Need Help with choosing a Digital Camera
I am in the process of purchasing a Digital Camera. I am new to photography. I would like to purchase a Canon XTI or Nikon 40x. Also I am willing to purchase a decent lens but money is an issue. I Would like to spend around $400.00 for a lens. Remember I am new to photography..


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I don't know about the Canon offerings, but I know something of the Nikon D40x..

The D40x comes in kit form with at least one lens. How much do you want to spend on both body AND lens(es)? Costco has been selling the D40x with a 2-lens kit (18-55 and 55-200), plus 1 or 2GB flash card for (I think) just under $900..

If you whole budget is $400, I don't think there is a new Nikon DSLR available at such a price, those used ones probably are..

There is also the D40, which is like a D40x with a 6megapixel sensor instead of a 10megapixel one...

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If you chose the Nikon d40x (or d40) get the Nikon 18-135mm lens. Its a very sharp lens and the telephoto range is very practical walk around type...

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Nikon D40x, spot metering, ISO3200 option, AF assist lamp. You can buy 55-200mm lens in addition to kit lens. Or buy body only and recently launched 18-55 image-stabilized lens to go with it..

Serenityca wrote:.

I am in the process of purchasing a Digital Camera. I am new tophotography. I would like to purchase a Canon XTI or Nikon 40x. AlsoI am willing to purchase a decent lens but money is an issue. I Wouldlike to spend around $400.00 for a lens. Remember I am new tophotography..


Best Wishes, Ajay

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You do not supply enough information for anyone to make an educated suggestion FOR YOU, only offer their own personal preferences..

Do you want to shoot sports, wildlife, scenics? Are you planning on purchasing additional lenses? (Some people who profess to want a DSLR do not and would really be better off with a bridge camera). Do you have a size preference? Some people feel the D40-body camera is too small, others think it's just right..

The only thing I can tell you is that you can buy a lot of camera for $900 these days..

Right now, the Ritz/Wolf circular that's local for me is listing two-lens kits of both the D40x and Rebel XTi for $750..

Move over to the B&H web site and the kit prices (N and C cameras with the 18-55) go down..

In fact, if you wanted to take another poster's suggestion to go for the 18-135 on the D40x, B&H has the D40x with the 18-135 as a kit for $820..

Good luck in whatever choice you make..

'Nice pen, bet you write good stories with it.'..

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Then, if you have a Costco (Price Club) nearby, you should see if you can check out their D40x 2-lens kit..


Down to $800 for D40x, 18-55 & 55-200 lenses. Includes a 1GB SD card..

Start with this as a comparison point, and see if any other cameras offer the same or better. But you really need to get to a camera store and hold the cameras you have on a short list to see which ones feel right to you...

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It works like this :.

Any camera can be used to try and shoot anything. For many subjects you won't be able to tell the difference between the results from a compact and a DSLR in a normal print. To learn basic photography you need any camera with a manual exposure mode ( the P, S, A and M modes )..

A lens is designed to do a job. You cannot simply pick one on a price basis alone. To start with the kit lenses are perfect, and, in fact, quite useful lenses in general. Until you have experience forget lenses. Kit lenses bought with a body are also very cost effective..

Any basic DSLR is a powerful photographic tool and not by any stretch a poor camera. All the current entry level models have pros and cons but are excellent cameras in their own right and would easily have been considered professional cameras just a year or two ago..

Try DSLRs if you can. Test as many as you can by holding them, checking the location of dials and buttons in your hands and how it feels when looking in a viewfinder and how that looks. The one that "fits" is probably the one you should get..

And ignore resolution - from 6Mp on a DSLR can easily print A3 and A2. Unless you print really, really large all the time resolution beyond that is not needed and certainly not to learn..


Pentax K100DFuji S5200Fuji E900PCLinuxOS..

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WOW!!! Thanks for lesson on how to write a story. your right, I can tell a story better than writing one. The information you provided was helpful..


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