Need help deciding on a new camera.
Hello to all,.

I've been thinking of getting a good quality DSLR camera for some time now but only recently have been really looking into it. The problem is that I don't know much about cameras and there are plenty of options out there. I've tried searching this forum but haven't come up with a definitive answer..

My main occupation is web/graphic design. A large percentage of my photographs will end up on the web. I do plan on taking some photographs for print as well..

Main uses of this camera would be for scenic shots (day and night time) and individual/group portrait shots mostly. As I get better I plan to start taking photos of moving objects in focus (for example, a taxi in motion but focused, while the rest of the scene is out of focus) and possibly long night time exposure shots..

I was thinking of getting the Nikon D60 or the Canon EOS 40D with an 18-55mm lens. But I'm just not sure! There are just so many good options that it makes it extremely difficult. My goal is to get a camera that will take professional quality photos and last me for a couple of years..

I'm not sure if this matters but I work mostly on apple laptops (running leopard os x), my imaging programs are photoshop and illustrator cs3..

I wanted to get as many recommendations from the users on this forum in hopes that I could make a better and smarter investment. Different camera? Different lens? Let me know!.

I truly appreciate any and all help. If you need more information, reply and I will get to it as soon as possible..

Best regards,Tony..

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If you become a serious (fussy) photographer, you are best to get the best image for your dime and the 450D will give you a better image than the 40D and you will save money in the process. Everything you listed is dependent on good lens which of course Canon has and is offered by third party vendors..

The lenses you will have twenty years from now if you buy quality, whatever camera you buy will be feeling like a relic 5 years from now.Rationally I have no hope, irrationally I believe in miracles.Joni Mitchell..

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However, if you buy Canon you run a very serious risk that they'll change their lensmount in 5 years, making all your lenses useless...They've done it before, no reason to believe they won't do it again..

And that camera won't be useless in 5 years, that's the gearhead talking If treated carefully it still will provide good results a decade from now..

Of course you may be unable to process those results as computers may no longer be able to read out the files or process them, but that's a rant for another day...

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Thanks for the replies!.

I think 5 years is a pretty good lifespan for a camera, it will probably last longer but as long as the camera is well built..

So Canon may run the risk of phasing out the camera mounts? Nikon would be a safer bet?.

Any more camera or lens recommendations?.

Thanks again,Tony..

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Olympus is a great value to consider. the e510 2 lens kit is one of if not the best deal going right now. Dust reduction that works, In body IS, live view, best kit lenses shipped by anyone. fantastic upgrade lenses that are more than a match for anything from canon/nikon... Olympus is worth a look as their digital system is a clean sheet design lenses and mounts..

All for less than $650....

E1 w/ grip, e510, e300 w/ grip, 8mm FE, 14-54mm, 35mm, 50mm, 40-150mm,50-200mm, fl-50, fuji - 6800..

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I hadn't seriously considered Olympus before, but I'm going to look into it now..

I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but my parents have an OLD Nikon FM2 laying around with 2 lenses, a 50mm and I believe a 138mm large lens. Would these lenses fit a new Nikon dslr or any other dslr for that matter? I'm thinking that it's too old but maybe you camera veterans out there know this better..


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There is an f mount adapter that would allow those lenses to be used on any of the Olympus E series DSLR's available on ebay. used on an Oly e510 or e3 they would be manual focus but image stabilized as the IS for the Oly is in body, on a nikon dslr they would never have the ability to be image stabilized. (you'd have to solve that by selling the lenses and buying OIS lenses for the nikon though).

I suspect there are other camera systems that would allow that as well but I can't say about those..

E1 w/ grip, e510, e300 w/ grip, 8mm FE, 14-54mm, 35mm, 50mm, 40-150mm,50-200mm, fl-50, fuji - 6800..

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Don't let jwenting scare you away from Canon. His assertion that it is just a matter of time until Canon changes it's lens mounts is totally unfounded and could apply to any manufacturer. All the major manufacturers make excellent cameras, and you should judge them based on which camera seems best suited for you, not based on scare tactics by fanboys of a particular brand..


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This in an "old" issue and I was surprised to see it resurface; it occurred roughly 20 years ago. Nikon has more current problems with AF lens but I'm not the one to talk to on that..

I never said the camera wouldn't work, I think the poster who interpreted my remarks like that should lay off the tea leaves. Here is what I said, your camera " be FEELING like a relic 5 years from now." In five years, you'll probably be able to get a full frame Rebel, a workable ISO of 26,000, roughly 24 megapixels, better in camera software, and hopefully a better dust cleaning system..

My 300D has 6 megapixels, a workable 400 ISO, lousy low light autofocusing, and other problems I won't enumerate. Of course in the 4 years since I bought the camera, the 350D came and went, the 400D came and is going, and now the 450D. The megapixels have doubled, usable ISO has more than doubled, with a much superior camera than the 300D. Within five years, we will probably see three new Rebel models coming out. Pentax is already putting out a 14 meg camera, Sony has a better Live View system with their A350, and Nikon is pushing the 6400 ISO mark. In about 15 months the 500D will be announced (My understanding that designation was already taken to lets call it the 500Di) and you know it's well on it's way to development now.Rationally I have no hope, irrationally I believe in miracles.Joni Mitchell..

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Thanks for all the replies!.

Upon reading some reviews and viewing samples of cameras at night (high ISO) the images produced have a very high level of noise. The Olympus E510 as recommended previously looks amazing in the day time but at night (ISO 1600) the image is extremely noisy. Like I mentioned before I will be taking a significant amount of pictures at night time. What camera would produce the least amount of noise at night (ISO Level)?.

I rather spend a couple hundred dollars more for a camera that will have great day and night results than save some cash now and later regret my decision..

I apologize for all the novice questions and welcome all replies..

Thanks again,Tony..

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I understand exactly what you mean by FEELING like a relic in 5 years. It's just like any computer or gadget. My Powerbook G4 laptop I purchased nearly 3 years ago and it's been feeling like a relic for some time now..

I appreciate the heads up!.

Best regards,Tony..

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