the only thing I seem to be able to get down. I'm not hungry and my stomach seems to revolt at the idea of food so soon after I wake, but I'm a good MFer and even in Maintenance I'm still eating within 1/2 hour of waking. I'm still eating the crunch bars too, not the green wrapper ones. The maintenance bars are too heavy for me. In the winter I have soup for breakfast so I have something warm in me before I go out in the cold.

I nuke it while I'm getting dressed, slurp and run. Worked out well all last winter for me since I'm a cereal/oatmeal hater...

Comment #2

There's lots of breakfast options..

Traditional: four varieties of oatmeal, a zillion varieties of shakes, two types of pancakes, scrambled eggs.

From the "eat whatever food for whatever meal" files: bars, soups, puffs, pretzels, brownies, hot cocoa, cappuccino, non-shake drinks.

From the Medifast meal modification files: muffins (from pancakes or oatmeal), shake cakes, soup chips, soup bagels, oatmeal pancakes.

Many times my first meal aka breakfast is chicken noodle soup or chili...

Comment #3

I typically have:.


Pudding as a shake.

Hot cocoa.

Choco chip pancake.

Original pancake.

Pb crunch bar.


Muffin made from oatmeal.

Really... no less variety than I have the rest of the day!.

If I'm dying for a "real" breakfast, I'll sacrifice part of my L&G to have a Morningstar sausage patty to have with my pancake. Yum, yum!..

Comment #4

MTCup, Help! where does it say you have to eat 1/2 after waking? I used to do that on the zone diet eat within 1 hour of waking but never heard of this on Medifast. I have not been having breakfast until I get to the office which is 2 hours after waking. hmmmmm...Any advice will be helpful...

Comment #5

I like to have something "solid" for breakfast so I alternate between the pancakes (chocolate chip), oatmeal (peach or blueberry), and scrambled eggs. It seems to work for me but all of the suggestions are good...

Comment #6

I don't typically eat oatmeal or shakes either..

Almost every day I have cinnamon pretzels for breakfast. I like them... kind of like having a cinnamon roll. Sometimes I have a hot cocoa made with coffee, or I make either of the pancakes. You can make the pancakes into muffins (same with the oatmeal). You can make crepes with the pancakes.

Scrambled eggs are good too...

Comment #7

I always thought breakfast was the easiest meal. I thought they needed more lunch choices. Not a big fan of the soups...

Comment #8

I pretty much have a muffin (made from oatmeal, shake, and scrambled eggs) every morning - except yesterday morning when our power was out from 7:30-1:30! Ack!.

I ended up having a bar, but it really wasn't the same. Luckily, my tea was already brewing before the power outage, so at least I had that. I just vary the flavors of muffins, and that is enough variety for me..

However, I'm also a person who before Medifast ate a bowl of oatmeal every morning in the winter, and a bowl of cold cereal every morning in the summer - obviously I'm still so sleepy in the morning that variety isn't key for me!..

Comment #9

It's in the manual. "The Secret is Out". I believe the nutritionists here have posted this advice quite a few times too...

Comment #10

I ate the same thing every day for breakfast, so the variety I have now is more than what I was eating before MF...

Comment #11

I doubt timing is key when eating in the morning. I can never tolerate food before 9am and it has not been a problem for me. I get up between 6:30-7am. I follow this schedule:.

Coffee first thing when I get up.


12pm- lunch.



6-7pm LnG.


Comment #12

Who says your breakfast has to be one of your "5"? You can always use part of your lean and do the cheesecake........I don't know about you but starting my day with dessert can never be a bad thing...

Comment #13

I made a dough out of my tom soup,added a little italian seasoning and put it in the sandwich maker then when it was done took it out added a tablespoon of schreded cheese and mad a "grilled cheese" just deducted the cheese from my lg...Wonderful!!!..

Comment #14

I usually have an oatmeal raisin bar. Sometimes, I will have a shake instead. I gave up on the eggs and the oatmeal. Not enough brain function, ruined too many meals...

Comment #15

I eat a bar everyday as my first meal! Cant ever have to many pb bars LOL..

Comment #16

They are good, aren't they. What could be wrong with PB and chocolate?..

Comment #17

I either eat scrambled eggs or oatmeal muffins. I love the oatmeal muffins and if you use the mini muffin tin you get 6 per serving!..

Comment #18

Wow, I think we have more variety for breakfast with oatmeal, pancakes, sctambled eggs, shakes or bars. More variety than I ever had before...

Comment #19

I have a shake mixed with 8 ozs of coffee and ice - yummy!..

Comment #20

I like to have a bar with my morning cup of coffee. I have recently started having 2 bars a day...

Comment #21

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