Need help... WHAT TO BUY???
I have $1500 to spend on a camera and a lens or two..

I want a digital SLR and a couple Lens with VR.I want at least a 10MP camera, maybe 12 if possible..

Which cameras should I start looking at? Brands, models, kits, ect... Thank you all.....

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I have $1500 to spend on a camera and a lens or two..

Lucky man .

I want a digital SLR and a couple Lens with VR.I want at least a 10MP camera, maybe 12 if possible..

The difference between 10MP and 12MP is irrelevant. You won't even notice the difference between 6MP and 10MP unless you regularly produce very big (A3 or larger) prints. Plenty of semi-pro cameras have 10MP..

Which cameras should I start looking at? Brands, models, kits,ect... Thank you all....

All of them. That's not to be funny: there are no poor cameras out there. Whether you prefer a Canon 40D or a Nikon D80 or a Pentax K10D or a Sony alpha 700 is entirely a matter of personal preference, and about as significant as what brand of trousers you wear. If you think you will need weathersealing (for wet / dusty outdoor conditions) that limits your choices: the Pentax K10D would be a good bet. if you want something relatively compact, the Olympus series are particularly light. if you are going to get into sports / wildlife photography and want access to top-quality wide-aperture telephotos, you're probably restricted to Nikon / Canon, and you will want a model with a high burst rate for catching action (Nikon D200 for example).

For portraiture or landscapes, get a Pentax. And so on... there is no 'best'. How the camera feels in your hand is also important so you need to pick them up and try them out in a store if you can..

Best wishesMike..

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OK that is a great start. Thanks for your knowledge..

I will mostly do family & landscaping. Maybe some sports not too much. I am trying to do as much research as possible before buying something, but posts like yours make me doubt my choices each time. ..

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OK... for 'general purpose' use (for want of a better word) use, and your budget, I would go for either the Pentax K10D or the Nikon D80 body, with a Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4.5 zoom (one of the most popular 'standard' zooms and regularly recommended on this forum). Either combination will cost you about 700 UK, i.e. about $1400 US.

Of the two I'd go for the Pentax first because of the in-body image stabilisation which will work with all lenses (with the Nikon you have to pay extra for VR in every lens that you want it in)..

The comparable Canon would be either the 40D (more expensive than the Nikon and Pentax cameras above) or the Rebel XTi (a.k.a. 400D) which is cheaper. On a fixed budget I would bias the spending more towards the lens than the camera body as it is the lens that makes the picture; the extra cost of a higher-spec body won't improve the picture quality, it will just give you additional features (ruggedness, faster burst rates, weathersealing) that may be irrelevant to you. On that basis, if I were going the Canon route, I would get the cheaper XTi and a good standard zoom (like the Sigma 17-70) ahead of a 40D with the relatively poor kit lens..

Don't forget to leave space in your budget for some memory cards, rechargeable batteries, and a small camera bag. And a copy of photoshop elements or something similar..

This is all completely and utterly personal preference and no doubt you'll get different suggestions elsewhere. Which proves the point that it doesn't matter much which camera you go for... just make sure you get a decent lens with it!.

Best wishes.


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Mike thank you for the input all is more than welcome. You bring up a solid point. I know nothing about the lens(es).

I just planned on getting the same brand lens. If I go Canon I would get all Canon Lens(es) smae for Nikon..

Who makes the best Lens out there? I did not even know the Lens is more important than the camera body...

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Who makes the best Lens out there? I did not even know the Lens ismore important than the camera body..

There is no one best lens (or lens manufacturer). For example: Canon supply their cameras (often) with the 18-55 'kit' lens; if you buy the camera body only it costs about 40 less, which tells you all you need to know about the quality of the lens. Personally I can't see the point of buying a 10MP camera and then putting a lens on the front that cannot reoslve 10MP worth of detail. In contrast, the EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM lens, covering more or less the same zoom range, costs over 600. All of the major manufacturers similarly offer fairly cheap lenses for casual / beginner use and much higher quality lenses for pros or serious amateurs. You just have to decide how much you want to spend, and consider your needs: are most of your prictures going to go in the family album at 4x6 or 5x7 inch size? If so a cheap standard lens will do fine..

The kit lenses that come with many cameras are fairly cheap, and some of them are quite good. But you will get a big step up in image quality by buying the camera body (without the kit lens) and getting a lens like the Sigma 17-70 I suggested earlier (about 230) which is not too expensive but has a very good reputation. At your price point ($1500 for body plus lens) this would be a good choice, although there are plenty of other possibilities..

A good place to find reviews of lenses is

Best wishesMike..

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The Oly E510 and 11-22 would be my choice, 10mp, IS built into camera. The Zukio lenses are unmatched IMO..

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God bless our troops!.

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