Need Help Getting New DSLR
Hi, I'm new to DSLR and have a budget between $1.5K and $2K. Any suggestion what DSLR I should buy? What lens(es) I should get? Or should I wait for new models that may come out in the next couple of months? I'm looking for the best bang for the bucks. Thank you guys.....

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...lenses, in particular, but bodies too..

You're going to have rather different needs if you're planning to shoot evening football games from the stands, than if you're going to make large detailed landscapes for exhibition in galleries, or candid street photography, or extreme close-ups of flowers and other smallish subjects unlikely to run away. Shooting singers during a concert in a badly lit venue takes a fast lens. And if you're shooting sports or birds in flight, you probably care much more about fast tracking continuous autofocus than you might if you're a landscape or architecture shooter..

For that budget, it'll probably be worth your while to go handle cameras in person, and see how they feel with the lenses you're likely to need. If you're going to need a long, heavy lens, for instance, you may prefer a heavier body for better balance. You're going to be spending a lot of time looking through the viewfinder, so be sure that is adequate..

If you don't expect to have particularly demanding needs, you may be better off spending less at first, and seeing what equipment limitations you eventually bump into (if any)...

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Hi Lee,.

Thanks for the response. I've seen some pics from your flickr profile and I like them very much, especially the sceneries. I like this one in particular.

I want to use my camera just for taking pictures like this and I'd like to use it for traveling to take pictures of people with background..

Any recommendation? I really like the Canon EOS 40D (around $1.4 w/ lens). I'm really amateur and probably won't make use all of it's capability but I'm willing to learn..

Again, thank you for the thoughts...

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Well if bang for buck is what you are looking for then......

I would go with either a Olympus 510 (485 at B and H a steal) body only and the new 12-60mm f2.8-4 lens (949.00 B and H) that gives you coverage from 24-120 and the lens is just perfect. This would be a great deal...good camera...awesome lens..

Or I would go with a Pentax K10D (good bargains on it right now since new model has been announced (699 at B and H) ...skip the kit lens and get the DA* 16-50mm f2.8 (729.95 at B and H) then get a slower less expensive long lens..

Since it seems that landscape is what you like just make sure you get a lens on the wide end and get a good quality lens..

Happy Shooting,.


'A hundredth of a second here, a hundredth of a second there - even if you put them.

End to end, they still only add up to one, two, perhaps three seconds, snatched frometernity.' Robert Doisneau..

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Then consider Sony A200 which is a month away. In-body I.S., DRO, good resolution, bit extra zoom in kit lens.Or Canon 450D with new 18-55mm I.S. kit lens.Or Olympus E510 with twin lens kit.You may add more lenses later on as needed..

Remeber, it is lens which plays primary part in image-quality, then comes the camera..

EXoticon wrote:.

I'm looking for the best bang for the bucks. Thank you guys....

Best Wishes, Ajay

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EXoticon wrote:.

Hi, I'm new to DSLR and have a budget between $1.5K and $2K. Anysuggestion what DSLR I should buy? What lens(es) I should get? Orshould I wait for new models that may come out in the next couple ofmonths? I'm looking for the best bang for the bucks. Thank you guys....

Go to the bookstore and get an illustrated book on basic photography. Find one that shows examples of the sort of photo's you'd like to take. It will tell you about how the photo was produced and what sort of capability the equipment needed to make the photo has. This gives you an idea of what capability you'll need in the equipment you'll want to buy..

Next go to a camera store and handle the equipment from all of the top manufacturers, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, and Sony. Every name brand manufacturer sells capable entry level SLR's. Each model has their tradeoffs and feels different in your hands. A good feel in your hands is essential. The salesperson may try to upsell you, or convince you to buy the brand that puts the most money in their pocket. If you've done your homework well you'll have an understanding of what you need vs what the salesperson is trying to convince you of.

I suggest you buy as little equipment as possible and spend as little as possible to get the photo's you want. Take a photography class if possible, it aids the learning process. The only way you will know what you need is through experience. Get the experience on the minimum amount of equipment and learn to use it well before buying more..

PS: More megapixels will not necessarily give you better quality prints. A 6MP SLR will give you very nice 8x10" or 11x14". The lens and your technique will make more difference than megapixels...

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Hm, possibly overkill in particular, if you're mostly interested in landscapes, some things typically associated with cost and more expensive bodies (like fast, sensitive many-point AF systems; fast and long burst modes) aren't all that relevant..

Being able to capture a high-contrast scene well might be of more importance, however. That is, if there's a great difference in brightness, it's difficult to avoid turning the highlights pure white or the shadows pure black. If the scene is static, then you can take multiple shots at different exposure values and combine them later; if it's not static, then you're going to have to make some choices about what's more important to you..

That (haven't read too much lately about dynamic range comparisons, but the Fuji S series has a good rep perhaps worth looking at), a decent wide-angle lens... and a tripod, if you want to make panoramas easier or level horizons or so forth...

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You come across as a newbie, nothing wrong with that, but you will probably find your tastes will change if you get a decent camera - macro photos anyone, for example. I have found owning an excellent piece of equipment is a motivator to learn more, the same could be for you. The 40D is a great camera by Canon or you could wait and get the new Digital Rebel they have just announced, the Rebel XSi; you can read about it in the "news" area. I would personally prefer the 40D myself as there will be more "pro" goodies supporting it - like software plug ins, etc - than will support any of the Rebels; I own the original digital Rebel..

The 40D will be intimidating at first but if you set it on auto and fire away, you'll get some good shots. But while you are doing this, hit your local library and take out and read just about every book they have on photography, even the older books on SLR's, not the digital DSLR. The principles of photography are the same for DSLR's as SLR's. Your library most likely will carry one or two photo mags, check them out and read every one of them..

Welcome to the wonderful world of DSLR's and it is a wonderful world, better than SLR's as you have more control over the final image, from card, through software like elements or photoshop, to printing out your own stuff with a reasonable photo printer...

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